Hardcore Country Life pets, I show you them

Usually the Hardcore Country Life means going out and seeing things like this or this, or sometimes this.

But every now and then there’s this:

Former bird.

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Manfriend warned me not to step on the bird that “the cat brought”.   I was like “dude, you mean this cat?!”

Inocent cat.

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Because that cat can barely walk, but if it could put up a fight with a bird it wouldn’t anyway.  I had never seen a cat stay completely still while chicks and chickens played around him until I met this one.  Lizards could party on top of his head and he would hand them glow sticks and keep lazily licking his paws.

A few hours later we caught one of the dogs carrying it to another location, presumably to finish a plucking work that had been left unfinished.

Hope you have a day that doesn’t include former anythings.  Be well!

I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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