Tuesdays of Texture | Week 34 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a really awesome weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

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This week’s Tuesdays of Texture is sponsored by Baby’s day, which included a visit to El Museo Del Niño in Carolina.

We LOVED the place.  And we couldn’t even explore outside because it was pouring, but it’s such a beautiful, curious place.  Everywhere you look there’s something to do and learn.  And of course, it was FULL of  TEXTURES!


Last week’s participations were AMAZING!  Don’t miss them, just click the links bellow:





Tuesdays of Texture | Week 25 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a really awesome weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!


This month’s week at the parents turned out to be one of the most special ones we’ve had so far.  The weather cooperated wonderfully and we got to spend a couple of amazing days at the beach.

It all started though, with a drizzle on the very first day we went out. I took a last minute decision of passing on walking a longer distance to get to the popular zone (which was SO FULL) and instead, go to a less frequented area that has a rocky shore part where, when the tide is low, little sea pools are formed and you can see all kinds of cool things.  Fishes, coral, anemone, sea crabs, and even fishes!

We ended up visiting that part every time we went because it was super entertaining and much safer.  Baby J could run around in the sand, the shore is very shallow and very slowly deeps in, and most importantly, we could pet all kinds of things in the sea pools.

One thing we saw was the friend up there.

I, the biologist, haven’t been able to identify it either through my infallible knowledge or google.  It dug into the sand super quick, was pretty much transparent, had a stingray-like tail and no identifiable “face”.  If any of you guys know what it is please enlighten me.

Click the links to go directly to each awesome participation from last week:

Have a fabulous day.  One sprinkled with adventure.  And please share a bit of it with me!

Tuesdays of Texture | Week 21 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is an awesome weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

bell texture



Today is my blogversary!   It’s been fourteen years since I started diarying – I began posting on what was Diaryland in 2002 -, I have taken time out only when I haven’t had internet access but never done a hiatus and even though I don’t write a lot of fiction anymore (or none), I still find things to share and write about.  (Whaaa?)

Like the first week of this May.  Oh, that week screwed me up like a mofo.

I said I went to a convention for manfriend’s business without him because he just decided that he would not give a crap about the whole thing and left me to battle the whole photography thing and the conferences thing and the representing his business thing on my own because why not?  It’s not like it was only the first convention he was going to participate in and it only cost him all the money we don’t have.   No biggie.

Anyway, I stayed in the convention’s hotel which happened to be El Convento.  Oh, yes, that same hotel that I told him I wanted to stay in at least once before I died so many years ago, one of my dreams came true and I spent the night nauseous because the pain of his unfounded anger weighted me down so heavily.  Yes, that one.

The hotel is beautiful, a little uncomfortable if you are into modernity (it was built in the 17th century) but beautiful all around.  After I finished I snuck a few minutes to shoot some things and found this bell.

wall mounted bell


I’ll be sharing a few other textures later.  I still haven’t made a dent into the almost four hundred food photos that I have to edit and cringe every time I start dealing with them.  The portraits, I must say, came out really decent for someone who doesn’t know a thing about portrait shooting.

Glow sticks and DJ music for last week’s participations, go give some love:


San Ferno

Have an amazing Tuesday.  And please share a bit of it with me, it’ll cheer me up some.

Tuesdas of Texture | Week 14 of 2016

Tuesdays of Texture is a super cool weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments!

A few days ago we had a work meeting with some people in the business that came from the states.  It was one of those very annoying conversations where I try to either just up or get through what I want to say really fast and end up sounding like a broken record.  I look back on those type of days and it’s really surprising to have proof that I can talk that much.

Well, after talking our visitors wanted to go somewhere else and I offered to help them get there. I had a feeling it would be fun and whoa.  A few minutes later we found ourselves looking at the most amazing structures and hearing the most amazing stories about…





I only had my cell phone camara with me so these don’t translate the awesomeness of the place but just trust me when I tell you it’s the most amazing little world in there.  And everything is bamboo!


Those cute huts?  BAMBOO.

We were treated to a little orientation about the plant’s properties and advantages and I must say,  the ecological value of bamboo should be capitalised on.  It’s a thing to behold.



Favorite shot of the day:


Hat off to last week’s cool participations:


Travel With Intent by Debbie

Una Vista di San Ferno

Go have an adventurous day.  And do remember to share a bit of it with me!

Exploration in progress

Brief interruption on Dancing Mondays.  We were busy exploring some things like;

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Will share more later.  Explore something today!  Have a great Monday 🙂


I recently visited Parque Forestal La Marquesa in Guaynabo on a terribly rainy day with only my cell phone camera, but I still have to share some images and notes.

Right now I only have five minutes so I’m putting this up first because LOVEBIRDS!  Cutest things ever.


I’m still without WIFI and that complicates my accessibility about 786%.

Have a beautiful day!

Creepy: multi-legged friends at the zoo

There was a creepy crawly area in the zoo.  It had another, more scientific name but I don’t remember it because we called it creepy crawly area.


Someone was very exited about this part of the zoo visit.


Because walking on insects is the coolest thing ever.

We saw these:




I was particularly exited at seeing these two:



But also very relieved that they were behind protecting glass and not running on the floor like the two centipedes I saw a few days ago, one of which ran through my feet.  Right through my feet.  And manfriend wanted to know why I didn’t kill it.  I don’t know dear, maybe because I was so busy trying to prevent it from biting my foot?!

I’m sharing this in the Weekly Photo Challenge and the Look up, Look Down challenge.

Have a great day!

Vieques for beginners

For my I Remember series:
I found this post from my trip to Vieques and it’s blue bioluminescent lagoon. What times! Really good times.
Side Note: I’m so glad I went before the shark attack incident that occurred a few years back (2010?) because although it’s the only registered incident there I wouldn’t have gone in the water and if there’s something that can change your life it’s seeing those dinoflagellates shining on you.
Have fun this weekend!

de monte y mar

After a journey that was in the least, extremely interesting and challenging we got to Vieques and had just like Phizhy said (it’s funny how that’s exactly how I described it on the way home), an illegal amount of fun.  We endured a ride in a bus with no air conditioning with 5973934 persons inside, a very hot day, the carrying of too many packs to handle, a beach with killing cadillos and attacking algae, rain, the humor of those with hunger, PMS, dizziness, boringness and many other things but we found something to laugh about every single time and thus, we enjoyed even the moments when we looked at each other and couldn’t believe what was happening.

Vieques is beautiful, we were not disappointed by it at all, on the contrary after we got pass the fact that even though we were in Puerto Rico we had to order…

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Zoo visit!

For Baby J’s second birthday we went to the zoo.

It was a last minute idea that manfriend had while she was browsing an animal magazine featuring zoo animals and I had to pack bags and get everyone ready in ten minutes, but for once, the hurry was worth it.

We all enjoyed the visit and I had a chance to take some pictures of exotic animals.  I had to snap them in a few seconds because manfriend ran (literally, RAN) through the whole thing and whenever I stopped for a pic he would get two animals ahead of me but still, I got some pictures.

These are Cindy and Poppy.  Imaginary hippo’s are way more fun as these two stayed exactly that way for presumably hours.

Cindy and Poppy

This girl was the coolest animal in the whole zoo.  And I mean that on many levels;  lioness’ are cool on their own, they are strong, poised animals.  This one also posed with people, not on purpose I’m sure, but she gave some visitors a glare that was worthy of a cat walk.


It saddens me to share this after the events of last week.  This babe slept the whole time.  I thought he didn’t looked well nourished, but I’m no lion expert.  The blur you see on the left side is not the camera, it is the clear wall that prevented both animals from snacking on visitors.




This is the part where I got all teary eyed and had to keep walking to the reptile area while manfriend showed Baby J the chimpanzees.  I focused the camera and that face just wouldn’t stop looking right at the lens with that sad face.  His eyes kept getting more and more intense and I had to step out from behind the camera and stand in front of him (or her, I don’t know) to apologise.  He’s knows where he is and why he’s there and I was just so sorry that he was in there.


Manfriend pointed out that they were surrounded by a magnificent tree, but they couldn’t touch it.  My only comfort was that they had a special schedule, so they weren’t in that space all day, just for a specific amount of time.  But still, sad me.

In the reptile area I saw the biggest salamander I’ve ever seen.  It was obviously not my favorite part AT ALL.  Also, this area was so humid that the smell was uncomfortable and manfriend got all hypochondriac and ran through it with Baby J before she could process the snakes.


This guy was asking for snacks in the face of people.  He was very energetic.


They had normal peacocks EVERYWHERE, literally, in all the areas (actually Baby J ran after one by command of manfriend’s mother, I have no idea why she thought it was a good idea to tell her to do that, but she was the one that had to ran after her).


But they had a white one! I had never seen a white one before.


This is Felipe, the rhinoceros.  We never saw him walking.


This is not a snowy white owl but that didn’t stop me from yelling “HEDWIG!”


This is a horrible picture of a great animal.  I was EXTREMELY exited about the aviary.


We really wanted to see this one, so obviously she was eating and didn’t left that corner.


And this?  This is a sleeping sloth.  He didn’t want to bother with some tourists, and I don’t blame him at all, but I was seriously disappointed at not being able to see him.  I mean, if I went to the zoo but couldn’t see the sloth, did I go to the zoo?!


We had a great time and I think it was a great gift, though we had a BBQ-jumping house-pool party the following week to share the birthday with the family.

It’s a joyful day today!