Thank You Monica And Culson; two valuable lessons from two very different performances

This Olympics have been pretty historic for Puerto Rico.

Our Monica Puig won the first Olympic Gold Medal for our island ever (we do have other gold medals won by Puerto Ricans representing the United States) – and a few other of our athletes qualified for finals, the one that impressed me the most was Rafael Quintero on men’s diving.  He did such a great job I was proud of him even before the finals!

You might have heard about this incident though:

Yeap.  That happened.

If I want to explain what that meant for us I have to start by saying that, of all the athletes we sent to the Olympics, the one that we felt more “confident”? (is that even a proper term to refer to an athlete?  I don’t know anything about sports so this is new for me) about was Javier Culson.  Puig for example, is an amazing athlete and we know she performs strongly at all times, but her qualification into finals was something we hadn’t seen in her.  In the big tournaments she has been getting disqualified in the third round.  She matured and now we know she’s ready for the Grand Slams, but we hadn’t seen that yet.

Culson on the hand, has put us many times in the first place in International events.  He’s got the experience, he’s got the condition, he is consistent.  If I was into betting and had the money to do so, I would’ve bet on him to bring us a medal.

He got into the finals, and we were thrilled because he was doing 48:26.  Ideally, if he went bellow forty eight, we were pretty much in the podium.  That’s twenty six centesimals.  That IS NOTHING.

I was in the car about a minute from my home thinking I’m going to get to see the repetition if I hurry up enough.  I was listening on the radio and the commentator said he was standing up to watch the race because he couldn’t watch it sitting down.  They lined up, race starts, and someone had a foul.  A false start, and I was thinking that sucks for the concentration factor, who could it be.  And someone told the commentator that it was Culson.  And he started this negation party and I was raving with my glow sticks right in it with him because NO, IT WASN’T CULSON.  Why were they even mentioning his name, BE SILENT.

But it was him.  He said he had never been fouled for a false start before.  In his career.  EVER.

First question on pretty much everyone’s head?  Oh my God, WHY?!

On that moment, after that question, there was a silence.  Today, having read and seen how this island has been pouring out love, respect and understanding towards this man, I can say that;  while Puig’s medal still feels glorious, what Culson gave us if far more important.

He gave us the opportunity to show how amazing we truly are.  Yes, we can celebrate better than any other place on earth, but we can also pick up the ones who have fallen down.  One of our most precious qualities is to be empathic and embrace those who need to be strengthen.

Through him we can show our kids that, look, sometimes mistakes happen.  You might study your butt off for that test and still get the most valuable answer wrong.  You might work your butt off to get that presentation right and then get wrong the one number your boss wants.  It sucks.  You cry.  Men and women, you ugly cry because you wanted it so badly.  But then you have to remember that as soon as you tell someone, you’ll get a hug, a pat in the back.  Someone will tell you that it’s ok, next time you’ll kill it.  Most importantly:  there will be a next time.  Because you will get the eff up and keep going.  When it is what you want, it’s worth it.

So, Culson made it possible that I read letters of kids telling him to get up and keep on going, letters of people asking him to please don’t apologise, that we beg him to forgive us instead;  when all we do is stand in front of the TV waiting for him to bring us glory while he sacrifices his body, his time with his family, his entire life to brings us those moments.  I’ve seen so many people telling him we are proud of him because his heart is gold for us.  Hundreds of photos of him visiting fans at the hospital, signing autographs for kids who want to be just like him have come up everywhere.  He was devastated and everyone on social media was telling him to come home because we just wanted to hug him and tell him we’ve got his back.

He didn’t bring us a medal, he was the medal.  Which only means, that we all are.   When we work hard, when we are humble, when we help someone else, when we say ‘you can do it!’;  we are the gold.

And now we remember that too.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 35 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

Rough day huh? #TuesdaysofTexture #PhotographyEvent #PhotographicExploration

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A few textures I found during the weekend.  In the few moments when I stood up from the couch  and stopped watching movies, which was what I did for the most part because Baby J was with her father and that’s how I control myself.  (OMG, Deadpool is the best movie ever.) 

Last weeks participations had something for everyone!  Check them out by clicking the links:

Have a great day today, and remember to share a bit of it with me!

Dancing Mondays: A Celebratory Edition Ft. Forgiveness by Enrique Iglesias 

The official party to”receive” our amazing Olympic athletes is tomorrow, so I’m kicking the celebratory mode ON today with this song.  It was THE summer song, the one everyone was singing everywhere.  

It is the kind of reggaeton that makes us let our hair down, dye, and cut it. 

I hope it makes you groove. Remember to celebrate something today, anything! 

Have a great one! 

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 34 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a really awesome weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

Whoa! #TuesdaysofTexture #Exploring #Museum

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#Museum #CuteCriminal #KidsFun

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#Cockpit #AirplaneExploration #airplane #Museum

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This week’s Tuesdays of Texture is sponsored by Baby’s day, which included a visit to El Museo Del Niño in Carolina.

We LOVED the place.  And we couldn’t even explore outside because it was pouring, but it’s such a beautiful, curious place.  Everywhere you look there’s something to do and learn.  And of course, it was FULL of  TEXTURES!


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If it's #Tuesday, it's time for a little #texture – old stone #church walls #architecture #Magog #Quebec

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#TuesdaysOfTexture one more time in #Magog #Quebec

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Dancing Mondays: La Borinqueña Edition 

The song that made a Nation cry and sing together in a much needed moment of empowerment:

That is La Borinqueña, our anthem.
Because this is the land of Borinquen, where Monica was born and where I was born.
And it is a flowery garden of magic beauty.
A beautiful clear sky always leads her way and the waves gently rock her feet.
When Cristobal Columbus arrived he exclaimed “oh, this is the land I’ve been looking for!” (And then exterminated all our natives) “this is Borinquen, the daughter of the sea and the sun!”

(That’s  a rough translation of our anthem’s lyrics.)

And so are we.

My God it sounded amazing in Rio! But this is how Monica’s family sounded singing it that day:

Isn’t that happy? 

And yes, I’m going to let it go after this. 

Go have a Monday where you think of yourself as part as a much bigger community, go be a positive part of the community of this world! 

Zero chill: Monica Puig wins first Puerto Rican Olympic Gold Medal. Ever!

Yesterday this happened:

Today I interrupt normal programming – which is usually nothing on the weekends because I chill on the weekend and expect you to do the same – because the chill has been seriously and wonderfully  interrupted and I must interrupt yours too: 


Through the hands of Monica Puig we won tennis gold and it tastes like …joy!

You might have missed it so here’s a very brief recap:

 For the first time in I can’t even  remember everyone was feeling joyful at the same time.

This was basically every Puerto Rican when Puig won:


There’s always the questionable news note like:

Because of course, she came out of nowhere. Dude? She comes from playing big, powerful tennis, from training like a boss, from winning several important international titles; she does not comes out of nowhere.

In any case, if you didn’t knew who she was, now you know. She has the gold medal to prove it.

We got a gold medal.
AND WE ARE GOING TO CELEBRATE UNITED! We are going through some hard times, we’ve had to work out butt’s off to pay for all the mistakes of either our government and the United States; but today, this one day, we’ll just talk about that awesome moment when a beautiful Puerto Rican earned us a gold medal.

I shall say, that is the reason we so love Monica; she perfectly embodies us. She’s humble, she works hard, plays with passion and power, is dedicated, bright and on top of everything, absolutely gorgeous.

Well, you can go back to normal chill, but first;

PICA POWER! #TrueBoricuaLove

In need of maintainance 

Do you know where can a dream catcher get a flush? How does it get empty again?

A couple of years ago ex-manfriend’s uncle gave us a small dream catcher. We were living in his brother’s house and the very first night I hung it beside the bed I had a clear sleep. No nightmares or tense dreams, for the first time since we had moved.

I only took it down months later because Baby J grew enough to be able to get a hold of the feathers and started plucking the thing. That night I had a bloody dream. And not in the English way, I mean there was blood in the dream. I don’t remember if it was the one where I slit my own skin, but it was equally horrible.

So when I moved to my parent’s about a month ago the first thing I hung up was the dream catcher. I slept wonderfully since the first night. Everyone kept asking me, worried, if I had been sleeping because it’s normal to not sleep during that kind of thing, and I was so happy because I was!

But then a few nights ago I had a dream that I was inside a school. Some of my school friends were there, not young as we were in school but as old as we are now. We were trapped inside the school where all the doors were sealed closed and I was the only one trying to find a way out while everyone was all chill and I freaked out.

This might have something to do with the fact that Baby J started pre-pre school this week. My baby now goes to school! And I’m wishing and hoping she likes it so badly.

If you know what to do to give it maintainance let me know.

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 33 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

I stopped a drive with Baby J to shoot these.   She said she wouldn’t mind waiting in the car for a bit, so I got these as fast as I could and then ran back to the drivers seat.

When I buckled up she asked me to see the photos and she liked them! That makes them awesome in my book. 

These mushrooms are pretty large, I snuck an image with my feet for size reference.

And yes, those are my Ed Hardys, from 2010.  Manfriend hated them and I was stupid enough to leave them here.   In any case, they are in good shape and I’ll use them till they fall apart.

I so loved last week’s participations, check them out:

Have an amazing Tuesday! And remember to share a bit of it with me.

Dancing Mondays: One Love Olympic Edition 

Whenever I think about unity of Nations and peace the soundtrack playing in the background is Bob Marley’s.  

There’s pretty much no other event that unites more, at this critical moment, than The Olympics. 

This is how my background sounds whenever I can watch (but mostly read) about the stories unfolding at the games. 

Crank it up after the intro, it’s a good one anyway.

Go promote One Love. The one that we should all have for one another.

Have a great Monday!!

Walk forth and your road will follow

My paternal family lives in one of the highest towns of the island so, when I was child we would visit several times during the year.

I had this thing where I believed that whenever the road went up – because of a mountain – it would leave the ground (cartoon-like) and raise independently and I would be able to see the ground below if I could just look out far enough from the window. So, every time I felt the car climbing a mountain I would stick my face unto the window hoping this time I would be able to see the ground below the road.  

I was always so disappointed when I could see the ground beside the road.  

The other day I was driving and I was reflecting on everything that has happened the past weeks, all the ways my life has changed, how I’ve changed; and I felt this longing to know where the road was taking me, or at least which road I was on.
And I had this moment where I thought, you know what? It doesn’t matter because, while we always have that feeling that we pick a road and we travel through it, the truth is: the road follows you. We put our feet out and the road is made beneath them. We are building the road we journey on while we live.

There’s a song in spanish that says “caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar” which translates to “walker there is no road, the road is made when you walk”.

 I finally understood what it means.  

We get so anxious to always know where the path it’s leading and it’s us leading the path all the while.  

come on road, I’ll make you mountains

do not fear road, I’ll swerve you right

follow me road, follow me

because I don’t know where I’m going

and not knowing makes me lead you right

It’s ok.  
What have you done to regain your way when you’ve felt lost?