Thursday Doors: A door in the heart of the plaza

Last time I shot a door for Norm’s Thursday Doors I was so desperate I shot in a moving car.  I consider it progress when I was only walking when I shot this:

Old door is old.

People across the street looked at me suspiciously because that’s an abandoned house in the middle of the plaza and, if I’m not mistaken, the local government agencies promote that concern civilians report such houses as “public nuisance” to endorse their demolition.

I loved how the door was old and battered, but sturdy looking.

Shared on Thursday Doors.

Have a joyful day today!


15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: A door in the heart of the plaza

  1. Norm 2.0 says:

    Ooh if ever you can get your hands on that door when they tear the building down…
    Strip it of all the old paint and stain or refinish it. Some nice decorative carvings in those panels – lots of potential. Such a shame it was neglected.
    Nice find 🙂

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    • narami says:

      Thanks Norm!! It’s a charming old house but the street is getting very commercial so I think if it’s bought it would be destroyed anyway.
      I thought the carvings were pretty too 🙂
      Thanks for coming by!


  2. sustainabilitea says:

    I agree it would be a great one to get if you could. Of course, there’s always the problem of having somewhere to put it. 🙂 I’m going to be taking photos of doors near where we live and I’m wondering whether anyone will ask me what I’m doing, as they might think I’m taking photos of the house. We’ll see how it goes.



    • narami says:

      I think if there’s anyone outside or visible, I’d rather ask if it’s ok to take a photo of the door first. Manfriend design and built a house a few years ago and people stop to take photos of the door all the time (it’s a beautiful iron door painted like wood with a technique so precise you don’t notice it’s iron until you touch it), he never mind as long as they told him so he could know what the photo was for.

      Anyway, thanks for coming around here! 🙂


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