Of course at some point I was thinking “this sucks balls, but post of the week? DONE!”

I went to Enrique Iglesias’ concert last Saturday.

I almost didn’t get to go, but then God was like “I rule more than anything/anyone else and I say you can go so get your ass in there woman.”

I had been feeling weird about this concert.  For over two months I wanted to buy a ticket, but I kept ‘buying it tomorrow’ until the week of the concert came up.  I had never in my life bought a ticket on a Monday for a concert Saturday.  Friday I began to feel something… I can’t put my finger on it, but I had a lot of thoughts along the lines of “what if I don’t get to go”. I remember clearly, on Saturday at three o’clock in the afternoon thinking something didn’t felt right.  Note to self: NEVER IGNORE YOUR GUT FEELINGS because it can mean that by six in the evening that day you might find yourself on the way to a concert without your drivers license, your credit card, the license of your car, your health insurance card and most importantly; without your sanity.

I lost my wallet on the way to the concert, somehow, when I went to get my tickets in a mall from a machine that wasn’t there since 2008.

I honestly have no idea what happened because I didn’t use my wallet, but there I was; an hour before the concert, without my ticket and with only a little plastic box full of about six dollars in quarters that I had thrown into my purse to pay the tolls on the way.   I’ll never forget the physical response I had when I was searching my SUV, DEA style (seriously I was ripping that bitch apart, sans the saw) and it dawned on me that my wallet REALLY wasn’t there.  All my pores dilated and I’m pretty sure I almost had a heart attack.

It was laughing or crying.  Or even better, the fight response!

This is when my stubbornness kicked in.  Call it that or resilience, but I have this chip that in certain situations doesn’t let me give up.  I don’t know exactly who I got this trait from, but I’m sure there’s someone in my family tree that kept banging their head with the door until it either broke or opened.

No one at the ticket company wanted to compromise on assuring me I could get my ticket, I could be anyone trying to steal a ticket from someone else.  Wha?  Whatever Ticket Company, I was demonstrating my love for Enrique Iglesias by wanting to go see him after loosing my BANK CARD and having only spare change in my pockets; that should’ve been enough for you.

So after I went back to the mall to leave my info on the ‘security office’ (it looked more like a snack room) I went back to the train station and, counting my change I paid my trip to the venue.  There I talked to a ticket person, presented her with my work ID because it was the only thing that had my photo and name on it.  She believed me because I was the picture of someone that looses their wallet; I was breathless, my hair was disheveled, my clothes were tugged to one side.  Well, I could’ve also been someone who had sex on the train.

There’s something about loosing a bank card that throws you off the I’m A Responsible Adult *triumphant fist in air* throne.  I was expecting people to interrogate me, make me explain stuff that I couldn’t, maybe call the police and threaten to arrest me, so I was thinking how could I sound like a normal person who had no proof of identity.  It was really hard, I don’t know how Jason Bourne did it.

And then she gave me my ticket and told me to ‘enjoy the show’.  And dudes, I sang and danced and screamed as if I wasn’t missing anything.  Maybe because I actually had all I needed with me all along.

Edited 2/05/11 PS: Apparently people are getting here to know about Enrique Iglesias-The Concert: Well people, he was DELIGHTFUL.  And awesome.  And VERY pretty.  And when he said “No hay nada mejor que una buena mamá”  he was my friend instantly and forever.  The music was great, and Wisin y Yandel rocked it.   I think Pitbull exploded the stage though.  There.

45 secs of Knocking on Heaven’s Door Jam

I’m still in concert high so I’m sharing this vid, I recorded all my favorite songs almost completely and a couple of the videos are a real treat because I’m screaming over Rose and dancing, camera on hand, makes for a very dizzing video. I don’t know when I’ll learn that no matter how loud it is live, if I’m holding the camera my screeching voice will ruin the video anyway if I try to sing while I’m recording. The only good exception I have of this concert is the bit at the end of Don’t Cry when the song is finishing and I scream “THAT WAS FOR MEEEEE! THATWASFORME!”

Anyway, this is one of the many I have of Knocking on Heaven’s Door. They are mostly about 40 secs long, I debated a lot weather to upload this one or another one where Rose is with Ashba, a very close take, singing on my side of the stage; but I scream “YEAH AXL!” at the beginning and move while I wave at him, and “whoohoo!” loudly and well… I sound just as crazy as I was in the concert. So I posted this one where you can hear me singing the chorus on queue with the guy that was on my side because I think I sound just a bit saner.

Guns N’ Roses: I was there!

I thought I would never see Guns N’ Roses in concert and today I am ecstatic to say that I thought wrong.

Thursday night, or more accurately, early yesterday’s morning, there was rock & roll, fire, detonations, and LOTS of great music.

Axl Rose finished his “South America” Tour here in Puerto Rico in his second presentation following the pre-Chinese Democracy Tour in 2006.  He came with guitarists Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, DJ Ashba and Richard Fortus, bassist and backing vocalist Tommy Stinson, drummer Frank Ferrer and keyboardists and backing vocalists Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman to rock the Puerto Rican audience.   To formally open the concert Sebastian Bach came out to wake people up from the slomber we had after waiting four hours and having heard a local band, Puya, that most of the public didn’t care about given the diference in music genres between them and the main band.  What was anyone thinking when they chose them, I have no idea, but I’m not ashamed to say I yelled that I wanted them gone from my presence.  Preferebly forever.

The concert began late.  Very late.  Too late, one might say, but for someone like me who 1) has waited for this concert forever and 2) knew that they had been delayed in every single concert in the tour, it was irrational to be surprised.  Instead I dedicated myself to be anxious and too exited about being so close to the stage, oh, because I was CLOSE to the stage, I mean, when the fire in the stage lit up, I felt the warmth.  When DJ Ashba (the man that I wanted to give my children to for the length of the concert) had his cigarete lit up I smelled it, when he spit up (well, what did you expect from a rock star?) it almost reached us.  Almost.  I didn’t had the experience of being touched by rock star spit, I don’t know if this is the way I’m gonna tell it to my grandkids.

Anyway, I was so anxious that I had to go pee three times.  I had never, in my life, used a dirty bathroom that many times in the same place.  It wasn’t horribly dirty but it was dirty enough that I wished I had stuck the concert shirt I bought outside (which by the way is a sign of how much I wanted to be in this concert, I NEVER buy the shirt) inside my purse so I could change into fresh clothes.

After Sebastian waved his fabulous hair in every direction possible there was a break in which I got dizzy and felt short of breath as if I was going to sing, but it was because my brain worked on every crazy theory for possible reasons why I was not going to see Axl Rose singing, the number one being that he was not there but in some beach drinking mojitos and someone was going to come out and say this any second.

But then the lights when out, we heard the first sounds of a guitar and almost immediately there was a huge explosion and lights, I almost fell and was blinded for a milisecond and there they were, all of them with their tatooed magic.  Axl Rose was there.

This is the set list of the concert:

(how freaking clever is that website? Thank you setlistfm!), number 19, as in the day I was born, Don’t Cry was obviously sung for me and me alone, and so Rose sang most of it right in front of me.

Live and Let Die, November Rain, Street of Dreams, Patience, Welcome to the Jungle, Knocking on Heaven’s Door and OF COURSE Sweet Child O’ Mine were particularly fantastic but that’s no surprise given that the musicians in that band are amazing.  All the solos were spectacular, I am partial to DJ Ashba’s because he came out with a stunningly beautiful guitar (covered in what I assume are black swarovskis) and I think that by then his shirt was off.  I kid!  The dude is a guitar genious.  I would say this even if he had been covered from head to toe and I couldn’t see his sexy.  I almost died when he began Sweet Child O’ Mine, that songs ranks top three in my favorite list.

I loved Bumblefoot’s solo, he begun with the Pink Panther’s iconic melody, it was awesome.   And Rose had his moment, in front of precious piano (also covered in some sort of diamond-like stones) he serenaded us for a while before doing November Rain.

Frank Ferrer kissed the stage’s floor and Puerto Rico gave him the loudest cheer when he did that. He had played Robi Draco Rosa’s concert here, we remember our drummers with love.

During the concert (and the waiting) I changed places to sit three times, two of them exchanging my chair for the floor and that’s where I saw most of the concert.  I said hi to the guy that ended up beside me and he said hi back and then we added each other to our facebooks.  Because by the way, that’s what people did during the concert, update their facebook’s status and twitter and upload videos and photos to websites.  Freaking internet has corrupted our lives! Forever!  I was very happy when I saw about five lighters in the crowd lighted up in the slow songs, it was nostalgic and nice.

Too soon the show was over, not before Rose and Bach thanked ALL THE CREWS for the whole tour’s work, and us for sharing the final night with them.  I walked back to my car, took off my boots and collapsed in the steering wheel screaming.

That concert was amazing.

Because one should always be prepare to find rare people there

The first of two of Juan Luis Guerra’s concerts here was yesterday. And I was there! Gosh, I love concerts.

I went with a good friend and ex-coworker, Marie. It was the very first time we went anywhere together and since I knew we were going to have a great time I was very exited to have company for a concert, for a change. I just had a funny feeling all day and I kept wondering if something was going to come up, if maybe we would get lost in the day (cause I was driving and though I’ve gone to the Coliseo a hundred times never had I driven there and I was not sure of the way), if we were going to starve to death because we could be late and then not have time to eat… I dunno, many weird thoughts I had.

After a little incident affected our route, you know, I took a wrong exit, for the record it was Marie’s fault; we got there perfectly, we even ate on our way and it was all pretty. All is pretty after I eat.

Well, not all because we did had to go around three times looking for our seats, the ushers were just not working. I have no idea why, they just decided they were not going to take people to their seats. So, we go up and down deathly stairs millions of times, Marie was wearing stilettos and I kept freaking out that she was going to die and her husband was going to kill me, BUT we found our seats and all was glorious.

We were talking and joking and all that when the seats beside mine, at my left were filled by two girls. I didn’t looked up when they went passed me, which is rare of me because I’m usually observing everything, specially people that are going to be close to me. I was really entertained or whatever. Thing is, after some minutes I feel the hand of the girl beside me touch my thigh softly. Of course, I whipped my head around ready to be all boricua on her when I see her for the first time… my ex-roommate from college. With whom I also studied in school basically all my life. Before a brief class reunion last December, I hadn’t seen her in about six years. This coliseum was seating some 12,000 people? Her seat is right beside mine. Like, I’m touching her.

Anyway, she says “I can’t believe it.” And I answer “me neither.” Apparently my laughter will blow any cover I might try for myself and she recognized my voice. I clarified that she recognized me from my big mouth. She confirmed.

She asked the famous “what are you doing now?” questions and then we had one of the most awkward moments of our lives. We lived on the same room for three years, and we were both trying very hard to forget those times. You could smell it on the air, our brains trying to burn those memories of the years we were young and stupid.

After that horrible curtly conversation I was only able to shrug the awkwardness by making fun of the opening band. By the time the merengue started I was fresh and happy, ready to stand up and dance. And scream to her to tell me if I blocked her view, you know, from being up and dancing like fun people instead of sitting like her, like boring people.

Then we danced until our feet couldn’t take it anymore, literally. It was a fun ride.

Ex-roommate included and all.

Noche de Estrellas 2007

How did I end up in a concert with a tag line like “La noche del amor”?Well, you could’ve put Juan Luis Guerra in any concert and I would’ve gone.I’m not proud, there were moments in La noche de Fidelity that I wanted a bucket to throw up in (“turn to your partner and tell them you love them now, c’mon kiss them”), for sure but it was a very smart way to see many favorite artists in the same place.

Gloria Trevi opened the night with “Y todos me miran” perched on top of a miniature elevated stage in the center of the arena ground, in front of ME, and that’s when I lost all reason and started screaming as if someone wanted to kill me.That woman might be insane, ok, ok, she IS insane, but she gives a show that can rock anyone’s socks off.She had the dancers dressed as if they were in a Halloween party, brilliant.She ran all across arena, she kicked, she sang while on the floor… she sang Con los ojos cerrados and I don’t even remember what was happening because I must have been in trance.She gave us a medley a capella and Psicofonía re-mix.I want that CD!

Then came Olga Tañon in what was her first performance after one year away, she entered singing Preciosa with dancers dressed as jibaritos, each with a Puerto Rican flag waving on top of their heads, how could we not like that? How?She sang many of her old songs, including her medley that all of us screamed with her and also showed two of the new songs, one of which is a merengue version of Isabel Pantoja’s Hoy quiero confesarme, quite cool.Everyone said she is fat and old now, and I have just one thing to say about that, she is not my favorite artist, she is not even among the ones I like, but for someone who was over 200 pounds in her last pregnancy?She looked beautiful.And her voice is something else.

After waiting an unreasonable amount of time Divino decided he wanted to sing, and there’s the one reason why rapers or in this case reguetoneros, to be specific should sing ballads among decent people; he was so late I was starting to fall asleep when he came out.He made it up by having two dancers hanging from the ceiling.At least I had something to watch while he sang.

Instead of Gloria Estefan (who canceled at the last minute, and I’m not even going to address that cause en buen puertorriqueño, ni falta que hizo) we had Gilberto Santa Rosa singing with Myriam Hernandez, who also sang at our request (ours because I yelled for this, I did)a bit of “El hombre que yo amo”.

Reik sang all their hits, cause I mean, they don’t have more than four of those do they?I didn’t even knew who they were untilthey started singing.By that time the public was almost asleep, and it was a little sad because it was a great performance, they sounded great, but it’s really hard to be perky after almost three hours and they kept asking the public to applaud and stuff like they thought we didn’t like it, and that was not the case at all. The case was we were really tired and where’s Juanes? WHERE?!

So Juanes comes out and oh.I won’t forgive him for cutting his hair but man, that dude is the pretty.He sang a song from his new unreleased album and I think it sounds like the next is equally good as the last one.People started begging him for another one and he gave us Para tu amor alone because the musicians had long gone, he said “con todo gusto, si es que, no tengo como agradecerles”, isn’t he like the cutest thing ever?

After much waiting Juan Luis Guerra had us dancing like crazy on the last minutes, he didn’t talk that much but he asked Juanes to sing with him Ojala que llueva café and Juanes grabbed a paper with the lyrics and SANG WITH HIM, people lost it, the screaming, it was insane.It was a moment for history that one, Mr. Guerra hugged Juanes after he did a part and Juanes stayed doing the chorus until the end.

The last song was Las Avispas, which was suitable because we had a great night of music and who gave it to us?The Homey, so people had their hands up in what I took as a sign of thanks after such good fun was had.

I have video of everything, but this time I have refrain from showing it because well, I don’t want anyone suffering from intense dizziness.I was dancing the whole time and you can sure see it in the videos.The calmest ones are the ones with Reik and Myriam Hernandez, the few moments were I was sitting.

This concert was special because I invited two persons that I never go out with, my father and my mother.The last concert we went to was when I was about 13, so I thought it was about time my mommy saw a show she liked, it was all on my hands because Father?He doesn’t know what that is.It was really something, I mean, by 4pm I already wanted to kill him, but in the end we managed to get to the concert without biting each other’s arms off.

Bon Jovi: Ay! Que bello, que belloooo!


That’s the first thing I have to say about Jovi’s concert.
The second is when did he get so pretty?  I don’t remember, but man, he was the pretty!!
It had been a LONG time since I had that kind of fun,  I didn’t had the seats I wanted because of the whole changing of stadium thing, the seats I got where the ones they had for us and they were so high up that I couldn’t dance like I wanted to [insert 3 bad words here], I was not born to seat in that high, I don’t have wings; but it rocked anyway.
& I mean IT ROCKED. He sang the rockiest of his 80’s songs, the ones I like the most, he sang FOR MEEEEEEEEEE.  She’s a little runaway, Someday I’ll be Saturday Night, Lay your hands on me, It’s Alright, In and Out of love…  He started with Living on a Prayer and It’s my Life and that marked the pace for the whole concert.  To get romantic he did Born to be my baby, You want to make a memory and the freaking Hallelujah,  (Aleluya!) which was so beautiful it was worth the concert.  (Does he have it recorded?)   Some people were not happy that he didn’t sang Always, Bed of Roses, I’ll be There for You… but me?  I went to rock, and he gave us ROCK.  I think half the people there didn’t recognize the good ones.

The best musical highlight came from the battery, Tico Torres we looooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Let us marry your sticks!!!!  That dude can rock some serious socks.  And the worst let down was that Sambora was not here.  The idiot.  Not that it affected my enjoyment, but you know.
I also had a great experience with ATI, our little metro system.  Diz’s husband left the car in Bayamón and we took the train from there to the new Choliseo and it was so convinient, comfortable, fast and cool I now find myself thinking of ways to use it for all my trips to Guaynabo (that’s once every four months, approximately).  We didn’t had to find a parking and when we went out we didn’t had to wait stuck in traffic for 5 years!  Awesome.

Tomorrow I start classes at 9am through Friday, I probably won’t be commenting (or posting) in the internet world until then and so on the next week, and the week after the next; but I’ll be checking in and if you have an update you can email me at (narami at gmail dot com) to give me heads up so I’m sure I won’t miss anything ok?


Aerosmith Concert

The pro about going to a concert alone is you can do anything you want (a general pro about being alone anywhere) you can scream when no one is screaming or jump through whole songs without feeling like someone else has to follow you.

The biggest con is that you can’t complain in real time about things that are bothering you.If they decide to put up a huge white sheet so you can’t see the stage and start testing the guitars every 2 minutes, driving you particularly anxious?You have to shut up about it.If the girl two seats in front of you is so drunk she’s actually dancing to the air?Shut up.The woman behind you is trying to locate friends across the coliseum through her cell phone meaning she is waving her left hand, now her right hand, now she is jumping, now she is mooning… SHUTTING UP.

That is NOT FUN.

But the concert was.

Really short video of the opening song in which you can hear me singing screaming.

Yes, I was moving THAT much.

All my videos are super short because I kept saving battery for my favorite songs.THAT NEVER CAME.*

Steven Tyler is absolutely crazy in that weird way that makes you want to lick him.

His voice was amazing, he still has it all.He wore a cowboy hat from the public through a whole song and then kept it for him.He took pictures of himself with people’s cell phones, one of them he put in his pocket and later on threw it to the public in another part of the stage, he burped in the microphone after the first song.We loved him.

I’ve never seen singers so close to the public before, Steven and Joe sang and played IN THE FACE of the people that were standing right in front of the stage, people touched them repeatedly, grabbed their hair and they just stayed there letting them; that was awesome.Although it made me nervous.

My fears became a reality only ONCE to my surprise.One girl went up the stage and hugged Steven with her camera and took whatever quantity of pictures (I assume about 4, if it was me it wouldn’t been about 100) of them, then asked Steven to give her a kiss, I assume and he kissed her RIGHT IN THE MOUTH and then in the neck, deeping her in that really romantic movie way until, he let her go and that’s when security went up and took her.

I give this security guys props first for enjoying the concert, many of them had their arms up with a rock sing singing, and second for not being rude with people, they were extremely nice and soft; and everything went smoothly, see how some loving can make anything better?

The band was awesome even when the bass was replaced in a hurry, nobody can complain.The music was awesome. I was in awe.That Joe can play.

The show was completed with amazing lights, two sets of lasers, a HUGE stage-big projector, 5 spot lights, a long hall across arena that lighted red all the way, “snow” for one part of the show and them five guys that rocked it good.

The bad part: They sang for only an hour and half.Which compared to any other concert given during the last two years, is miserable.Guns & Roses was here last month and the concert was almost 4 hours long, including the opening show.Oh, when it was time for the opening band Viva Nativa to end their presentation they turn off the sound, which was completely rude and had one guy behind me in shock for about 20 minutes afterwards.It only affected his farewell, but still to see that he was saying good bye in the microphone and that it was off was not cool.

*AND what I can’t really forgive ever EVER, do you hear that Aerosmith? I’m not buying any more of your CD’s EVER! Because:


I dreamt about them singing me my songs and they DIDN’T.Not forgivable.EVER.

More and better pics at Flickr.


How are you doing? WET!

Yesterday I went to see Matisyahu in concert. It was both awesome and horrible. The concert was awesome, the thinking of the missing was horrible.

Matis (as we affectionately call him, and by we I mean JulieAnn) can freaking sing. He walked right in front of us, not in the stage but, of US, when we were sitting on the floor. He walked around the amphitheater before starting, we both went ded and didn’t even took a picture. I spent the rest of the night trying to get a clear pic of his face, of course, because that’s life.

It rained ALL NIGHT LONG and we spent the concert under the tiny roof made for the sound equipment. In some sort of crazy way, it was really cool that it rained that long. Matis got wet for a long time with the public.
The first song of the night was Songs of Freedom (I hope you know that’s Bob Marley) and the percussionist of Matisyahu played something like plena, timbales and all when his solo came during the concert. People went crazy with both of those things.
Pictures will be at Flickr later, here some conclusions I made from yesterday:

  • – Matisyahu is crazy cool.- El Anfi es al estilo grecoromano, con piedras y todo, therefore wear tennis shoes even if it kills your outfit.
  • – It can rain for 2 hours straight in a concert OUTSIDE and still be super awesome.
  • – You can smoke pot for free in a reggae concert.
  • -You can’t say “trancao” you have to say “obstruido”. Apparently.
  • – Cheese pops will be substituted for tenders if you order while incessantly giggling. (refer to the smoking free of the pot)
  • – Do not throw a $10 dollar bill over your shoulder to the back of my car in an attempt to make me keep it. You will only infuriate me, I’ll scream while you laugh your ass off and it will take TIME to get it out from there. And NO it’s not funny woman.
    – King without a crown is one of the best songs ranking top 10.
    – Don’t ask me if I’m married or single if you will not compensate my answer with instant MONEY. No free credit card? No poll? Then don’t even open your mouth to speak to me.
    – If everyone is smoking pot and you are not smoking, the problem is that YOU are not smoking, not the other way around.
    – Kennie will not kiss you if your hair smells like second hand pot smoke.
  • – Reggae roots makes you feel like FREEDOM!! In a very liberal Bob Marley-fight for your rights way.

The best moment of yesterday: That moment when I said “mira Julie” and when she looked up to the sky there was a gaviota circling over us and we both smiled that smiled and felt blessed. And so later on no matter how tired we were she would answer all my whining with “pero paso una gaviota.” And I had to shut up.

& The best moment of today: When I got to work after spending all the way there crying because I didn’t wanted to be ANYWHERE at all and I saw Richard first and he gave me such a tight hug, I felt he was picking me up my insanity.

I’m tired. And my room is looking like chaos.

Usher’s Concert

You probably saw it, but in case you didn’t; THE CONCERT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.
Impressive, shocking, surprising, entertaining … best show I’ve seen performed here in PR so far.

Usher has now all my respect as an entertainer, he performed as a pro. His voice was fresh and strong through all the show and his dancing FLAWLESS.
And no girls, he is not as hot as he looks in TV: he is WAY hotter. The way he “popped” while he teared his shirt made me wanna sex him up, down, sideways and any other way the laws of physics would permit. And he is bigger than he looks, broad back girls, broad shoulders.

I think I was sitting some rows behind his aunt and niece or some other family they had his nose and when the concert was cue to begin they walked right through arena, up to the technicians platform. I saw some of his buddies, and we knew they were his buddies because they were all blinged to death and they were walking with security.

Anyway I need time to let it sink that I was there. At least this time I remember my hands in front of my face while he danced behind them.

I uploaded sample pictures to the blog, from Juanes Concert and this one, I couldn’t edit them to be clearer after the resize (the ones I have are huge) but at least you can see something… go look.
Credit and thanks to Miss Tania for being the photographer of the night.

Juanes concert

The new Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot is simply stunning. It’s not that it’s huge, it’s the beautiful architecture itself. From the parking lot to the entrance we passed 5 different patterns in the floor, all of them accentuated with green super-short lawn that was so fresh we could see the line sections of it.
People were chatting cheerfully while walking towards the doors, looking around it felt like a lot of people, but it didn’t felt crowded at all.

I made an illegal move, I’m such a rebel, I put the camera on one of the pockets of my purse ( I had been carrying it in my jeans, no pockets, don’t ask) when I saw that they were searching people’s clothes more than their purses. As soon as I was in I did my “ja, suckers!” dance.
Then we looked up, far up, and we hold our breath for some seconds. The forms of the ceiling are so cool.

Everyone was going up the stairs so up we went, up until we couldn’t go up anymore. We couldn’t resist anymore and went through the first curtains in front of us. *insert huge gasp here* when we looked down to the stage a wave of vertigo went through my chest followed by an air of excitement, one so close to the other I didn’t knew which was what. My dear Julie hold my arm and whispered my name, and then I waked up “this is definitely not our section Julie, but we are on the right side, look we are sitting here, but, down there”. And we turned around, leaving the impressive sight behind, not before making the note that the upper seats in the sides were definitely worth paying for, for they were relatively close to the stage.

Then we walked the wrong way for almost 5 mins. Until we finally reached our section floor and after riding in the half open elevator with the elevator guy to whom I sent a blessing for having to spend so many hours going up & down pushing buttons and listening to giggling girls.
Across the hall, through the curtains that read 101-102 and down the stairs until we were in our seats. We were so close to the stage I was squeeing and jumping up down in my seat. My dear Julie and I had a conversation that only included the sentences “we have some good chairs”, “I can’t believe we have such good chairs!” and “this are great chairs” for about 10 mins.
Then they turn on the monitors and the stage lights, “Happy Birthday my dear Julie, welcome to the Juanes concert, thanks for everything.” And she got all misty eyed and we knew it was going to be unforgettable.

All the equipment is new, so apart of being so modern and big it’s all shiny and glossy and it makes the heart do a little giddigy when looking at it. Julie immediately went on to her theater mode and recited to me all the equipment names and such, she drooled at the 4 spotlights at the rear end of the ceiling and spent some 30 mins examinating all the elevated halls above our heads, then she declared “I would give everything to work here. I’m dying to work here.” And I knew she had fallen in love with the place. It’s a shame really that her scientific self has taken her away from her passion, with her talent and experience she could be doing some great and big things.

Then we talked. And talked. And talked some more, while all the seats around were getting full, until we reached a point when I realize the emotions were too strong and the energy too strong around me to get my soul to reach that seat and get in the moment. I knew I was there, but I couldn’t get there, it too surreal.

Lights off, spot lights on, Antonio Orozco gets announced. And he comes out and sings and I was surprised he was so good live. And then he talked about Puerto Rico and the Viejo San Juan and how beautiful it was and basically melt our hearts a little before singing a precious song he wrote inspired on the island, I can’t wait till that song hits the radio, it was nifty. After 4 songs he was done and people started stumping the floor and clapping and yelling for Juanes to come out. It took him 15 more mins to get there.

The guitar came to my ears first, and then I saw him jumping on stage and we screamed our lungs out and that went on for 1 hour and half.
The sound was excellent, better than I expected, almost flawless. His voice was perfect, and his stage presence all that an expectator wishes for. He took us from rocking to moody and touched in seconds, the monitors playing different images relating to the songs; Rosario Tijeras killing and then dying, images of war, kids running from fire, old men crying, the moon fading into his face, the video of his daughters sonogram, fire burning and lights and of course, him live.
He only did 4 changes of clothes, 3 of which consisted in taking off one layer of clothing from his full tuxedo. He changed his guitar though about 6 times, all of them too cool to be true.
Ednita Nazario, the diva of divas, sang with him Tu Fotografia (recorded with Nelly Furtado) and hello, Ednita and Juanes on the same stage, I don’t have to say anything else, except that yes, she kissed him on the mouth at the end like she always does and he went red and it was too cute. She said before going that we were the best public in the world, we were so proud.

Como la estan pasando Puerto Rico? Nosotros la estamos pasando de puta madre!”

When he said it was the last song we knew another one was coming but we didn’t expected to get 5 more, so we were ecstatic.

“no tengo suficiente corazon, ni suficiente sangre en el cuerpo para agradecerles este momento.”

He danced and waved the Puerto Rican flag with the Columbian one and then it was really over and we were in a cloud, floating.

So the critics were true, the Juanes concert could easily be the event of the year, and I was lucky and blessed enough to be there.

Cuando el tiempo pasa y nos hacemos viejos nos empieza a parecer
Que pesan mas los daños que los mismos años al final
Por eso yo quiero que mis años pasen junto a ti mi amor eterno
Junto a mi familia, junto a mis amigos y mi voz
Porque nada valgo porque nada tengo si no tengo lo mejor…