360 View: Paseo Lineal Ciales

Before all the sick that has been around here – Little J alone has had three different things in about three weeks – I had to do a drive to get Little J’s car seat adjusted  (well, I didn’t had to do the drive, I could’ve battled the thing alone again but I just really wanted a certified technician to do it and show me) and passed this thing on the way.

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As I had a bit of spare time, I stopped to take a pic for Thursday Doors.   And then I got carried away and made a 360, which I hadn’t done in so long!  (I think this was the last time.)

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It’s a very simple park for walking, and boing but the view is really awesome.

Have a great day!



No color door

Is there anything colder than a gray door?

Gray doors make me think of a cold room where no one says hi. A room where no dreams are allowed. Or ever worst, a room where dreams are welcomed, only to be slaughtered inside. Just looking at them makes me think I don’t want to touch them or be close to them, and of course, never open them.

But the thing is; one never knows what’s behind the door. It could be hideous. It could diminish every idea you have. Make you re-think your sense of humor. Destroy your sense of self. It could make you feel alone and unwanted. Hated even.

Or it could be awesome. It could make you grow. And  learn. It could help you be better and happier. 

So, you choose. The same door could do both things.

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El Convento Doors. II

view from hotel old san juan

A view from the fourth floor of El Convento Hotel, Old San Juan doors.

Don’t they look adorably quaint and historic?  Also, balconies!   One of my design weaknesses.  In my opinion, there’s nothing more romantic than a balcony in a structure.  Balconies call for serenades, poems and secret letters with perfume and lipstick kisses.  But that’s probably just me.

What do you think when you see old structures like these?  And what do you think of that view?

Go have a great one, it’s almost the weekend already.

Yellow chairs

yellow twin chairs

Just a couple of yellow chairs.

In my world they are the mom and dad.   They never fight.  They can have a conversation.  They laugh together and don’t mind going with each other everywhere.

In my world, they sit together at the end of the day, side by side, with love.

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Wordless Wednesday: painting

The doors of El Convento

I can’t believe I’m linking a DSLR shot for Norm’s Thursday Doors.  What is this magic?  I don’t know, but I like real photos appearing in my stream!

Open doors at El Convento Hotel

Thursday Doors is one of my favorite weekly events to watch, but I almost never have a contribution because I rarely go out, so I get very exited when I can participate.

Of course I had to shoot them from inside out because why would I do it the other way around like normal people?  In my defence, the balcony in that part is very narrow and I though I would get a more majestic shot this way, with the floor and the ceiling detail.   What do I know anyway.

So, the floor, cleaner than the floor of any of the houses I stay in.  How do I know?  Baby J spent the two days I was there without shoes (because I forgot to pack them because LIFE) and all she had were socks.  My mom (who babysat her, with a molar nerve exposed – I didn’t mentioned this before because then I would have to dive into the waters of how much of a jerk manfriend is) noticed that the socks wouldn’t get dirty outside, no matter where she walked.

The last day I was there I let her run barefoot on that same stretch shown in the picture.  (And I’ve talked about my thing with shoes before.)  I picked her up and found clean feet people.

While I waited for check out I saw one of the service boys pick up a vacuum from right behind the door and go to town in between tasks.  He was removing three tiny pieces of paper from the rug, but did a much bigger circle around the area.  So apparently they clean like, ALL THE TIME.  SO CLEAN.

And that’s my Thursday Door contribution.  Have a happy day today!


Conference Call Debutant Survived

I survived the conference call peeps.

I thought I was going to pass out right before, but I survived.  I was even able to speak in complete sentences!   And I think at least three people understood.  It was a step forward.

After being confined for pretty much the whole morning I spent the afternoon outside.  Got rewarded;

Pick up of the day. #flower #TwoTones

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I’m also going to share this image from a church I walked by several weeks ago on Thursday Doors, which is one of my favorite blog events (even if I rarely have a shot to share on it because I don’t go out that much), you should check it out.



It’s almost Friday, there’s no excuses folk:  have a great day!