Tuesdays of Texture: What is it and how to participate




Every Tuesday I post an image of a texture or the use of a texture (digitally added) and invite you to join in the fun of sharing a detail of your part of the world by linking your own post to my current one.

*Please note that if you don’t link your post to mine (creating a link on any part of your post’s text that opens my Tuesdays of Texture post) I might or might not see your post.  Linking to my Category page or to my blog’s home page does not send me a notification that your post was published.  I don’t want to miss your posts!  You probably want to be mentioned in the participations the next week!  So please link back to my post!

Tuesdays of Textures is meant to be a fun way to explore textures through photography and share with others;  any image quality or size is welcome and there is no specific theme.  If you capture a texture, share it!

You don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post, so you can also merge challenges.

You can find an image during the week and join any day.

You can also @naramilee in twitter or instagram to share images from both platforms. You can hashtag them #TuesdaysOfTexture so we can all find the participations better.

I share contributions on twitter and mention each one the next Tuesday.

Hope to see your part of the world!



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