Our Second Medication-Free Hospital Birth


This Is The Story Of Vicky’s Second Natural Birth. She did This Twice. Vicky Does Computers And Mountain Trails And Is Obviously Superhuman.

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Here’s how my husband, Ryan, summed up the birth of our second child.

“Wow. We made that look routine.”

My water broke on an evening where we were both well-rested and well-fed. We had no loose ends at work and it was perfect timing for my mother to watch our older son. We casually labored at home and then moseyed into the hospital right at transition. We got transferred to the delivery room shortly before the urge to push and then nine minutes later, we had our second son. It was a three hour labor. It was so fast, the frozen orange juice we packed to drink after birth was still frozen.

We had a very positive experience. Sickeningly positive? Perhaps. But since there are a lot of birth horror stories out there, I think it is important to share the good stories as well. : )

Possible Factor Genetics

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What Does Your Language Suck At?


One language professor once said during a conference that she refused to consider English a rich language when they used the same word to express the tenderness of a kiss and the tenderness of a piece of meat.
Lady of cakes shares a bit of her perspective in this post, she studies languages, lives in Spain and likes cake.

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Last month, Linda of expateyeonlatvia wrote an impassioned piece about a number of vexatious statements put forth by her students, which had made her blood boil. One of her hapless tutees opined, for instance, that “English wasn’t a rich language”. [Click here if you want to see the post] .

I commented on Linda’s post that a Spanish friend of mine had once said something very similar. The general consensus in expateye’s comments section was that if you didn’t speak a language very well, then, of course, you wouldn’t be able to express yourself eloquently. A vocab of a paltry 3,000 words may be enough to communicate your basic wants and needs and let you spout a few fusty opinions about the latest Matt Damon flick, but, well, it doesn’t compare to what a fairly well-educated native speaker can expound on with their 60,000 words. And then there is…

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Pretty sure this is what neanderthals felt

Since I still don’t have Web service in the new living arrangements this week I’m going to reblog some of my favorite post from my blogroll (which I have been planning to add a link to so everyone can access). You will get to see some cool new reads while I find myself some satellite service. Preferably one that will allow me to keep paying other utilities.

So far, the lack of internet is 40% of my disappointment with this place. 50% is the fact that I’m never truly alone, which is the foundation of my sanity. My mother in law lives within walking distance, so that’s a xanax prescription waiting to happen. 10% is how much I have to walk to get anywhere in the house. That includes going up one story to get to the bathroom.
As you can see, moving has been pretty much a fail for me.

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Have a great week!