This week WordPress Photo Challenge is one of my photographing challenges, nighttime.

I have never captured nighttime photos exactly how I want them, but it hasn’t stop me from trying.   Here’s a selection of my favorite nighttime photos (that sort of looks like a timeline):

One of my favorite photos of Old San Juan because I’m walking in it :)  That’s me on the left.  And look, Old San Juan with it’s blue adoquines still intact!

It's not me, it's my stand in

An experiment on movement I did many years back where I’m dancing in the middle of the street.  Also, me going crazy with brushes back when I liked that kind of thing.

In Christmas, we dance it

Look a bar!  I don’t even remember the last time I saw a bar, but that’s ok.  I have doubled my wine stash.


Matisyahu concert.  Yes, I went to a Matisyahu concert (open that link at your own risk, I wrote that when I was twenty six.  I was  A KID basically).  I liked it even.  You can see the computer of the sound engineer because I was standing in the sound booth as it was pouring.

Matisyahu en el Anfi [Oct. 11]

My best nighttime capture.  And it’s still completely yellow because it turns out white balance is fifty times trickier at night.


Have a joyful day!

Tuesdays of Texture

Every Tuesday I post a photo of a texture or the use of a texture.  In hopes of getting to know a bit more about your part of the world, I invite you to join in the fun of sharing an image of the textures around you by including a link to this post in your own Tuesdays of Texture post. You can find an image you like during the week if you don’t have one today :)  

(Links to this post will appear as pingbacks in the comments section.)


texture from 1645

I found this while digging out of my archives for the WordPress Photo Challenge and thought TEXTURE!

If I visited Old San Juan now I would have no problem shooting enough textures to make this series until 2018.  I mean, I guess the name speaks on it’s own: Old San Juan.   Everything is rich in colors and textures over there, mostly because everything dates back to the 1600’s.  :)

That photo is a part of La Puerta de San Juan (San Juan’s Door) which I unceremoniously shot here (thank God, at least the light was decent – it was almost sunset) as part of Heather’s 10-10-10 project.  I have a little album of that day.  I really enjoyed shooting to participate in that challenge and chose one of my favorite places to spend the day.

Puerta De San Juan

Remember I’d like to see a bit of texture from your part of the world. Have a fun and textured Tuesday!


Dancing Mondays

This is the video of the song I mentioned last Monday, Don’t Worry be Happy by Sie7e.  Sie7e is a very cool guy who adores his wife in all his songs, has two kids, is vegetarian, loves nature and pretty much won over Puerto Rico’s heart by being the most genuine artist we’ve seen in decades.

That was the song that lunched him into mainstream music.  It is worth mentioning that the guy in the blue shirt was a very famous Puerto Rican comedian, Luis Raul, who sadly passed away in February and in this video his personality is summed up wonderfully.

Some of Sie7e’s most recent work, and the one that gave him a Latin Grammy.

I wasn’t trying, but I just set up this Monday for some romantic dancing.  Lets finish it in proper fashion;

I have been mesmerised by that video from the moment I first saw it.  Undoubtedly because I fangirl Pink and Carey like a teenager.

Have a joyful Monday!  Remember to dance a little!

The Week Elsewhere


My week looked pretty much like this:

Also, why did they killed Gwen Stacy?  Why?!

Cool people posted cool stuff

Yesterday’s link up was comprehensive.

In the world wide web

Rare siphonophore says hai!

Pipes under a basketball court burst and make a Simpson’s scene come true.

Japan feels they don’t have to follow International Whaling Commission.  Someone please stick a wet finger in Japan’s ear.


5 link-ups. Because I didn’t had web service for a week and I’m allowed to go a little crazy

Shaping Ideas Comic strip by stark visions.

Sparkle by Jano Boscher.

Nossa Senhora de Lurdes by Daniel Pátaro.

Rules of Writing Fiction – Dual Protagonists, Prologues and Whatnot by A.D. Martin.

Pony Express comes alive by Jet Elliot. 

I’m back

I always feel overwhelmed when writing the first post after a few days of blogging silence.

I guess there could be a lot to say, but whatever happened during the week feels far away now, feels… old.  Except this, this feels pretty fresh:

I’m not shaking that off anytime soon.  It’ll take more than a week.  I predict a few weeks of randomly interrupting all kinds of conversations with “but seriously, WHO KILLS SPIDERMAN’S GIRL?!  His girl is his whole thing!”  

Anyway.  de monte y mar is back online after a couple of hours of torment where the technician kept bringing up that there was a chance he wouldn’t be able to fix our line because that’s The Hardcore Country Life’s way.

Sun setting.

And now, onward!

Oh, and have a happy Friday, cheers!


All good!

The cable/internet company has stepped up and given us an appointment for Thursday!

Only a whole week without service, because that’s what we pay for and stuff.

I can’t link up but I’m singing Don’t Worry Be Happy the version of Sie7e.

Have a great and dancing Monday!