Creepy: multi-legged friends at the zoo

There was a creepy crawly area in the zoo.  It had another, more scientific name but I don’t remember it because we called it creepy crawly area.

Someone was very exited about this part of the zoo visit.


Because walking on insects is the coolest thing ever.

We saw these:




I was particularly exited at seeing these two:



But also very relieved that they were behind protecting glass and not running on the floor like the two centipedes I saw a few days ago, one of which ran through my feet.  Right through my feet.  And manfriend wanted to know why I didn’t kill it.  I don’t know dear, maybe because I was so busy trying to prevent it from biting my foot?!

I’m sharing this in the Weekly Photo Challenge and the Look up, Look Down challenge.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Creepy: multi-legged friends at the zoo

  1. smilingtoad says:

    OOOO I would have been excited too! I was just taking my friend’s little nephew on a tour of the spring banks the other day, showing him all the darling spiders. We were so excited that old Auntie had to reprimand us both!! I just love the millipede, what a cutie. Looks like a wee lassie had a very fun time indeed. Fabulous post! All the best with bug hugs,

    Smiling Toad


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