All the feelings

We got an email about a coworker who has a missing sibling. As soon as I could get up from my chair I went to her to tell her everything is going to be fine and hug her.
Then I cried.

I found a bag full of girly things in my desk. I couldn’t believe I got a gift. I went to the office of someone I suspected, unsure if I was going to be inappropriate, but I asked her, was it you? And she nodded. “Cause you’re so nice”.
So I went to her and hugged her for a long time. And I cried.

A girl that has been assisting another area came up to me to say goodbye because it was her last day. She also said thank you, even though I didn’t do anything other than befriending her. She said she was not good at goodbyes.
So I got up to hug her. And I cried.

All the feelings.

I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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