The week elsewhere


I’m just saying if I could choose a babysitter it would probably not be him.

Cool people posted cool stuff

First birthday gift guide at confabulations.

Hallucinating in Guatape by Les Petits Pas de Juls.

Weekend Wishes at All Kinds of Everything.

Looking for a Methaphor at Irina’s Poetry Corner.

Tips for the solo traveler I had to learn the hard way at Janaline’s World Journey.

In the world wide web

Cute furry moment out of the way first:

Do you have some soda in your fridge?  Go put it in the trash, it can take two years away from you!

The Winners of the 50th Annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

I don’t do politics but I love this man’s approach to governing, his way of living and his way of giving:  The “poorest” (I truly think he’s the richest!) president lessons on being humble.

Happy Sunday!

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