Dancing Mondays: Lip Sync Battle Edition 

I walked so much today doing errands that I am about to colapse in bed but this happened yesterday and I HAVE to give it a shout out because Zendaya is such a queen.

She didn’t won because Tom Holland did Rihanna afterwards and everyone’s brains exploded, but still, she was awesome.

And since we are there I’ll link this where Ricky Martin does Footloose because it’s a happy thing. 

Have a great week!

Dancing Mondays: You Will Always Be My Boo Edition

There is no deep reason for this except I really want to relish in the fact that one day Usher and Alicia Keys did a song together and we can be like * clicks play *:


That’s awesome.

I should be writing about the job interview I did a few days back and how awful it was but I’m just ignoring it like this * re-watches *.  Those two together …

Have a great Monday!

Dancing Mondays:  El Amante Edition

This weekend news have given me the tears, both of sadness and joy so when I saw this yesterday and smiled it became my choice for today’s Dancing Monday.


I mean, Vin Diesel is, right there what I want to do with Dancing Monday’s; eyes closed, swaying and dancing like no one’s watching.

That said, regueatton is not my kind of music because it usually is demeaning and disrespectful to women lyrically; this dude -Nicky Jam is his name- is beginning to separate himself from that and improving the lyrics enough that most his songs now can be enjoyed by both me and my Little J when they come up on the radio.  

So, to a certain extent, it is a good choice today.  Let’s keep moving forward with joy and positivity. 

Now go dance like Diesel and have a great day.

Dancing Mondays: All I Ask, Covered by Bruno Mars Edition

I don’t need to deny this so I’ll just come out with both hands in front of me as a sign of my sincerity and say:  I’m having a Bruno Mars phase.  And it seems to be rather deep.

I mean, I had a tiny Drake phase a few months back, but now that it’s behind and this has happened, I can see it was meaningless.  It probably had more to do with the summer transition that anything else and it only lasted like, a week.

It started the night I tweeted this:

I fell in love during the five minutes of that performance and have watched that every night since then.

And then I went on a youtube spiral of every interview he’s ever given (not that I had never followed him or his music before) and soon felt like, that man is so beautiful.   I mean, he is an “all for the music” type of guy – very a la Prince style – where he never talks politics or his personal life,  and admits that he’s always thinking about work;  but somehow you can see his genuine soul, his joy in making others happy, his humbleness right there.

And then, he happens to be an amazing music maker.  That song, All I Ask is Adele’s BUT;  guess who wrote it?  Yep.  Pedro himself. (I affectionately call him Pedro because his name is Peter.)  Here’s a video where he talks about what it was like to write that song for Adele:

My favorite lyric of that song is “Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do” and in his latests Rolling Stone’s interview he mentioned something that surprised me a lot:  he said he didn’t like the word lovers and asked Adele to reconsider it.  Of course Adele was “very gangster” about it and insisted that it was perfect.  He later realised – as did any other human that heard that song – that it is the grand word that makes the song perfection and goes to point out he even “looks forward to singing it”.  Isn’t that crazy?  That is the one line that makes it a master piece!  Yet it was questioned by the very master behind it.

Anyway, all his music feels comforting lately.  I go through this stages fairly often, though mostly I go through genre phases rather than a specific artist.   I’ve had phases with Marc Anthony, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Etta James, Guns N’ Roses, Bob Marley to name a few.  The only thing I think they have in common is that, in their own way, they all have music for every mood.

Dear Pedro certainly has that in buckets so, I think I’m gonna be basking in his musical journey for a while.  And there’s also the fact that his dancing:

Since I’m being honest and this is DANCING Mondays. (The naughty happens after minute 3:10 if you want to get to work the middle, pun intended.)

Edited to add : this happened yesterday ;

He slayes. Case close.

Have a joyful day!

I Remember: The biggest lie I’ve ever told

My first boyfriend was fixing bazooka speakers into the back seat of his car and I decided to hang out there.  In front of the things.  To this day, I don’t know what I was doing there.  I didn’t even liked that car, it wasn’t comfortable and I could’ve been doing anything else.  But there I was.

He left to go inside and as I was trying to get comfortable I slipped and my hand hit one of the speaker covers.  It sank on one side and left it lopsided.  It couldn’t be fixed.

When he came back and I saw it I was outside the car and I told him I didn’t knew what happened.  That it wasn’t me. His brother called him and when he came back he said “my brother says he saw you hitting the speaker, tell me if you ruined it, I won’t get angry, I just want you to tell me the truth”.

And then I lamely lied to his face.  I refused to accept that it had been me.  I remember feeling like I didn’t want to carry that burden because I couldn’t fix what I had done.  I couldn’t replace the speaker and I couldn’t be the one to ruin something that he wanted so badly and had worked so hard to get.

So I lied.  Even though there was no way he could believe me, I told him what I wanted to hear.  I felt physically sick for days after whenever I remembered what I did, but I never told him the truth.

There.  Off my chest now.