My problem with La la Land

This was the exact moment when La La Land lost me.

This was the moment when I got angry, one exact minute later;

Why you ask?

Oh, I will tell you.  I’m going to use a quote from an interview where Emma Stone said “I liked that (the non-happy ending) too, because in real life…”  The quote continues, but I’mma stop it right there because I don’t even need the rest of the sentence to prove my point.

In real life.  She says.  IN REAL LIFE.  And she’s referring to a movie where people DANCE IN THE FREAKING SKY WITH STARS LIKE FLOATING CLOUDS ARE AROUND THEM.

You make a movie where the protagonists SING AT A VIEW AND TAP DANCE and then insert a freaking REAL LIFE ending?!!!!!!!!!  (And yes, I could use more exclamation points, if you were listening to my voice saying that sentence, the exclamation points would not end.)

What is wrong with you Hollywood?!

If I want to watch a movie with some real freaking life in it?  I watch Fences.  Or Hidden Figures.  Or I don’t know, I watched The Yellow Handkerchief and that was a real life filled script, with real life situations and guess what?!  HAPPY FREAKING ENDING.  Everyone was feeling joyful at the end of that.  The ex-convict who had no hope of building a life?  HAPPY!

La La Land?   No joy.  Just the slap of a good old dose of reality.  And right at the end too.  Just so I could feel like I wanted those two hours back.

And that’s why it’s a NO.  Off of my chest now.

Have a very happy day.

2 thoughts on “My problem with La la Land

    • narami says:

      It’s not a sad – as in tragic – ending, but to continue that Stone quote “it doesn’t all tie up in a neat bow” or however the phrase goes.
      It’s still in a few theaters here because it’s been so successful, or just because I’m not sure.

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