River of love

I believe love can not be measured.

You either truly love someone or you don’t, but how can you love someone a little bit or a lot?  In Spanish we have other words for different types of affection that make it easier to describe the kind of love that you have for someone, but for the one and only love (amar) I believe it’s either a yes or no.

So the other day I’m at my parents with my mom (I usually stay at my parents once a month because otherwise I’d have no opportunity to you know, breathe.  Or do my nails) and she receives baby J with crayons and a coloring book.  I know where that is headed from the moment she gave her that box of crayons because I’ve been there.  I know they won’t last five minutes and they are going to end up in her mouth and also everywhere.

It all happens.  Crayons flew places, the floor had a new palette that included blue and yellow, there was partial ingestion of the things and it takes my every ounce of will power to contain myself from stopping everything to prevent further damages.

I’m that mother who won’t let baby J go to town with her messes.   I can’t deal with food on the floor, or crayon madness:  the other day she poured juice all over herself in her high chair and I contemplated taking away her glasses forever.  Who needs more liquids anyway?

My uncle asked me why last weekend and for the first time I gave an honest, straight-up answer;  I think it’s because I’m in someone else’s house.  Because I’m in manfriend’s territory even.  I feel a tremendous amount of pressure about having everything neat at all times, maybe because every time someone comes in they point out everything that needs to be clean or organised (and even do it themselves).  It makes me feel like I never do enough.  But I’m working on it, there was a brief intervention and I feel I now have the tools to modify this.

Anyway, it’s all going far away from coloring and more towards silliness and the only reason why I can stay sitting down and not make the crayons disappear is because my mother is sitting there laughing about the whole thing, having fun and encouraging baby J to continue her art which at some point consists of breaking the crayons in very small parts.

Her immense river of patience was flowing all over the room and I was breathing it in like a medicine.  I felt peace and I don’t know how it happened exactly, but I knew then that as much as I have always loved my mother – adored her, cherish her;  heck she is the best woman I know – I now love her more.  


Cover Art: The Book that I should be writing

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Cover Art.  When I read that I immediately knew both the image and the title of the book that I should be writing.

hardcore country life:  the book

I am an expert of being an outsider living the Hardcore Country Life!  Actually, I feel like I will always be an outsider here.  An outsider that gets around and knows how to survive.

The book could have only two chapters: 1) don’t drive anywhere 2) shut your mouth.  The entire thing could be filled discussing how driving here is an extreme sport and how there’s no room for opinions in the Hardcore Country Life.  This is a culture of “it’s settled and you follow” and those who differ are weird things of the world.

It has been a great challenge for me to live here, even more, to live in this house.  There have been many moments where I’ve felt like my wings are wilting, but here I am.  Still standing;  and so is my spirit.

I have loved a lot of the entries for the challenge this week.  You can check them out here. 

Have a great day!


Tuesdays of Texture

Every Tuesday I post a photo of a texture or the use of a texture.  In hopes of getting to know a bit more about your part of the world, I invite you to join in the fun of sharing an image of the textures around you by including a link to this post in your own post (it doesn’t have to be an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post!). You can find an image you like during the week if you don’t have one today :)  

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Spooky tree face is being appropriate for the week :)

Edited to add:

Last week’s participants!  There were two amazing entries, please check them out:

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Have a great and textured Tuesday!


Dancing Mondays: Every inch of you is PERFECT from the bottom to the top

I have been singing this for the last two weeks because everyone knows, it’s all about the bass.

Here is Meghan Trainor singing with Mr. J Fallon and everyone playing classroom instruments.  That girl can strike a note and I’m very impressed with the way Fallon can keep a beat with that little box thing.

And in case you want to hear it from a true bass, here’s Avi Kaplan’s version.  He changes the lyrics and the arrangement so it doesn’t even feel like the same song.

And because it’s Monday and everybody needs a bonus, here’s Fallon’s gang singing with Cristina Aguilera and office supplies.  Please check out the dude that’s using RUBBER BANDS to make a sound.


Have a great beginning to your week!


The week elsewhere


I’m just saying if I could choose a babysitter it would probably not be him.

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Cute furry moment out of the way first:

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Happy Sunday!

Cute goat is annoyed with my fangirling

Walks in the afternoon have become almost impossible because THUNDERSTORMS THAT TRY TO KILL US of the unstable weather of fall. Fall hasn’t decided if it’s going to be rainy, breeze, cold or suffocating over here. I’m used to very distinct season changes because in the coast as soon as it’s not summer the wind blows, it’s still hot, but there’s a breeze that says autumn is here. As usual, this place is a little more eccentric.

A couple of days ago though I was able to squeeze a walk for baby J and me to get some very needed fresh air and I found the Hardcore Country Life trying to redeem itself for being  an idiot.  We walked by a land that sometimes has cows (real cows!  Not bulls that I disguise as cows so as to not confuse baby J) and right there, in the middle of the cows, we saw A GOAT.

Oh hai goat.

No, a WHITE goat.  A SUPER CUTE white goat.  I LOVE goats in case my use of caps is not clear enough.  I love goats and lambs and pigs… well, I like farm animals.  But anyway, there was a goat and I kept telling baby J to look at the CUTE GOAT.  All the while the dude is looking at me like:

Cute goat!

a face that says something like “c’mon woman, have you never seen a goat?  Get over yourself“.

I can’t get over myself you cute, white thing!  It had been too long since I saw a goat.  I guess I have to step back (just ONE step) and say, well thank you Hardcore Country Life.

I shared this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge Week 62.

Have an excellent Thursday!