Change: Drought season is over

I mentioned we were going through a horrible drought period where people in the metro area had water rationed to even one day of service in four days.

People found crazy (but really practical) ways of attaching all kinds of water saving containers to their showers.  I had never seen so many people from the capital suffer from a drought before.

Our governments approach was (as for everything else) mediocre at best investing I don’t remember how many millions of dollars (that the government DOESN’T have) into “cloud seeding”.  I don’t want to remember the details, but we were outraged.  Our people were the test subjects for orange agent, birth control pills, breast milk drying pills and many other trials, so we are reluctant.

Anyway, I told manfriend it would be a couple of weeks until we were hearing news about how there was too much rain and too much water because the rain season was upon us while the drought was happening.

And alas:

Floods in places.  People whining about umbrellas.  There’s no winning for the weather.

Shared to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

Have a lovely, sun filled day!

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