Our first Christmas

So. Santa duty.

Was a bit harder than I expected given that baby J is only six months old and I thought I could get away with an easy performance. Wasn’t possible because this happened:


Santa was in da house. Because apparently, is not about knowing Santa, it’s about knowing someone who knows Santa. At least that’s how it works in manfriend’s family.

I’m pretty sure we got high on Santa. Partly because, upon meeting him, baby J pulled Santa’s beard and it was pretty much the funniest and cutest thing ever. No illusions were harmed in the incident because that beard is real.

That Santa was the sweetest man ever, God bless him. It takes him eight months to grow that beard (from a short beard) and he’s been doing this for seventeen years. He’s quite old now and since spending the whole night until the wee hours of the morning visiting houses is too tiring, he thinks this was his last Christmas being Santa. Very sad to know after you’ve seen the faces of the kids when they see the sledge arriving and Santa entering their house ho-ho-ho’ing.


Then, on Christmas day;



Robbers carried an entire section of the copper line of the power service company in a sector in the hills ON CHRISTMAS DAY so we didn’t had power service that afternoon, that night or the next morning. I spent all that time asking out loud how was it possible that someone would do that ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I actually used caps in my voice.

At the end of the day;

Those are going to be the highlights of the story when I tell it to baby J later. Can’t complain about the amusing material.


Hope you had a great one!