I’m back

I always feel overwhelmed when writing the first post after a few days of blogging silence.

I guess there could be a lot to say, but whatever happened during the week feels far away now, feels… old.  Except this, this feels pretty fresh:

I’m not shaking that off anytime soon.  It’ll take more than a week.  I predict a few weeks of randomly interrupting all kinds of conversations with “but seriously, WHO KILLS SPIDERMAN’S GIRL?!  His girl is his whole thing!”  

Anyway.  de monte y mar is back online after a couple of hours of torment where the technician kept bringing up that there was a chance he wouldn’t be able to fix our line because that’s The Hardcore Country Life’s way.

Sun setting.

And now, onward!

Oh, and have a happy Friday, cheers!

Skywatch Friday: Monochrome Musings

blue monochrome sky

While uploading the photo I’ve begun to sing the Blue song in my head.

And since it’s FRIDAY!!! Lets sing the Blue song… with glow sticks!  Yes?!  Ok.

Have an excellent weekend!  Preferably one without broken or lost utilities.

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From the other side

hill other side


This is the other side of this hill (scroll down, last picture). We had to walk quite a bit to get there, but it’s worth it because you can see a glimpse of the ocean behind that hill.  Lately I settle for even that tiny glimpse.

Have a great weekend!  Oh, and hello August, how did you get here so fast?!


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Skywatch Friday: Monochrome

monochrome sky

Not edited, the sky was actually monochrome.  We’ve been having a series of really weird  clouds, thin and misty like and then that day the pale orb was hanging in just the right place.

If I was more talented with watercolors (and had time to play with them) I would try to recreate this for a wall.

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Enjoy the weekend!

Skywatch Friday: Same old

skywatch friday pic


Days have gotten SO LONG.  I took this at seven pm and the oranges hadn’t come up yet.

On the one hand, yay walks can last longer!  On the other, as soon as the sun goes down my eyelids follow suit.

Do weeks get longer too?  Because I think this one had eight work days.  Or ten.

Have a great weekend!

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Skywatch Friday: scattered clouds over here



We’ve had some pretty clear skies during the morning lately.  And then as soon as the clock strikes twelve pm it all gets dark and … rain.  More rain.  Not once during my weekend vacations here before I moved clear days became rainy days.  Not once.  But now?  EVERY DAY.

I call this an ambush.

Anyway, this is my first participation in Skywatch Friday.  I think the tiny bits of palm trees are a nice touch 🙂

Have a great weekend!