Dancing Mondays: Almost Christmas Edition

Look, I know we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving.  I’m the first person voting to wait just a tiny bit more to officially welcome Christmas:  as much as I love Christmas I think some of the magic goes away when you start to see Christmas trees up since September -and some stores did have them!- and specially since Puerto Rican Christmases last until AFTER January sixth, when we celebrate the Three Kings Day.

BUT, if I wait until Christmas is here to share this it won’t have any flare left, and I want you to feel the flare.  You need to listen to this and still feel a bit giddy that the season is coming and it will sound THIS good.  Or better!

So, here.  Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel giving you Baby is Cold Outside, lip synced by adorable kids.

And Kristen Bell singing Text Me Merry Christmas with that sweet voice of her.


The season is ALMOST HERE!  Rejoice this Monday, and dance a little!


PS:  Last Monday post had a few videos missing, I fixed all the ones I could find.  You can now listen to the music here.



The Week Elsewhere


Jaden and Willow Smith just gave me all the words I’ll ever need to use if I want to leave someone dumfounded in the middle of a conversation.  Preferably a serious and deep one.


Cool people posted cool stuff

Blinded by rage in JM Lysun.

Zinnia by Paul Militaru.

Sparkling or still by Living and Loving.

Take Ten at Kerry C. Adventures.

The Three Fates at La Audacia De Aquiles.


In the World Wide Web

Original Harry Potter sketches O_o

Veiled figures carved out of marble by Antonio Corradini.

I remember something like this happening here (in Puerto Rico) a couple of years back, but she walked into a fountain.  I can hear my grandmother telling me to “look where you’re going!” while it’s happening.

If Bono is not available, there’s Jimmy.


Happy day to you!



Tuesdays of Texture

Every Tuesday I post an image of a texture our the use of a texture and share a detail of my part of the world;  I invite you to join in the fun by linking the post where you share your own texture to this post.

This is an image from my archives, taken in this disastrous attempt to mountain bike. Oh, it is hilarious if you want to laugh at how I almost broke a leg, go ahead and read that.

Not the yummy type

It’s still one of my favorite shots of fungus :)

Last week there was only one entry and you can check it out at Enjoying Life Wherever We Are to see the ruins of San Geronimo Church in Taos Pueblo.
The bell hanging there makes the shot.

Have a great Tuesday and remember to share a bit of your part of the world!

This is how music goes around over there


This Dancing Monday is a reblog from a few years back because I was listening to a few songs from this playlist and I want to take you back to the lab I used to work in and show you the fun we had. There’s a story of how we met each song and the wonderful people that I shared this with.
I how you enjoy it!

Have a great, and dancing Monday!

Originally posted on de monte y mar:

So the first shift of my area is full of old people.  By old people I mean people over forty.  And they are all absolutely crazy and whimsical and I love them for it.

Every time I have to work the first shift (like overtime Saturday’s for example) they share their latest news and jokes and I try to go to each desk and have a little conversation with each of them mostly  because they all make me laugh so much.  One of them, Naldy,  is a hard core music fan and has basically my same approach to music which is,  I like good music, period.  I have the best time when he’s in the lab because he makes these “concerts” with youtube videos where he shows me bands and songs that were/are important for him from his youth.  The best moments come when I know the songs too and…

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