Fallen feather

black feather

Found this on a walk.

I was very surprised no dogs took this away to play and disintegrate it, given that Fita’s puppies are now like;



and they love to play with things that exist.  And who can discipline those faces?  No one with a heart is who.

Oh!  Thanks to the fact that the puppy in the second photo is the exact replica of a neighbor’s dog, we have close the investigation on the father of the puppies successfully.

Have a great day!


Tuesdays of Texture

smooth black wool

 “Some men are smooth with the ladies. As for me, I’m more like chunky peanut butter.
― Jarod Kintz, The Merits of Marthaism, and How Being Named Susan Can Benefit You


A piece of really smooth wood that I found irresistible. Hope you have your textures ready!

Have a great day!

Every Tuesday I post a photo of a texture or the use of a texture.  In hopes of getting to know a bit more about your part of the world, I invite you to join in the fun of sharing an image of the textures around you by including a link to this post in your own Tuesdays of Texture post. You can find an image you like during the week if you don’t have one today :)  

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Dancing Mondays

Everywhere in the web bloggers share their choices for Music Mondays, I think music is dancing so this is my spin off. 

It’s Monday again and I’m kicking it off with a bang of fun vibes.

I love Wade Robson, who is, in case you don’t know, one of the most famous choreographers of the world and also that boy that danced with Michael Jackson (can’t find that footage so, here he is with Paula Abdul).  Side note:  he’s also gorgeous, which doesn’t add any to his talent, but certainly makes him easy to look at.  So I was revisiting some of his videos and found this gem, perfect to begin this week thinking fun fun FUN!  I suggest you dance while watching this.  It makes the experience complete.

And then I’m going to take it down a notch or seventy and give you Cultura Profética, a reggae band that makes music to calm the soul.

Enjoy your Monday!  Have fun!



The Week Elsewhere


It took all my will, trust me.

Cool people that posted cool stuff:

Loved the movement in this photo by west517.  Also, OCEAN.

Debbie from Travel With Intent shared great shots of a starflyer taken at night and moving for the Look Up Look Down Challenge this week.  I drooled a little.

The Dude With a Blog shared this video of a man explaining a bit about ALS and doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Get your tissues ready.  (Yes, you have to watch pass his pink butt to learn about the life of someone with ALS.)

In the world wide web:

Hellen Keller described what she “saw” at the Empire States Building on her visit.

How to clean your counter tops like a pro on apartment therapy.

Enjoy your Sunday!






Beautifully swirly

loma & sky

We all have our days.

The past couple of weeks I had to deal with a huge issue with our medical insurance and felt as if someone had put a reversed vacuum in my energy container.

My emotions were so close to the surface that one day I went to use the bathroom, found the toilet paper roll soaking wet (it rained the night before and somehow with the wind the water got inside and got everything wet) and wanted to start crying.  Because of toilet paper.  It’s called too much crap to deal with.

I didn’t only because I had to deal with the mess and crying would only stall me.  I guess everyone has those days today, as things are.

Here in the island the economic crisis is making a dent on everyone’s attitude.  This week a video of a female doctor insulting (and cursing and basically loosing her crap) with a patient in an emergency room went viral in the local news (you can watch it here – I’m not featuring it in this post because I don’t want her screaming in my blog) as an example of how the mood of the people is being affected to the point of loosing control.

But we have to keep our spirits up.  We are called to.  The sky tells us so.

Shared in Skywatch Friday.