They say we should be scared, but we are done being scared

I feel an obligation to write something about what’s happening in Puerto Rico.

I know I don’t have one, but I feel like I have to. I’ll be using words from the flood of information that we’ve been drowning in this week, both because I’m too empty and tired to make up my own and also because some have been so piercing that they deserved to be shared.

As you might see from the titles of the news, the people of Puerto Rico want to governor to resign.  This because:

1) This week we had the luck of reading a leaked Telegram chat (apparently this is an app resembling Whasap that the government uses) where the governor:

refers to women as ‘sluts’ and makes vulgar remarks like “I want her to suck my dick”

makes fun of overweight people

clearly states that the government withheld help received during the hurricane so he could control it and distribute it as he saw fit, taking all the credit for the goods as if the government had paid the cost

made fun of the dead people being buried

basically shows how he presented himself as one  thing but turned out to be another completely different

he shared this chat with various advisors, all equally trashy as he is

2) His Secretary of Education robbed millions of dollars from the Department of Education. When his father was the governor of Puerto Rico one of the biggest scandals was the conviction of his then Secretary of Education for corruption, so deja vu.

3) His Secretary of Health robbed millions of dollars from the Department of Health.

4) We knew he had schemed in disfavour of the people, but we either gave him chances or didn’t had actual proof of the schemes. Now we do.

Our hearts are broken, but our spirits are intact.

They say we should be scared because if he leaves everything will be a mess, the economy will suffer, tourism will get hurt, shit will go down.

But this is the same island that had a category five hurricane strike right through it. We had no water, no power service, no hospitals, no medicine, no food, no roads… that hurricane took many things from us, and one of them was the fear of not having any of those things.

They say we should be scared, but nothing hurts us more than remembering four thousand six hundred and forty five persons died because he didn’t want to help us as we deserved, and then he MADE JOKES ABOUT FEEDING THEM TO THE VULTURES.

They say we should be scared, but nothing will take more money from us than the group of white collar thief’s sucking the money out of our funds.

They say we should be scared, but we are done being scared, we are fucking angry. We know our power. And they should be scared.

5 thoughts on “They say we should be scared, but we are done being scared

  1. Inside the Mind of Isadora says:

    HORRIBLE …. and that’s putting it kindly. I’ve had many experiences with the politics of Puerto Rico. The courts – in my case – from my parents inheritance was flooded with lies and thievery. Gratefully, I was able to go back to the states with some dignity afterwards.
    BUT … my heart aches for the people, the island and the culture that is being destroyed by the politicians who do not care about their island or its people anymore.
    Thank you for posting this. I hope more people learn to understand what is happening to the island. Que Viva Puerto Rico … La Isla del Encanto
    Isadora 😎

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