A few hours after the hurricane we were able to turn on a radio and I started scanning every single millimetre of the dial trying to find a signal.

You know those movies about the end of the world when they suddenly realise how fucked up they really are because no radio works? That was the scene. Except my little girl was in the room with me and I couldn’t show in my face what my heart and my mind were feeling. No matter how many times I went backwards and forwards, the only sound I could find was static and I had to tell my girl that was ok.

That’s what keeps coming to my mind today whenever someone mentions the Tonight’s Show recording in Puerto Rico. I’m sure everyone has a similar memory because at work everyone would just start crying whenever we showed each other the clips.

If you have never experience what it is to live in a place that isolated, to know that it was up to you as a community to bring everything back up, you have no idea what it feels to watch this:

My eyes tear up because my island, my beautiful maiden, she’s looking so much better now! Look at those green mountains! Look at those smiling faces!

Jimmy said it in his show and I just want to remind you; we are ready for you! Come show up and enjoy this magical little piece of heart called Puerto Rico where every party looks a little like this:

Have a great one peeps!

Presenting: my ATV face

On an ATVM in the Dominican Republic.

boogie driving

In this road kids offered  flowers and ran beside the boogies for as long as it took to get a dollar bill. I took this pic before I saw them.

Been wanting to write

I have been wanting to write pretty much every moment of every day since I started working.

Waves of stories plague my mind and I have to take my eyes off the excel table on my computer screen and stare at a corner of my cubicle for just a second, just to feel their touch and then, inevitably and always with regret, I have to let them go to continue whichever mundane task I have to waste my brain with.

Those excel tables translate into the ability to have adventures and experiences with my girl and I am truly thankful. But my boss is crazy and that’s made some days. I don’t mean crazy as in I say she’s crazy just because her attitude is wrong or the way she treats others is horrible, but crazy as in she’s sick with anger, resentment and low self esteem and needs lots of help. And probably love too.

And I’ve been wanting to write about how my little girl loves to sit with my ninety three year old grandma in her bed and look at magazines and my hearts feels so full I have to hold my breath at the thought.

I wanted to write about that house’s street corner. How it looks so bland and boring now but twenty years ago we talked about it at least once a month because cars kept crashing on it, breaking the gate and hitting the house, basically parking inside the living room.

The other day I had to make a call to the customer service department of the company I worked for several years ago and the guy that gave me the orientation sounded very much like the trainer from hell that I had there and thought I should write about it because, he’s still there being miserable.

And I was thinking the other day while driving that when I was in college I used to hit the signal light stick with such power it sounded as if I was going to break it and now I barely touch it and that must be some kind of life parallel.

A couple of days ago the gossip dude at work came up to me just to ask me if I have a boyfriend and I said no one in that building should ask me that question so he said “oh, it was going to be in your interest but ok” and I somehow reached into my pocket of sass, unused since approximately 2008 and got out a “oh! Is someone giving me money?!” And everyone that looks at me knows I couldn’t care less about money but that shut that dude down like BURNED. He turned around to say “this one thinks she’s the smartest cookie around here!” And now he limits his interactions to the appropriate good morning only.

I definitely had something to write about the night we had a tropical depression coming through the island and at some point during the night I woke up with my heart racing because the rain was pounding on the windows and the wind was blowing and I felt fleeting despair. It took me about twenty minutes to control my body from going into full on emergency mode. During the day gas stations had been full with hour long lines from everyone filling their tanks. Water and non-perishables ran out in some supermarkets because people remembered how there was thirst and hunger on the days after the Hurricane Maria. A few moments later while I was trying to convince myself I could sleep the power went off and I prepared myself to deal with the power generator for weeks. The power came back about an hour later and it was morning when I stopped waiting for it to go off again.

But alas, I haven’t written the stories that knocked my brain and thus, this must make do.

Hurricane Maria study

One story.

Una de esas tragedias, el papá de un amigo:
“Mi papá murió en el el hospital Pavía el 27 de septiembre. Le dio un ataque de corazón el sábado 23. En el hospital no había luz, personal limitado, y la medicina necesaria, Lovenox, se terminó el lunes 25. Cuando la doctora me lo indicó yo la pude conseguir en Houston. El martes por la mañana salí para Miami para interceptar un vuelo de FedEx que llevó la medicina a Puerto Rico. En aduanas no había luz y no tramitaron el release. Finalmente dejaron que mi primo recogiera la medicina a las 9AM. Papi murió a las 8:30AM.”

Brief translation: “my father had a heart attack September 23. Hospital had no power and limited personnel. They ran out of Lovenox, his treatment Monday 25. Tuesday I intercepted a flight on Miami that took the medicine to PR. Customs had no power and did not released. Finally they let my cousin pick up the medicine at 9am. My father died at 8:30a”.

That’s just one story. Getting sick or wounded in September or even November in PR meant you had very low possibilities of getting treatment.

It was terrifying.

Just had to share.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 18 of 2018

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature. You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

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At parking lot.

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I mean.

Posting this from a parking lot in the middle of a dense errand day, while waiting to finish to get to work and do a few hours of clerking over there.

Have a nice week!

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 16 of 2018

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature. You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

From PF Chang’s. Worst sushi of my life, fortune cookie acceptable.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 14 of 2018

Tuesdays of Texture is a really awesome weekly feature. You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

A year ago I went to an interview that broke me into tiny little pieces.

I interviewed for my dream job and on the last of four interviews and after hearing a third of my answer to his ONLY question, the interviewer let me know that I was not “prudent” enough for the position BUT if I had a client account that I could give to his company, he would gladly assign me to that project. You know, I only had to give him MY job.

I melted into that chair as soon as he finished talking, my mind giving me a pretty comprehensive brainstorming of all the ways and reasons why I was a failure. I don’t even remember walking out of the building, I was so out of myself.

It took me a couple of months to gather the pieces of that failure and transform them into the steps to find a job. Not my dream job, but a job that gives me what I need from a job right now.

It’s been three months and some days I’ve felt like I am the BOSS and some days I feel like I’m not capable of doing anything right, which is a new thing for me, as I’m usually pretty confident of my skills. Then again, I had never worked for serious outside my field so there’s that feeling that I got to learn EVERYTHING from scratch, even if it’s not actually true.

Speaking about bosses, my boss is crazy. Which is the worst kind of boss, right after drug addict boss, which is definitely the worst in my list of bad bosses. Crazy bosses don’t remember the instructions for the projects that they gave you because they can’t keep up with all the crap they make up on the spot or that it was them who changed the excel table. Combine that with an “I’m never wrong” policy and it’s a recipe for disaster. I’ve had a couple of really bad days on account of her crazy.

Last week it was one of those days were she was giving me a hard time with a project by asking me to figure something out and report it. I had no resources except my very limited experience and a sour partner that is so unpleasant to work with last Thursday she threw a snack on my desk asking “do you want a turd?!”

In my desperation to get the information I needed to finish the task at hand I picked up the phone and called someone I had listed as reference. I didn’t knew if that company had the information I needed, but I figured if they gave me ANY info it would be more than what I had, which was nothing at all.

A woman picked up the phone and responded that yes, she was the person I was looking for and then when I asked her about the order number I had, she said “no, that’s mine” and hung up. I gave up on that, put together what I could handle and presented my boss with the incomplete task. I figured if she had cared about getting the entire thing, she would have bothered giving me the list of contacts I needed to get the info we needed.

Then the next day something extraordinary happened: that person that hung up on me called me. It was THE FIRST call from a company that I received on my desk, transferred from the receptionist and everything.

She wanted to APOLOGISE for her behavior the day before because it turned out, she was THE PRESIDENT of the company and she liked to treat her clients well.

She had her daughter on the hospital when I called her and she felt interrupted, but she admitted that was no way of treating someone and she offered me her service and her cell phone number to contact her whenever I needed. Then she told me she would send me an email on all the updated info from the orders she had in her system, which was not what I needed the day before but helped me a ton on reconciling all the info I had.

I found this pic of this tree I photographed in the parking the day of the interview that broke me one year ago. That tree’s bark “peels” itself off in pieces. That’s exactly what I feel I’ve done these last months in my professional career. Every layer that I’ve taken off slowly reveals what I know and can do now as a professional resource.

Maybe I’m still working on being an office person, but I’m on my way.

Share your Tuesdays of Texture post in the comments and consider them the place to check out and visit participations.

Have a great week.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week – second of work – of 2018

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I had been searching for a job since I move in the summer of 2016. Have been offered opportunities in my background field (lab work) but I had to decline because I had no one to babysit Little J, and because I wanted to be able to work during school hours rather than nights.

I beggining to loose hope about finding something that played more on my clerical and administrative experience in ex-manfriend’s business when I received an interview opportunity for a ‘purchase assistant’ job.

I didn’t get it, but I doubled my efforts into tweaking my resume and searching for better locations. To the glory of Jesus, I’m now a ‘purchase oficinist’. I’m a secretary in a purchase area. I basically do all the data entry and clerical work so that the purchase person can do her work.

Since I once wanted to be a secretary when I was in third grade, it’s not bad.

Pic taken in a short beach escapate, savoring the beach winds.

Share your posts if you want in the comments, sorry for the late post and have a great week!

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 4 of 2018

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature. You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

For Hurricane Irma we took in this sand crab to show Little J how we were going to take care of ourselves and each other during the winds. It was a blessed distraction and she got to happily release it the next day.

Have a great week!

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 3 of 2018

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature. You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

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Beetle dude. #insect #beetle

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Found at my uncle’s. About three inches long.

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PD although I have power as of yesterday (hurray!) I don’t have internet service yet; will start linking up when I do.