The Things I See

I have talked about my disappointment with this town and the fact that not only it never ends, but only grows.  That’s hasn’t change, but I thought I would at least support my opinion that the country side of my island IS quite wonderful to see and share a bit of the things that I can encounter daily just by going out the door and walking a bit.

sunset while driving

Sunset while driving home from one of those spots where you could only see beautiful land meeting the sun.


working the earth

People work the earth.  Quite hard too, as in, people here actually LOVE to work the earth and put their hardest effort on it.  You can see things growing everywhere.  There’s something about the smell of earth freshly ploughed.


There are animals everywhere and people respect them.  Sometimes they are even friendly.  That’s Bella, she comes up to me so I can pet her, which wows me because when I met her she tried to bite me.  Some other times they are chickens and then they are quite annoying.

Today, for example, a calf was separated from her mother in a piece of terrain quite far from our house, and she’s been calling her ALL DAY LONG.   I checked most of the morning that she was still inside her fence because I thought something must have been wrong with her and she might be on the verge of escaping.  Turns out that’s completely normal.  In fact, she will bellow all night long too and that’s ok.   Hardcore country life hoorah.  (Just to clarify, the cow is not ours. Also, cows are LOUD.)

 windows mountain like

One day I took baby J out for a walk and found this view.  I was like, yes, I could look at this for a couple of days.  Or weeks even.  Or maybe, can I make a house right there?  Like, in the middle of it?

Not to mention you can hear a Bienteveo (it’s the season again!) in every corner.

All these can be pretty amazing, specially if one manages not to speak while experiencing these moments.   Hard core country life, 1. My whining, 0.

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