Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Premier event

Note:  Post is freaking long and there are spoilers near the end, if you haven’t seen the movie don’t read this yet.

Yesterday morning JulieAnn woke me up with an invitation for the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premier, for free.
I hadn’t had that sort of surreal moment since September 2005, and I can’t even compare because they don’t fall in the same category of surreal.

So I call in sick at work, I mean, I WAS sick… of excitement.  Ask anyone, under that sort of excitement you can’t work.  I also asked for more tickets for a camp friend who is also a hardcore fan (this was a hardcore fan event) and that is so me, to make things complicated, I get free tickets and I can’t just be happy and live with that, no I have to find out if someone else can go, with an additional friend.  Anyway, since JulieAnn has never been angry with me for being crazy and her husband JJ (no, she isn’t married yet, but who cares about the damn paper anyway? They don’t live together either, but again, minor details.)  is too good they found two additional tickets for this boy and his companion.  The boy is 14, his name is Jose and he has a severe case of hypernetivity.

The day went by fast, so fast that when I look at the clock I was already late for leaving.  We got there, to the mall, (and this was after we picked up JJ, and after he nearly killed us driving my car and after we got lost) and found about 300 people there, as crazy as us.
JJ immediately self designated himself to be the guide to the food and the wine and sooner than I expected I had a cup of white wine shoved in my hand and a plate of sea food entrées.  I wasn’t finished with the food (which was excellent by the way) when he gave me a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and that was another moment when I was sure this guy will make JulieAnn a happy woman (thus I wanted to call a priest and marry them there).  Then we started walking towards the line to get in the theater and there I was not admitted because I had my camera.  I hadn’t read the rules in tiny letters in my ticket.  My bad.
When we got in we got ready with enough wine for JJ to watch 3 super bowls, packs of low fat baked potatoes and cheetos, soda and even magazines that Jose provided.  The movie was suppose to start at 8:30pm.  At 9pm people started to get REALLY upset because all we were seeing was a black monitor.  Someone came in to tell us they were having issues with the film strip (that’s the word he used issues, as if the strip was discussing conditions with the technician or something) and everyone looked at their wine cups, sitting there, anticipating the drunkenness that was imminent now.
We talked a little, but for the most of it we were there sitting and waiting.
Then the previews started and I screamed so bad JulieAnn wanted to slap me sane.

Then the movie started and from this moment on I chanted a constant “Oh my God” softly, it was both a prayer and a praise.

This is when it gets Potter:
I loved Luna. Luna was PERFECT.  Everything about her, from her looks to her delivery was just as I had her in my mind and I’m glad to know JK said that too.
Umbridge was spot on;  she was pink and endlessly polite and God we hated her.
Regarding her, I thought it was completely unnecessary to make a scene were she made all the students have the I must not tell lies punishment. It didn’t added one thing to the plot, except for the fact that they could all hate her more for themselves instead of hating them for Harry and last time I checked that’s what the book is about, the friends behind Harry.
I was extremely disappointed that Harry was not angry.  He is suppose to flip out in this one, he is suppose to loose it and we only see him screaming ONCE. Not nearly enough.I didn’t get:

  •         why they made the Black Portrait a room.  It was bigger… so?  they could’ve had a portrait and it’s would’ve been just as cool.
  •         why Neville finds the room of requirement and the prophecy.  Again it could’ve been done like in the books.
  •         the elevator to the ministry had no security?  that  makes no sense.  was it too much asking to make Mr. Weasley talk to an operator for 4 seconds?
  •         why couldn’t they fight closer to the fountains so that one of them could hold Harry?
  •         why Grawp had to grab Hermione? They could’ve done it canon (like in the books) and she would’ve looked just as poised.

I was surprise at how many lines were quoted from the book with fidelity. Hermione specially was almost all quoted, except for the rebellious thing, in other movies she had more lines from Ron and other characters, in this one she’s all her and she’s perfect.
I liked the flashbacks.  They added nostalgia.
I liked Fred and George’s escape, Peeves line was so necessary, but since we don’t have them in the movies, it was good enough.
They corrected the head-floo thing of Sirius (the other time he was the flames, in this one he is floating in the flames, like in canon) and that was brave and cool.

Over all, this is an AWESOME movie.  There’s a line that’s marked with that possession that says “that was for children, this is for young adults” and the effects are cool, I liked the detail of sand they gave to the ones that apparated in battle… everything was so… pretty.
I cried half the movie, for obvious reasons, I mean Harry is having so much in this one and for the whole movie I had a part of me thinking I’m sitting in the Harry Potter  premier!!  That part of me was really happy.


Motoras y motoras y motoras

I’m exhausted. I’m literally falling asleep with Priscila on my lap but I’m refusing to sleep before some normal time like … 12am. I don’t have to work tomorrow.

*sleepy yay*

Today I didn’t had to work either so I went to the SuperCross Series Puerto Rico vs United States in El Coliseo de Arecibo.
(Pics at Flickr, link at Links, on the right.)

They had about 100 racers and WHOA it was fun!

Good times:
• Racers racing in motorcycles that we like. We like the motorcycles (and I mean almost all of them cruisers, off road, plastic I’m easy like that) and we like races (anything that races is good, I like).
• Puerto Rican and American racers. Variety. Different styles. A chance to yell “we SO GOT YAAAA!”
• The track was small but complete; it had 3 good jump points that were very enjoyable.
• Tiny wittle puny kids in motorcycles sporting cute tiny racing uniforms in such cuteness that I almost threw myself to the track to eat them all at once. We saw kids of 7-10 years racing and they gave the best races! They want to WIN so believe me they give it their all, it was so nice to see them. In one of the many falls (the little ones fall more because they can’t control the motorcycle that well, they can’t even touch the floor in them, and so they can’t really “escape” the falling like adults who basically get out from a fall running) one of the little kids got out from his motorcycle and started hitting his helmet and stomping the floor in anger, which is not funny at all because they should teach them that is just a sport, but I’m guilty of cooing at him because he was THE CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen in his little orange uniform stomping the floor with his cute anger.
• Good company. Diz was there with her husband, my ex-trainer Chelo was there with his fiancé, her daughter and his brother and sister and they are ALL so nice and cool, JulieAnn was there with Em (who I met today and didn’t like although I am sure he is a very nice and good person, I get annoyed by people who think EVERYTHING is funny/a joke rather easily) and we made a good screaming team that use no bad words (for once) and cool whistles. Where was Rod? He was ignoring us and it will COST him. We have a lab with a urine tank, you can NOT ignore us Rod!
• Good food. Everyone needs a friturita once in a while and if it doesn’t costs $5 we are even more happy! We also had a beer at early day hours that should not be revealed.
• The excitement of watching 14 racers going and going and the sound of the motorcycles almost muffled by the rock music and the people’s screams.

Bad times:

• The track was too small. It had too many curves and it was too narrow and TOO SMALL! There was no space to make it bigger in that place so why didn’t they do it elsewhere? We have plenty of comfortable tracks that could’ve been arranged, they are just stupid. We had to watch falls of people hitting each other just because of the lack of space.
• The motorcycles pick up the dirt from the track which is very cool to watch (and I imagine fun to do when you are racing) and it almost killed us all in a cloud of dirt that was engulfing us into lung failure.
• Half the people coaching the event in “staff” uniforms didn’t knew SHIT about motocross, including the announcer for God’s sake. The dudes that had the flags were NOT paying any kind of attention to what they were doing (I think the only one that knew what his flag was for was the one that was holding the gray and the white one), and the people directing the cycles/lapses in the track (and the category races) were all in crack which resulted in a race ending like this “This race finished 5 lapses ago!” and all of us and the racers going “WHAT THE FUCK?!” ONLY IN PUERTO RICO!!!
• They didn’t knew what the heck they were doing which meant they had to take breaks to figure it out. They were long breaks. Breaks of 20 minutes, in between most of the events. The entire thing was so dilated that we almost had babies there, men included. We are talking I was there at 9:30am and I got out at 5pm BEFORE the whole thing ended.
• The emergency paramedics were too slow for my taste. If a kid falls (a kid, mind you because the old ones can defend themselves pretty well) I want a paramedic to be there like NOW. The little girl fell and the announcer had to call the paramedics to the center of the track when of the idiots of the flags had been flagging the yellow away forever. One of the little boys fell and stayed in the dirt without moving and while I was screaming my lungs out his first aid was one of the flag idiots, the paramedics got there when they boy GOT UP and started walking.
But all in all it was cool and we all had a good time. I am exhausted as if I had raced the thing so that must mean it was a good day.


Orquesta Sinfónica: Star Wars

Fuimos a ver el “Concierto de las Galaxias” entonces, y fue:

Es realmente impresionante lo que puede hacer la musica. Me llevo por sentimientos desde la tranquila paz y calma hasta el mas abrumador desespero. No hubo un momento entre cada pieza que no me sacara un suspiro. NGel estuvo a punto de ponerme un respirador para que no le interrumpiera sus momentos de celebracion cada vez que anunciaban la proxima pieza. La alegria cuando tocaron “la musica del imperio” !!! No cabíamos en la silla, el y yo al menos. My dear Julie & SD Manny were tranquil spectators. I could’ve squeed. Pero no se podia porque en primera fila el director nos escuchaba murmurar.
Las caras de los musicos! Eso tambien me fascina desde pequeña, ver a un musico tocar es una experiencia religiosa. Las horas de practica que deben haber pasado para sacar tan bellos sonidos de sus instrumentos! El esfuerzo detras de una bella melodia. Ver las caras de puro gozo al terminar una linea particularmente complicada… casi me dan ganas de volver a estudiar, casi. Fueron buenos tiempos cuando podia leer musica y tocar clarinete igual que leer en voz alta de un libro. Anyway, siempre he apreciado el talento musical probablemente porque mi padre es musico y para mi verlo hacer magia con las cuerdas fue una de las cosas mas impresionantes de mi niñez. Anoche vi muchas mujeres tocando, muchas, la dicha. Y mayores tambien, imagino sus familias entre el publico mirandolas tan lindas … ^-^

Tuve un incidente con mi celular que jamas revelare, no porque sea tan malo sino porque es el 2do momento mas embarazoso de mi vida y no necesito tenerlo aqui escrito para recordarlo, seguramente jamas lo olvidare.

The concert then was AWESOME. Just to stop rambling about it, cause I could keep going.

Cuando termino fuimos a TGI Fridays a “comer”. Si comer se llama hablar todo el mundo a la vez en una mesa con la comida de frente.
Alli SD Manny cometio una falta que solo a el le perdono, he spoiled me a book I was reading. WAS as in, past for are because I never finish a spoiled book or movie. The book was Fight Club & I had liked it so much I wrote this on June 9, 2005:
“I’m now reading Fight Club. Let me type that again just to let it sink in: I’m reading Fight Club. As in the movie Fight Club. But “before there was ever a movie, before people wanted to change their name to Tyler Durden (…) Tyler said ‘I want you to hit me as hard as you can’…” something like that goes in the book. I fell for the writing style. It’s the one narrative I love to go back to, the one I would love to use, it’s SO attractive, crazy & almost not understandable but oh, so cool. NGel’s reading it so I snatch it from him, so far he has not finish the 1st chapter & I’m in chap 11 or so. & I haven’t seen the movie. But now I want to see it, although he says it’s all changed, anyways it has to be as crazy.”
And now it’s gone forever because I know the plot twist & what joy can come out of reading a plot twist that has already been twisted? None. NGel tried to convince me “it is not the destination, Narami, it is the journey.” Yeah, whatever. Anyway if you can read that book, do so; it is a dark, rich narration with the most punctual sense of humor, I think you’ll like it.

Anyways I had a lovely evening with the friends that included ice-cream oreo desert & good music. That means it was great.

Now I’m tired so;