There’s always time for music: Versace On The Floor

I couldn’t make Dancing Mondays this week. My monday got all tangled up and I had to fix it with patience, a hair brush, high heels and ice cream, but the Versace On The Floor video came out … Sunday? Monday? A day, and when it did I started giggling like a toddler in front of a lollypop.

I got so hyped.  And then I watched it:


First time I saw that fro I covered my face. I blushed. I giggled more. I can not handle the amazingness of that fro. And then I saw Zendaya… and there was screaming and childish behavior that I’m not going to share because I want to keep an image.


I love it. So I’ve watched it about twenty times and every time? I love it more.

I can not with the people commenting on age gaps – do I have to mention every classic, Oscar worthy movie with a male protagonist almost in or in his forties or fifties (specially those from the 60’s and 70’s) and the female protagonist in her twenties? Because actresses just barely started to get away with ageing very recently and that’s gonna take up so much space in any thread.

And the lack of actual sexual imagery because seriously, you are already on the web and if you want to see porn just freaking google it. This video is perfect for this song: a timeless, tasteful, elegant jam that will make you close your eyes and feel all the feels with all your clothes on.

That’s one of Bruno Mars special powers;  his songs are sensual and sexy but never vulgar.

So. This is the jam I’m singing twenty four seven this week.


Dancing Mondays: Tristan und Isolde Edition

The last time I was able to listen to the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico was to hear a concert dedicated to the music of Star Wars in 2005 (link to post containing narrative in both Spanish and English and words of a ten years younger me).

I was ecstatic when last Saturday I was able to hear this season’s number nine concert live from the comfort of this house when it was transmitted on local TV.

One of the featured composers was Richard Wagner and it made me remember this piece that I just adore.

Wasn’t that invigorating?  Let’s pump it up for Monday, Wagner style.  I have to begin calling the world today and I’m going to be thinking about that tempo all the while.  Suppliers are going to be talking about how the snow hinders all my attempts at getting our orders on time and I’m going to be all “humming music*.

Have an excellent Monday!  Hope you are not snowed in!

Dancing Mondays: Love Yourself Edition

Apparently the world wanted to make sure Justin Bieber was not to be forgotten.

I had settled on the idea of never knowing one of his new songs ever again.  Ever.  But then he went and made an album that’s actually worth a listen, or three,  and it’s nearly impossible to not like this when this video is so freaking genius.


I mean, clearly someone is very clever and hired a very good producer for this so that the Bieber would sneak into the music streaming of normal people.

I love the concept of this and the style used where the dancers have perfect synchronization, but they are not mirroring each other.  They are complementing each other’s moves.  And the way the story was told.


Have a great day.  And love yourself, why not?

Dancing Mondays: Die a Happy Man Edition

Hi.  It’s Monday again.

Last week I “returned to work” by checking all email accounts and re-checking inventory.  It turns out I missed two indispensable items for packing day.  Basically because I refused to direct my eyes towards the office area for the whole month of December and things exploded there.

Seriously, I sat in that chair and the papers where exploding in my face.  They were also laughing.  Manfriend wasn’t, he was livid.  *insert my innocent face here*

So.  Even though I’m pushing to return to what is my normal complete posting schedule (about four posts each week) I’m still a little stuck on Monday and Tuesdays.  In which case, I better make them count.

This, my dear friends is the song that occupies the twenty fifth place in the Hot 100 Billboard list.  If I made that list it would be way higher because this is the song that should be sung to every woman every morning of our lives.


Yes dude.  YES.

You just made me forget I left two items off the re-order list.  THANK YOU.  The beach views are also helping a lot.

Have an awesome day.  Sing loud.

Dancing Mondays: Punky Reggae Party

I have this thing about Bob Marley and how his songs have all the answers to the important questions in life that makes him the perfect choice for the first Dancing Mondays of 2016.

Here’s Punky Reggae Party, a live version.  Get off that chair for five minutes.  It’ll be good for you.

Have an excellent first Monday of the year!  Party on!

Dancing Mondays: One Day – Matisyahu Edition

A few days back I heard this and thought this song was terribly understated.  Somehow this song from 2009 should’ve been the song for 2015.

Now that 2015 is coming to an end I want to scream this loud and call it for 2016.



One day we’ll all be free

And proud to be

Under the same sun

Singing songs of freedom like

One day

This coming year there must be a breather for this pained world.

Send a prayer, your good thoughts, positive vibes or whatever force of good you believe in out to those who suffer today.  Five minutes of your attention will make a huge shift in the energy of this earth.

Have a great Monday!

Dancing Mondays: Christmas Carpool Karaoke – Joy To The World

There are a lot of songs in Spanish that light it up for me on Christmas, but in English?  Joy to the World is the one.

This is a fun mash-up version with a lot of artists that will have you doing the jazz hands at least once if you can feel the joy in your heart, and c’mon, you know you want to feel the joy in your heart!


And heaven and nature sing!  You sing it too!

Have a great Monday you all.  If you have an inyection of goodness and love and positivity – stories, quotes, moments -, please share over here.



Dancing Mondays: This Christmas

Pssst!  Guys!  Guess what?

CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE.   *insert holiday cheer here*

Let’s not delay this any longer:



Consider that the official welcome of holidays to this blog.  Yes, that means I’m already freaking out about the gifts I haven’t prepared yet.

Enjoy and have a very happy Monday!

Dancing Mondays: Dancing Latin Edition

You know how youtube makes it really easy to start looking at videos on how to make bread and then end up watching videos of beach views done by drones?

I have no idea how I arrived here, but I did.  And now I’m sharing it because everyone should feel this impossibility to move your body this way with me.

I mean, what do they eat?  And probably, how do they eat it?

Anyway, I hope you stand up and dance.  Or just shimmy in your chair, anything works on a Monday.

I’m gonna go check several very boring things from my to-do list compared to that.  But I’m gonna shimmy while I do it.

Have a beautiful Monday!


Dancing Mondays: Roses & Violets Edition

As many others, I heard this song for the first time when I saw Derek Hough and Bindi Irwin dancing to it on Dancing With the  Stars.

That’s even though I follow Mark Ballas on instagram and twitter because I think his music is pretty awesome.  I even own Ballas Hough music.  Yeah. That pop music sometimes happens.

Anyway, I’ve been singing it non stop since then.

Right now I don’t even know which video you should see first. Derek choreographed a beautiful number to this song, and there’s also the live version where Mark and his girlfriend Jean explain the song’s story and theirs!

I’m going to post the dance version first only because that’s how I saw it, but you choose whatever you want to see first. And make sure you watch them both.

That’s a wonderful way to begin a week. Multiple replays are allowed.

Have a great beginning of the week! May it be bright and colorful for us all!