Two things I’m really exited about

Just sharing these two things:

So.  The Gilmore Girls reunion/sequel IS happening on Netflix.  I probably won’t watch it, I don’t have Netflix to begin with, but I also just don’t watch TV anymore.  (I just watch educational programming and kid’s stuff.)  But I’m SO EXITED anyway.

I’m sharing one of my favorite scenes of all time;  Rory visits the college therapist, she wants to be very cool and keep herself together but she’s a mess.  Makes me laugh every time.

Also, on a more important note, happening in our real world and very much to celebrate:  Sea World announced they are quiting their captive breeding program!  This will be the last generation of captive orcas!  SO HAPPY!

Continue as per usual peeps.  Have a great day!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 37, 2015


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Little girl doesn’t give up until she lands heel flip. Wins at life.

Rosie Hardy (famous photographer – web celebrity) shared a heartfelt post that I just loved.  “And sometimes, on days like these when the leaves dance on the trees, and the September air smells like a thousand hues of green, it pulls me to my living room window like a cartoon character being led by the nose to the waves of the pie cooling on the kitchen table.” 

Remember when beaches used to be regularly fumigated with DDT?  I don’t either, thank God!

The largest great white shark every captured on video so you have something to think about next time you go swimming in the open ocean.

This Korean restaurant surprised guests with blind dates.  I would love to see how that goes in Puerto Rico.  It would be hilarious.

Have a happy Sunday!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 35, 2015


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True treasure.

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Two ingredient Piña Colada.  We (Puerto Ricans) LOVE this drink.  It’s a required summer drink.  And if you want to party, don’t forget the Puerto Rican rum.

Manfriend has already chosen the style and furniture for his (still not even built) apartment, but I can still dream.  (Plus I have a beach apartment and one day when I grow up I’ll redecorate it.)

Marbleiz coasters.  Because we can all be Martha Stewart, without the jail time.

I think my body is always saying it needs vacations.  As is my brain and my soul.

Beagles rescued from tests labs feel the grass, interact with other dogs and are outdoors for the first time IN THEIR LIVES.  Please consider the products you use!  Your shampoo, your soap, your deodorant keep animals like these caged and mistreated their whole lives. 

The Week Elsewhere | Week 33, 2015


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Just because. #NoFilter

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Because I spent the other hour and half procrastinating like a boss, obviously.

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Five ways to raise a kind kid.  Because we don’t need a better world for our kids;  we need better kids for this world.

Google is apparently renaming itself Alphabet.  I’m like, no.

Dudes.  THIS.  This is the truth that I’ve been trying to voice and explain and get across unsuccessfully:  I am crazy, but I wasn’t before manfriend.  He made me this way.

And to finish;  if there was ever a terrifying title for an article, this is it. Scary to read but necessary.

Have a lovely Sunday peeps!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 31, 2015


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Article on Cecil the Lion on National Geographic.  News like the murder of that lion will never cease to horrify me.

Prince George takes over his father’s treehouse.  Cute.

Speaking of cute, here’s your quota for the day.

When Tom Hanks was eighteen he wrote a letter to George Roy (director) asking him to discover him.

Be friend’s with your ex?  Hahahahahahahaaaa.

Have a great week!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 30, 2015

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Hit ghostwriters, one of my favorite things!  Who wrote that song? I didn’t knew about You Are Not Alone, I thought it was M. Jackson.

One tree that grows forty different fruits.  Totally want one of those in my yard.

Couples describe their partners to police sketch artist and the results almost made them break up with each other.  The one dancing (is that dancing?  Awkward.) beside him and doing the chorus happens to be his girlfriend.  Yeah.

This is Daniel Radcliffe – aka Harry Potter – singing Eminem’s Slim Shady.  He should record that cover.

Have a beautiful Sunday with your family!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 29, 2015


Don’t you just hate it when that happens?  And I had shared a fast command method to get them out but I couldn’t find the tweet/post.  Meh.

Yes, it was naughty.  Basically, everything else gets forgotten. Oh yeah baby.

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Robots are self-aware.  We are living in the future.  And the future does not have hover boards for everyone.

This video has gone viral so you might have seen it, in which case, see it again because OMG that guy is on my favorite people list.

This video almost made me go exercise.  One day I’m gonna get off my butt and this is what I’m going to watch every night.  The Rock is awesome.

I found this interesting:  What $100 is Worth Across the US.

The Week Elsewhere | Week 27, 2015


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Show offs.

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Pet owners!  Dog flu outbreak information that you MUST read.

Gangi in Sicily is giving away houses in hopes that you procreate and population thrives. I mean, in case you were already thinking about it.

Speaking about that, these two were very brave;  sold everything and now sail through the world.  You can follow them in Instagram if you want to envy them.

Grilling season:  5 tips to grill awesome veggies on Apartment Therapy.

I hate lizards but aw, this chameleon doesn’t know it hatched.

The Week Elsewhere | Week 26, 2015


I mean really.

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The hoverboard by Lexus.

A groom gets emotional when he sees his bride.  I think if you got married and your partner didn’t look at you like this, you should divorce and re-marry the correct guy.  *sniffsniff*

Which lipstick is the most popular in which country?  I always wanted to know.  Hello Montreal.  What is London thinking?

A man survived in a new island eating eggs and squid.  Which means I would’ve died.

People that grow up dancing are basically awesomer.  We knew that already.

Have a great Sunday!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 18, 2015


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#flowers Buds.

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In the word wide web. 

Rare photos of the Russian empire from a hundred years ago, IN COLOR. 

Important info on the hazards of the new generation of non-stick and waterproof products. 

In Japan this is practical.  

Nina Simone bio movie coming out!

Archeology wins. 

This woman is dancing a tango at 92 years old.  And the placement of her steps just made me feel like everything I did today was inferior.