Listening to a lot of hard rock over here, you?


For my I Remember series:

I think I wrote this the last time that Dragon left me. He left me many times; before going to Irak the first time, before going the second time, while in Irak, when he got back… he left me MANY times, but I think this was the last time – I’m sure this was the time when it hit me the most.
I love to read how my words were so fast, they stumbled out of me and it reads right through. All the confusion is right there. It contrasts so wonderfully with how paused and calm I write (and am) now. *smiles*
It felt like a storm inside (and now you can sing Let It Go on your mind for the rest of the day, you’re welcome) and since the actual storm Erika didn’t pass through Puerto Rico (and I’m grateful) I’m sharing this one.

I hope you have a fun weekend.

Originally posted on de monte y mar:

One day, far from now, I’ll have an entry about the last two weeks.  About the emotional roller coaster that I rode, one that took me higher than I’ve ever been, where I lifted my arms to the sky delighted to feel the cold wind in my face (finally!); I was almost victorious and if you heard someone yelling “YEAH!” last weekend, that was me.
And then that motherbitcher swerved two curves, one to each side at 70mph while free falling and the shock delayed my response, so when I got out I found myself barely holding my head over my shoulders.
Literally, by last Wednesday (which is yesterday in normal days) I didn’t knew if I had my head on or not, to the point that I was asking people to tell me how to feel because I don’t have those censors working anymore.  Should I be angry or…

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Waiting for storm Erika

We are waiting for storm Erika to pass through Puerto Rico sometime after six PM.

I might have to take a couple of days  off the web if the service goes out, though I might be able to connect briefly through my mobile.  You never know with these things.  In any case, I wish everyone a happy weekend and leave you with this awesomeness:

Rara found me stars for her birthday hunt!  Be safe.

Good day: A Disney On Ice World Tour 2015 slideshow

Here’s a mesh gallery of all the images I got from the Disney On Ice World Tour 2015 show.

I think they are worth sharing because we were in the second row and could almost touch the characters.  Actually, I joked that the ice from the stops would get on us, and it DID.

Cool notes from the show:

  • I screamed at Jessy to break her out of character, but she was tough.  Very tough. (Roughest, toughest cowgirl around.)
  • there were three different Ken’s.
  • most toy soldiers were girls.
  •  Olaf’s head came out of his/her costume.  Very impressive.
  • Elsa shoot fire (fire works effects)  instead of ice because real life.
  • the drivers of the cars on the Cars section were having the most fun anyone had ever had in a stage ever.
  • Ariel’s prince (I’m not trained on the Little Mermaid) was over forty years old.  Maybe fifty.  He was OLD.

Hope you enjoy.  Linked to this week’s Photo Challenge.

Have a magical day!

I’m on board and PINterest ready!

Well peeps, there’s a boat that I’ve been avoiding since it’s birth.

I’ve actively turned my head whenever I saw anything to do with it and invested energy in ignoring it, which is never a good sign and pretty much always means I’ll end up viciously devouring it.


I’ve joined and tried to organised my boards and it’s been fun!  I used some of the suggestions and guidelines of Elena over at Fabulously 50 & Living With Batman because I knew nothing about anything and it was good to have a map to guide me.  And save me from spending five hours browsing color pallets.  I also rediscovered my ring addiction.

You can find me over there by clicking here:

But, what I want is to follow YOU.  It’s been a little… hard?  To find all the owners of the blogs I follow (and I follow A LOT of blogs) over there, mainly because I’m short of time these days, so please if you are on Pinterest, hit me in the comments so I can find you!

I want to follow everyone so we can party over there too.  Instead of confetti I’m throwing color pallets.

Have a happy day.  Drink something tasty.  (I pinned an awesome mojito recipe.)

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 35 of 2015

Every Tuesday I post an image of a texture or the use of a texture and invite you to join in the fun of sharing a detail of your part of the world by linking your own post to this one. 

You can also @ naramilee in twitter or instagram if you want to share an image from either platform. 

You don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post, you can find an image during the week and join any day you want and this event is ‘theme free’.   

I share contributions on twitter and mention each one the next week.   Hope to see your part of the world! 


I found this rocks some days ago and interrupted many runners while I snapped a few quick pics with my cell phone.  I’m not sorry;  I loved the contrast of textures!

And look, someone left a love message.  Awww!

Rock message.

(It says Milly Te Amo – Milly I Love You.)

Last week I had a wonderful time looking at all the cool contributions, check them out;

ladyleemanila shared a collection of forest shots that are fairy tale like.

Debbie shared a door (of a butcher shop!) with some very cool texture and graffiti.

klara shared a low street shot that in all honesty, is one of my dream shots.   I want to get that angle one day and pull it off just so.  I can picture the look on people’s faces while I work on it.  Priceless.

Land Of Images shared a foresty close up with a cool focus point.

Have a fun day peeps!  And show me a bit of the textures around you :)

Dancing Mondays: Endless Love Edition

I’ve feature this song before.  I don’t remember where, but I go this song somewhere between my second and my third iPod, so I know I mentioned it here in one of my This Is My New Music posts.  It’s a classic and a must have.

I found this version the other day in my Facebook feed – to my surprise someone younger than me shared it (there is hope for the world) – and I had to share it here.

There are a few things I like about this, first;  you can see what happened the day before the taping and I love to watch rehearsals.  Also, Marco’s celebratory dance.  (The performance is not complete in this video.)

Second;  the result is genius.  Look out for Lionel’s reaction of “yes!”.  (This is the complete performance.)

Third;  Marco (aka Marc Anthony).  He makes everything better.

I hope that pumps you up this morning.  We are having one heck of a Monday here because, in addition to this

Manfriend’s order of packages came with the wrong item & he has to repackage everything one day before Danny. That does not improve his mood AT ALL.  I don’t know if it sounds as the huge mess that it is, but just trust me when I tell you I need those four minutes of duet bliss.

I hope your Monday is awesome though.  In fact, I’ll love it if you tell me how awesome your Monday is/was in the comments.

Diving = WIN!


For My I Remember Series: My Two Dives To Get My Diving Certificate. Fitting Because I’m Spending A Coupler Of Days In My Beach Apartment Doing An Escapade For Manfriend’s Birthday.

Have An Awesome Weekend!

Originally posted on de monte y mar:

First day:

I had to wake up at 4:45am. I thought I was going to kill someone before the dive because lack of sleep can make me REALLY cranky, but I got to the dive shop to get my two tanks and while waiting for them I watch the sunrise.  That always cheers me up a lot.
We had to drive about an hour from the shop to the beach we were diving in.  It’s one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and I had never been there.  Before getting to the shore you can see the ocean from the mountains and it’s breathtaking.  When I saw the shore I was immediately filled with joy.  To top the view, butterflies were emigrating east this weekend so thousands of butterflies were flying around us while we prepared our equipment.
We received a briefing, our equipment was inspected and we…

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Creepy: multi-legged friends at the zoo

There was a creepy crawly area in the zoo.  It had another, more scientific name but I don’t remember it because we called it creepy crawly area.

Someone was very exited about this part of the zoo visit.


Because walking on insects is the coolest thing ever.

We saw these:




I was particularly exited at seeing these two:



But also very relieved that they were behind protecting glass and not running on the floor like the two centipedes I saw a few days ago, one of which ran through my feet.  Right through my feet.  And manfriend wanted to know why I didn’t kill it.  I don’t know dear, maybe because I was so busy trying to prevent it from biting my foot?!

I’m sharing this in the Weekly Photo Challenge and the Look up, Look Down challenge.

Have a great day!

What I mean is, his beard is freaking perfect

There was a birthday party on manfriend’s family the other day and I had to make an appearance by myself for the first time.

Manfriend was busy working on his apartment and Baby J had to go because she only has two cousins there – a boy and a girl – and you know how it goes.  You go to their parties so they will come to yours because when there’s only three kids in the family assistance is kind of critical.

So I prepared as best as I could (which means I ran to the drug store at the very last minute to get the boy his presents), put my best face and went.  I was ready for the talks and the jokes and I knew I was going to have a lot to share with at least one of the moms because she had her baby last month and is breastfeeding.  I breastfed Baby J one year so I’m an expert :) 

Baby J had never seen a baby that small before and when she did she sighed.  Apparently it was the most delightful thing she has ever witness – and she’s seen puppies and chicks, kids these days are harder to impress.  Manfriend’s aunt was standing beside her and she melted when she saw her sighting and smiling at the baby.  Clearly the thing to remedy this reaction was in the question she posed.  “Do you like the baby Baby J?  Do you want a little brother like this one?”  Baby J thinks you throw whatever doesn’t work into the garbage can, so I could tell you where that imaginary baby will go as soon as he has his first bout of non-stop crying, but of course she thought it was an excellent idea and nodded enthusiastically.

“Awww she wants a baby brother!  Did you hear that!  You are going to have to give her one!”

We all knew this was coming.  There’s a series of questions and remarks that will follow you anywhere in this island:  1)  when are you getting married?  2)  when are you having a baby?  3)  when are you having another one?  Repeat until you are forty.   4)  When are you having grandkids?  When are you having another one?  Repeat until you die.

I looked at Baby J and told her that I will buy her a male baby doll.  Everyone chuckled, but manfriend’s aunt also pointed out that “it’s not the same!”  Because I don’t know the difference between a real baby and a baby doll.

I proceeded to take out my city girl, sprinkled with sarcasm and spunk, something that never goes right in the Hardcore Country Life.  I said “or I can find another woman for your dad so he can have many more kids!” 

Everyone chuckled again, there was even a loud holler on the table next to us.   I thought it was hilarious, they probably thought I was crazy.  Well, crazier.

Very late that night when manfriend came to bed he asked me how the birthday went and I told him about the two most important events of the evening:  his (adult) cousin broke a rented pool slide and the birthday boy got stuck into a baby swing and there were tears and screams.  I also mentioned the baby scene.

He asked who was there and I tried to explain as best as I could saying things like “there was that guy with the very thick sideburns?  No, the one that always wears the big buckle belt.  And the lady with the two really thin boys, the ones that have green eyes?”    Because I only know a handful of people by their names.  I mentioned a good looking lady with several kids and manfriend scoffed.  “Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t have to go, she’s so annoying.  She’s been trying to get into my pants for years, argh.”  He looked genuinely disgusted.

That’s when realisation dawned on me like a shining light from heaven.  The very loud holler when I made my joke about finding manfriend another woman?  Oh, yeah.  That was her.  She didn’t thought I was hilarious, all she heard was a window of opportunity.

But whoa “miss”.  I can take my city girl out in more ways than you want to know and NAH FREAKING AH.

I mean.  Manfriend sometimes drives me absolutely crazy.  He is far from perfect.  Like perfect would be on one side and he is infinite loops away from that side.  He might land on the perfect side by pure chance but only because he is so far from it.  And we are so different.  Vastly different.  I read this post on insidethelifeofmoi and nodded the entire time because I could’ve written it.  I mean, I don’t have half her wit so, it would never read that awesomely, but we have the same case of different partners.

I’m not even going to go all pink here and say that our love compensates all his flaws (and my flaws, if I have any… ) and we are going to be together forever because JLo divorced Marc Anthony, dooce divorced Jon!  I think that proves that love is weak at it’s core but;  I’m certainly not about to give him away.  He’s not available.  Not for pathetic old ladies who try to score points for their ego or for anyone else.

Lesson of this story:  be careful of the jokes you make and the people you make them for.  Because you never know.

Also, today is manfriend’s birthday so I’ll try to make it one of the days when I don’t want to strangle him.

Happy birthday crazy guy.