Dinner Out: Boca Loca, Aguadilla PR

A few weeks ago manfriend took us (Baby J and me) out to have dinner out.

This almost never happens both because our budget doesn’t allow it and because his business is very demanding and prevents him to be out that late.  I was very exited because FOOD.

He wanted to go for sushi but chose the wrong restaurant and we ended up eating in Boca Loca.  The place is really relaxed and the food divine.  I had smoked salmon in guava sauce with arroz mampostiao (rice with beans and spices).

You can see the curious tables they made (they are all filled with different kinds of hearts), the floors – loved the floors! – and the view towards the ocean.  I also took a couple of shots for Thursday Doors;  the first one from the moving car.  Because I was desperate to get at least one of the cool doors that I was seeing.


At least the car was stopped when I took this one.  Really liked the color on the windows.


Sharing this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down challenge.

It was very cool night out that we enjoyed as a family.

Hope you have a fantastic day!

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