Adventure! The new kind of adventure outing

I used to live kind of adventurously, which would be hard to understand for those who have started reading me lately because  in The Hardcore Country Life everything sounds repetitive.  All the dead animals and such.

I have proof in my archives, that it wasn’t always beast’s cadavers in this blog.  I used to have a category-page titled Adventures that is now a tag, where all my adventure stories now lie.

After parenthood the adventures have had to be modified.

The time of travel and distance, weather, activities and accessibility are now extensively analysed (by me, because I’m the only control freak over here)  to predict the effects the outing might have on Baby J.  I want to know where I’ll be when she starts fussing for food or nap time.  I want to know EXACTLY where I’ll be and all the factors that I’ll have to deal with when that happens.

I have turned into a monster travel companion and I don’t blame manfriend one bit for dreading my reaction when he suggests that we go out somewhere new. Huge character flaw admitted.

So our very first “adventure” as a family was our visit to:


They have a few historical scenes;




A mini aquarium inside a cave like place;



With pirates!  Argh!




Officially spooky because GREEN MURRAY!


Very pretty scenic views;




And boats.  Inside rooms. 😮


You can see a couple of additional shots in my flickr stream.

They also have a pool and deck area with a “war” competition where kids can represent a country and compete for a prize.  Didn’t like the war part (they squirt water at each other in the pool and/or race to a line in bumper-boats?  Little paddling boats thinguies) but they talk about historic battles and the kids seem to have an amazing time, so I did like the concept.

Baby J refused to nap but had a great time.  I might share a few shots from her favorite area later;  the animals.

All in all I loved the place for a family outing.  It was comfortable yet it had a lot of cool things to see.

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Have a great, adventurous day!


Presence: A Memoir

The first time that I was in third grade (because I was in third grade twice;  TANGENT:  my mother taught me to read and write at home and I could do both when I was three, so when I went to school I was in kindergarten only one semester and then went to first grade, putting me a whole year ahead of the rest of the class.  My mother then became concern that I didn’t had easy connections with my peers -read, I was as anti-social as I am now- and took me out of school for a semester so I could begin studying in a new school with kids my age.  This might have been a brilliant move, or a huge mistake.  I still can not tell.)  one of the assignments one day was to write a brief essay on what you wanted to be when you grew up.

I was very exited to write about this.  I even asked my grandfather to let me type my essay in his typewriter (a beautiful Smith Corona circa ’69) to make it more professional:  I wanted to be a secretary.  I liked paper, envelopes, filing, typewriting, pens and of course stickers (secretaries make use of a lot of stickers.  Or so I thought) so, my dream was to work at an office.  I wanted to use tape every day and have pretty nails painted in bright colors.  I also wanted to be a veterinarian and a scientist, but only in the afternoons or something.

After I finished my draft of a resume assigment, citing how awesome I would be as a secretary because I had the natural talent of stapling papers, I showed the paper to my mother.  She was very happy and proud of my wording so, she showed it to my father right in front of me.  He didn’t read the essay because he hates to read, instead he asked me what was it that I wanted to be when I grew up.  I smiled real big and posed for effect “A SECRETARY!”  If you heard a scoff in 1987, it was my father when he heard my answer.

“Listen to her!  A secretary?!  What sort of crap is that?”  My mother gave him one of her looks, the one that said you better shut your mouth up right now.  He said this was the moment to tell me I didn’t want to be a secretary.  I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or something like that, something respectable with a good pay.

“Do you know the wage of a secretary?”  Um, no, but I’m sure at seven years old not many people bother to learn what a wage is.  “A secretary earns a misery.  You want to be something that gives you a lot of money so you can buy a lot of the things you want.”

I’m pretty sure that moment ruined my life.  The beginning of all my problems can be traced to that single exchange with my progenitor.

Fast forward a few decades when I was already working in the pharmaceutical industry (at the very place I once dreamed of working, it was nothing big, but something attracted me of the place) and my father kept telling me I had to go take a course to be a Dentist Assistant.  One of his cousins had an office and I could work there.  Or I could go finish a certification on Data Entry, he could find me clients among his friends so I could work from home.  Actually, he would set up a pizza place and I could administer it, paying him a wage every month.

In other words:  I should have been doing anything but what I was doing.  I was working a job that taught me A LOT, with a good schedule and a good pay, with people that were like family and that was simply not good enough for him.  He let me know this at any opportunity.

The other day we were eating at my grandmother’s place, much of my immediate family together for the first time in a while, and we began discussing profesional lives.  Manfriend began listing the things he knows I’ve done –work for security in a marathon, rotate shifts, train people, work in a service centre- with me mentioning some others;  his point being that I’m known to be a hard worker, I’ve done a bit of everything I’ve had to when I’ve needed to earn my bread.

And then my father perked up and mentioned that I also had that Dentist Assistant Certificate.  Which one?  The one that doesn’t exist because I never studied that.  I could never deal with anyone’s mouth (no offence to anyone that does,  on the contrary, thanks for cleaning our teeth!).  But he had made that up in his mind, no doubt to compensate for my lack of good professional decisions, and it was so intricately elaborated in there that it became a truth.

Much like the presence he has had in my life since sometime around third grade.


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Oh hai snout puppy tongue

Fita's puppy

This is the only boy in Fita’s litter.  I picked him up and layed him down to take the picture and OMG HE SAID HI.  His little paw went “hi!”  and I think I squealed for the next forty five minutes.

They haven’t opened his eyes yet, but it’s after a couple of weeks right?  Anyway, would you look at that tongue.  And that black spot in his nose.  AND THE PAW.   He killed me with the paw.

I had never seen puppies this young so please allow me to have a cuteness overload.

Have a great day!

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Relic: His first real toy

I’ve been told by manfriend’s mother that whenever they went to the town centre when he was a kid he asked for a tiny toy tractor.

He was so passionate about them that his love for tractors is remembered by every uncle and aunt in the family.  Well, as soon as manfriend begun his endeavours in agriculture, and after he got his day job at the pharmaceutical plant we work at, it was no surprise for anyone that he bought his first real tractor.

First one.

They call it the “kubotita” because it was so small.  It hasn’t been used in such a long time  we don’t even know if it would work, but this little thing is a strong, good machine.  He certainly still loves it so.


caracol fosil

Huge fossil in a rock in front of this house.  Another one.

The WordPress Photo Challenge this week is relic.


Extra: Ant party

I went on a photo stroll the other day (which is basically walking a few paces out of the house, circling and coming back since I live IN the fauna and flora.  I know, lazy.  Or lucky, it depends on how you look at it.) and found the palm trees were shedding their little flowers.

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Extra ants. #WordpressPhotoChallenge

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Got close to one of them and took this but it wasn’t until I was checking it out later that I saw the ants having their party in there.  I didn’t had my glasses on (which is probably not a good photographing practice) it was hot and my cell phone’s screen was too dim, so it was a fun surprise to get a little something extra 🙂

Also on the Look Up, Look Down Challenge Week 44.  (OMG week 44!  It goes by so fast.)

Have a great day!

CONOP 8888 Is Probably Referring to These Guys

When I was a little girl we had a fish tank with fishes that my father caught in the shore.

One of those fishes became a loved pet; he was green and white and learned to respond to our “calls”. Whenever we touched the water surface, he would go up and blow bubbles. So it was quite sad for us when one day we came home to find him dead on the floor after he jumped out of the tank and asphyxiated.
I could never get over the mental image of it on the floor and the shock of loosing him unexpectedly. In fact, I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea, but my mom agreed to freeze him (in a bag, in the freezer) for a while so I could have some time to “say goodbye” and sort of process that the fish was gone. Looking back on it, kind of creepy, but I really appreciated this effort.

As a result of this event I have this thing where I’m kind of terrified to watch a fish out of the water. If someone is cleaning a fish tank in my surroundings they better have everything under control and guarantee beyond any doubt that they will not let the fish die if they jump out their hands, the tank or something.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when my brother in law transferred his three big gold fishes from one fountain to another, one that happens to be right beside the terrace of this house so we can look inside. For a few days all was dandy;  they were happy, baby J liked to watch them and all was well in the world.
Then one afternoon manfriend came home from work and started calling me from the fountain. When I got out I found him dealing with buckets inside the fountain, which wasn’t a good sign, and when I looked inside… it was empty.
I got chicken skin and just started asking (more like repeating) “are they dead?”(47x) to which, after what seemed like an hour, he answered a very calm no. Which made me even more nervous because how could they be alive without water? ZOMBIE FISHES. For some reason this house makes me think of zombie animals. Which according to the US Military, is not that crazy.

It turned out they survived by getting wet with the little water streams that fell from an adorning water ring on the border of the fountain. They just laid there for God knows how many HOURS and didn’t die. (ZOMBIE FISHES.)
They have now been added to an existing fish tank inside the house where they just kept swimming like nothing happened and didn’t even tried to eat the other fishes alive.



Look Up, Look Down Week 38: Instagram’it

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Roble. #hellowyellow

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Sorry I’m late for the party, I was out shopping for Mother’s Day and trying to survive the outing.  Miraculously, we all came back unscathed.  We even enjoyed it!  Lines and everything!  I danced the win dance.
First shot looking up at the sky on a suspicious cloudy day.  Second shot looking up a yellow oak tree.
Have a great weekend!

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, Spring: The look around

It didn’t rain in the afternoon the other day and I was able to take a walk outside.

flowery tree

I hadn’t paid attention to the surroundings in a few days because all the rain and the humid vapors distracted me so when I looked outside and saw the flower beds in the grass I was surprised.  How did we get to May anyway?  It was January yesterday.

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#Spring has sprung. #flowers

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I’m not complaining about the colors though.

close up pink flower

Have a good day!

In the mouth of the wolf

So we moved to manfriend’s territory.


And by that I mean that, for starters, manfriend’s brother lend us part of his house so we can save up the rent expense and, hopefully, with that money begin the construction of our own apartment.

This house is… pretty much everything I wouldn’t want of a house.  My type of house is just like my type of everything, practical.  I have three curves in my back, I want to be able to clean the house I live in and then wake up the next day able to walk.

This house is not only intricate and heavily decorated, but it’s also huge.  I don’t know how many square feet this could be because I’m horrible with that kind of thing but, how big is a football stadium?  Because this might be two times that.  Or maybe three.  At least that’s how it feels when I have to sweep the floors and mop them every day.  That may wow some people, but I’m not among those people.

When I say intricate I mean, for example, that I have to go up a floor to reach the bathroom.  That’s using stairs.  I won’t go into details because it won’t make any sense anyway, but UP A FLOOR.  When I say heavily decorated I mean, for example, that’s there’s currently two nine feet Christmas trees and their respective ornaments here.  One of them is on top of a fake fireplace.  And we are in the caribbean, we should never even use the word fireplace.


We are also neighbors of my mother in law, which means there’s a very familiar setting going on here seven days a week, one that I’m not used to.  I like my space and choosing if I want to share my time with others or not has become a luxury I can not afford here.  That’s a huge sacrifice for me.  HUGE.  Gigantic.  Humongous.

My only comfort is that this sacrifice might be the way to having a place to call home.  One VERY SMALL place to make it the home of our family.



Ironically this hill (at the end) is now my front view.  I get it karma.  Very funny.

Gravatar umph

Has anyone else noticed that when you add a photo background to your Gravatar profile it gets pretty awesome?!   I did that the other day and honestly, about a thousand times better in a fraction of a second.  Love that feature and I had never used it before!

Also, changed the theme of the blog and it’s background.  Loved Sorbet too much to not use it.

Ah, I love it when the blog smells like new.  And that’s quite hard to manage after twelve years!