Dancing Mondays: Shake it off – the vintage cover that’s better than the original song

Do yourself a favor and watch this beauty of a cover for Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.  I hope you know how to do some sixties moves because this thing gets into you and it’s impossible to stay still.

Have a wonderful, shaken, Monday!


The Week Elsewhere


This happens to all parents right?  RIGHT?!

He sprayed it, but only so.  I finished it the next day.  And then he threw it in the trash can so I could freak out every time I walked by it.

In the world wide web:

This dude did a self-portrait of himself after consuming drugs – a different one each day for a while.  Until he ended up in the hospital with brain damage.

Just looking at these gives me vertigo – people hang out in hammocks in the Dolomites.  They appear to be chill though, one of them has a LEG OUT.

She was honored in the Women In Sports celebration this year.  Go Meryl!

Dude.  DO NOT MESS WITH THE SEA LION.  Pretty straight forward logic.

Because graphics.

When I grow up I want to have this kind of patience – artist paints with the power of the sun and a magnifier glass.

Have a very happy Sunday!


Blogrollin’ it

Another five link ups, but they can be covered in about seven minutes so you can get on with your Saturday.  (IT’S SATURDAY!  Do the happy dance!)

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Grapes from my Garden at Smiling to life.wordpress.

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies at Mum… How Much Longer?

Enjoy the weekend!

Dreamy: Angelic break

I don’t know what it is about errands in the middle of the day that just slays the  productivity out of the day.

Somehow if I manage to do errands early in the morning I can breathe by lunch time, but if I have to do an errand after lunch (like today) everything just keeps dragging on until the very moment when I go to bed.

At some point though I managed to sit down and eat, it felt miraculous because I usually eat standing up in the kitchen while doing other things.  (What?  Multitasking while eating?  Totally possible.)

Then I saw this snow globe in the dinning table and voila.  Worpress Photo Challenge materialised right there.

Dreamy angel II

(In case you are curious to see it’s front.)

Also shared with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge on it’s week 61.

Have a great day today!





I don’t even want to imagine what happened when the chick was laying this egg

I can’t look at this egg with a straight face.

Eggy II.

I just can’t.  I didn’t tried too hard either, I mean, have you ever seen a furrowed egg before?  I accidentally broke it a little when I picked it up, but otherwise the egg came exactly like this from the chickens of manfriend’s father.

Side Note:  Did you know that  in most of the other side of the world eggs are consumed fresh and stored at room temperature?  The shelf life of a fresh, non-refrigerated egg is about fifteen days.  Refrigeration basically doubles that time.

Have a happy day!  And if you are waiting for the weekend, hang in there!  You are halfway there.


Tuesdays of Textures

Every Tuesday I post a photo of a texture or the use of a texture.  In hopes of getting to know a bit more about your part of the world, I invite you to join in the fun of sharing an image of the textures around you by including a link to this post in your own Tuesdays of Texture post. You can find an image you like during the week if you don’t have one today :)  

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Every rose has it’s thorn.

- Bret Michaels


When I moved to the Hardcore Country Life I imagined days filled with quiet walks surrounded by trees, waking up in the morning to a clear sky and an enchanting view of the mountains.

Nobody said the land around us was going to be fumigated and we had to smell that.  FOR THREE DAYS.

Every rose has it’s thorn heh?

Have a great and textured Tuesday!  And remember I’d love to see the textures around YOUR part of the world.

Dancing Mondays: Someone Like You

Meryl and Charlie are one of my very favorite pairs (as documented here Charlie @ in twitter and I declared it a win).

And here, the same song, but a contemporary choreography.

Dance this Monday, even if it’s slowly!