Tuesdays of Texture | Week – second of work – of 2018

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I had been searching for a job since I move in the summer of 2016. Have been offered opportunities in my background field (lab work) but I had to decline because I had no one to babysit Little J, and because I wanted to be able to work during school hours rather than nights.

I beggining to loose hope about finding something that played more on my clerical and administrative experience in ex-manfriend’s business when I received an interview opportunity for a ‘purchase assistant’ job.

I didn’t get it, but I doubled my efforts into tweaking my resume and searching for better locations. To the glory of Jesus, I’m now a ‘purchase oficinist’. I’m a secretary in a purchase area. I basically do all the data entry and clerical work so that the purchase person can do her work.

Since I once wanted to be a secretary when I was in third grade, it’s not bad.

Pic taken in a short beach escapate, savoring the beach winds.

Share your posts if you want in the comments, sorry for the late post and have a great week!

12 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture | Week – second of work – of 2018

  1. prior.. says:

    congrats on the job and praise God – woo hoo
    that has me edified to read – the way you wrote it and well, I know it must have been tough to not buckle and take something sooner – but you waited and adapted.
    anyhow, I also love the shell in the tree – the photo has so much detail and I keep wanting to rotate the image – but it is nice as-is – a nice little symbiosis going on….

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