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I’m contemplating the possibility of maybe getting a domain.  Maybe.  So I need your feedback on the domain name.  I think I would like to get demonteymar (the tittle of this blog as explained here) as a domain name, but I don’t know if it’ll greatly affect my English reading followers and/or visitors, it being in Spanish.   You tell me:

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Language unites


For my I Remember series I’m sharing this post about one of my grandma’s family stories.

Have a great Friday!

Originally posted on de monte y mar:

I spent the whole morning out in stores with my grandmother.  She wanted to buy shoes.  I will not tell you the amount of shoes she checked out or the number of stores we went into because I can’t remember but I can tell you that she’s now back home, without new shoes.

I have wrote before about how I resemble her in so many things it’s scary, but it still spooks the fuck out of me to see her picking up a pair, turning it around, talking about what a nice and pretty shoe it is and then rejecting it because it’s not the shoe she saw inside her head. DNA replication is AWESOME.

Anyway, on the way to the mall she was talking about family stories and such and she mentioned this.  When she was younger poor people got food from the government, not money for it, but…

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From earth to plate

One of the few upsides of living the Hardcore Country Life:  fresh oregano and culantro from earth on the way to the pot.

Because my oregano and culantro are still alive, somehow.

I’ll share this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down challenge. and the I Heart Macro bunch.

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Tiny Series: Simple style when you work at home

First of all let me clarify that working from home does not mean you have to spend every day of your life in sweat pants.

It’s an appealing option and you can certainly choose that path but, there is more than sweat pants and that thought alone should stimulate you to try something else.  At least for those days when strangers are going to see you and you want them to think you have it all together.  Working from home?  I totally win at it.  Even though you missed three meals during the past four days because work ate your time.

So, you HAVE to be comfortable, yes, I am with you on that one.  Shirts or blouses that itch somewhere, pants that don’t fit you, shoes that make your back hurt;  get all of those out of the way.   Choose a few items that you feel wonderful in.

Over here I opted for sleeveless shirts with built in bras to use either alone or in layers when it gets chilly.  I got them all in bright colors because then I get an effortless pop in my outfit, I keep everything else  really toned down with gray colors and dark blue jeans.  Very soft, cottony kind of jeans by the way.

I have not been able to shake off sneakers because they are the most comfortable option but my mom gave me a pair of Toms knockoffs that are a good alternative for those moments when I have to run out in something other that sports shoes.

One huge successful change I made a few months ago towards a better functional style was change my purse.  I used a handbag but noticed that when I went out with Baby J it got in the way all the time.  Instead of being useful it was just something else that blocked my hands and added weight to my arms, when I was already carrying Baby J or her bag, or both!   So for mother’s day I asked for a long strap bag that I could hang on my shoulder and carry on my side (at the hips) leaving both my arms and hands free.   It’s been a life changer!

Another upgrade I did a couple of week’s ago was haircut and color.  There comes a point when no matter how much you try to look put together you can’t because your hair will be doing it’s own thing and that thing is making you look like a crazy person.  Choosing a haircut with low upkeep that will last several months without cutting is key when one is lacking both time and money to spend in the stylist.

A hair color that refreshes your look (lightens your face and possibly makes you look five years younger) but does not weight you down if you show roots is also a good way to maintain a cleaner look for longer.   I went for a color that was three shades lighter than mine, it looks extremely natural and I won’t have to run to get a retouch in months.

Have a great day!

PD:  You can find Simple Makeup Routine for Home and Makeup for Special Occasions on those links from the Tiny Series of Tips for the at-home worker.


Tuesdays of Texture | Week 27 of 2015

Every Tuesday I post an image of a texture or the use of a texture and invite you to join in the fun of sharing a detail of your part of the world by linking your own post to this one.  (Links to this post will automatically appear as ping backs.)

You don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post, you can find an image during the week and join any day you want and this event is ‘theme free’.   

I share contributions on twitter  and mention each one the next week.   Hope to see your part of the world! 



I think we are bound to, and by, nature. We may want to deny this connection and try to believe we control the external world, but every time there’s a snowstorm or drought, we know our fate is tied to the world around us.
Alice Hoffman

The drought in Puerto Rico has broken all records.

In some areas (more urban areas) the water supply has been rationed to forty eight consecutive hours without water service and less than twenty four hours with water service schedule to manage the low water supplies.

I have to sadly admit that caring about the water supply is not one of the things Puerto Rican’s know how to do, but I think this time more people are getting on board to get a positive outcome of this situation and I hope that the next generation can see this and learn from our mistakes in order to make it better in the future;  for their own sake.

The image is from the lawn at my grandma’s house.  This lawn was planted by my great-grandfather and was for many years my grandmother’s pride.  I hope it survives drought season once again.

Past contributions to check out and leave some Likes:

norm found this rock wall in Les Jardins Moore gardens just north-east of Montréal in the town of Mascouche and I would’ve taken portraits of everyone within a mile radius there, so pretty!

I think I didn’t featured this link to klara’s rocky shore before (shared for week 25) and that can’t be, so here it is.

Have a great Tuesday!  Share a bit of your world!

Dancing Mondays: Elliot Moss Music Edition

If you haven’t seen these two going at it in a train station, you HAVE to see it now:

I was mesmerised by their perfect lines and feet position and also by how they trusted that floor.  I’m going to think they sanitised it before doing this because otherwise EW.

Have a very happy Monday people!

The Week Elsewhere | Week 26, 2015


I mean really.

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In the world wide web

The hoverboard by Lexus.

A groom gets emotional when he sees his bride.  I think if you got married and your partner didn’t look at you like this, you should divorce and re-marry the correct guy.  *sniffsniff*

Which lipstick is the most popular in which country?  I always wanted to know.  Hello Montreal.  What is London thinking?

A man survived in a new island eating eggs and squid.  Which means I would’ve died.

People that grow up dancing are basically awesomer.  We knew that already.

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“Your mood swings are giving me a whiplash”

It was this kind of day pretty much everyday during the past weeks.


And then this:

Feeling so hot. So hot.

A photo posted by @naramilee on

And I’m like “I think it’s time to make up your mind weather because it’s almost July ok, freaking July!”

Have a great day!  One that looks and feels like summer!

Summer ready, at least!

I don’t know what is it about work that it smells when you are trying to get away from it.

During the last weeks manfriend has been mentioning the possibility of taking a few days (not even a full week, not even five days) off of work to have a short vacation with me and Baby J.  These weeks were supposed to be low on production (relatively) which cuts the days of distribution and in theory sounds like a perfect ballad of vacation time.

This, of course, provoked an unexpected boom of work that has had him at site tending to a few unanticipated situations and me with the phone glued in my ear before breakfast during the past three days dealing with suppliers and services.

I forgot how many times I called one supplier (US) yesterday but it was enough times that even the receptionist recognised it was “ridiculous” that I had to call back so much to get the information I needed from them.  At one point she actually got up from her desk and into the office of the seller so I could talk to him and I thanked her dearly because she did what I so wanted to do but couldn’t, which was to knock on his door, open it without waiting for an answer and be like “yo, this is the seventh time I call today, get off your ass and go check if my order is ready.”

Later on I needed help from someone – an actual person, not a website or an automated telephone system – and called an office here (in Puerto Rico) to ask a few questions.  The office was closed but the company has offices in various states of the US so, since I had already called long distance so many times before I thought one more call wouldn’t matter.   I called offices in Miami, California and Colorado and if you guessed that no one helped me but directed me to a generic email address you are correct.

All of them people with different accents told me they couldn’t deal with me, why don’t you send an email to this invisible person who might or might not see your message at some point tomorrow?

I was oozing frustration this morning when I saw my toes while I was on hold waiting for someone to get back to me.   At least my toes are totally ready for *insert Olaf’s voice here* summer.

Toe nails ready for summer, finally.

A photo posted by @naramilee on

I’ll share this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down challenge.

Have a great day off the phone!

Over at grandma’s: an image collection

The other day while a new land-line was being installed here (OMG a land line!) I realised that the only land-line number that I still use is my grandma’s.

She now has a satellite connected phone but her number is still the same one I memorised when I was a child, the same one I have used all my life when I need to give a reference number for anything because grandma is our trustiest option.

I visited her when I stayed at my parent’s last week and made this series of images to capture my perception of her house and surroundings.

Folliage set.

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Hey you too.

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At grandma's.

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Lost in yellow.

A photo posted by @naramilee on

Have a great Wednesday!