Yellow mellow again because why not?


Seriously, what is it with yellow that can always bring a smile?  Thank you nature for providing me a pick up for this very long work day.

Greatly appreciated.

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*Holding flowers on stage* Thank you, thank you!

Guys.  Tastehitch nominated me for an award.

Him, the book writer nominated me, the crazy no-sense making blogger.

I pretty much freaked out when he let me know.  I don’t play awards (mostly because I’ll be really bad at doing whatever it is that is required in a timely fashion) but I figured I’ll let you know that his book needs to go the best-sellers list and you can help accomplish this by buying it or sharing his blog.

Also, follow him so you don’t miss amazing posts like this one.

Thanks and have a great night!

Fotografiando el humo

Fotografiando el humo por JoseRaSan66.


Photography on RaSan’s blog is all immersive, which I love.  There are stunning photos of insects that make me think if he manages to get those shots of things that fly I should be able to get one really clear and focused photo of baby J one day.

Enjoy your Saturday!


The Week Elsewhere


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Guard was guarding.

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The one cow.

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Cool people posted cool things:

Russell did a post on cats.  Because CATS.  By the way, there’s a design magazine about  cats.

There’s a poetry collaboration going on and Marie wrote about it, check it out if you have a way with words.  Or if you just want to enjoy good writing.

As I commented in the post, I punched the air when finished reading this post by Cassidy because it was so good.

Sucheta started a series of posts of facts that began with Anne Hathaway.  How did we missed that one?  Why is nobody talking about this?  Media fail.  Big time.

In the web:

‘Arrow’ Star Colton Haynes Live Tweeted a Couple’s Awkward First Date.  I have to do that one day.  I’ll include pictures.

This Guy Set Up His Camera To Make it Look Like Statues Taking Selfies.  I have seen the  third one people.

Week’s Best Space Pictures: Orion Gets Wet and Clusters Twinkle.  In case you forgot for a moment how tiny you are in perspective, here’s a good reminder.

One Dresser, Eight Ways: The Endlessly Adaptable IKEA Rast.  That dresser should win an award.  LOVE the last one with the two tones.

Happy Sunday!

The week elsewhere

Blew my mind when saw it on Twisted Sifter:

Have a joyful Sunday!

Blogrollin’: Matt Dorey at mattischrome

VERY late Monday blogrollin’ post because yesterday was a VERY long work day.  Well, ten hours of work is a lot for me now that I spend a couple of hours a day watching The Dinosaur Train.

Matt Dorey blogs about a wide variety of themes including music reviews of awesome music, math, quotes and recently he did quite a tour through South America and the photography he shares from that is lovely.

Matt Dorey is a mathematical modeller and software developer (yes, you read mathematical modeller.  Might be the first you meet on the web.  And the only.  And probably the last.) who lives in England and blogs about his daily livings.  I share this post particularly because if you ever get asked this question in job interview, you want to have this answer.  Trust me.   Also, my mom taught me that technique when I was a schoolgirl.

Matt Dorey at mattischrome.

Presenting Valentina

For this week’s photo challenge film noir I used a (different) photo of the new member of the pet family in manfriend’s home.

Meet Valentina.

Daughter of Bella, who is proudly showing her off here.  She was born in the morning on St. Valentine’s day and is looking cuter by the minute. She also appears to be much calmer and noble than her older brother, Franchesco, who is a feisty one.  It wouldn’t have been easy to manage two of those.

My brother-in-law really goes all out when naming his pets.

Have a great weekend!

Remembering the day Charlie White (Gold Medal Olympian!) @ me

So Charlie White @ me in twitter in December 2012:


And him and Meryl Davis won THE FIRST Olympic Gold Medal for the USA on Ice Dancing yesterday in Sochi!

This post is a little party in honor of such a great example of work ethic and purpose because all they have done coming up to this moment is skate better and better each time they hit the ice.  Every time I thought they had reached the peak of their awesomeness they came out and improved.

I expect them to continue being flawless.  *throws confetti*

This is them in the US Nationals, which they won too.


PS  I love Ice Dancing and Figure Skating.  And I probably will keep on bringing up that tweet for some time.

I’m be Instagrammin’ it

December 2012 I stopped using Instagram, and this December I’m back on it.

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Little red.

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I’m sharing only mobile pictures there, so it’s nothing artsy (it’s not like I have a fantastic photographic eye anyway), just day-to-day stuff but it’s getting updated almost daily because THANK YOU MICRO MEDIA.

So you can follow me there where I’ll be Instagrammin’.   Have an excellent weekend!