Little island status update

Why do we keep asking for help a month after the hurricane?

I saw someone in twitter responding to a plead to help us with a chart of all the “help” we are getting from the US.

It looked real good, the chart. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that is directly impacting the most of us.

There is a VERY small percentage of people in need – in the poorest sectors – that are getting food and supplies. For that I’m thankful.

Most people, like me, have to travel 2 hrs of high traffic (after a line to get gas for 72¢ per liter) to get ONE CASE of potable water and some canned meat. Although we have other foods available in supermarkets.

I ran out of no-lactose milk for Little J and my uncle had to go to the actual manufacturer’s site in San Juan to get some cases because supermarkets are simply empty of it.

Word is there is water and food and supplies in the docks; there is INSIGNIFICANT DISTRIBUTION of it.
And I live in the urban north area, where I can walk to the nearest supermarket; I have family in the mountains were until a couple of weeks ago, only had whatever a HELICOPTER would bring them.

There are families living in roads that were destroyed on both directions who only get supplies through neighbors who HIKE collapsed trails to get to them.

We do have the US Comfort in our docks. Reports say it has tended to less than 300 (actual number was around 150 last week).

Meanwhile Centro Medico, our biggest medical center in San Juan, has every hallway full of patients and there’s a shortage of doctors and supplies to tend to them.

I personally know of 4 hospitals who collapsed because they had no diesel to run their generators. Diesel distribution for hospitals is supposed to be on the hands of the military, in this specific area the National Guard.

I haven’t been able to earn a dollar for myself in a month because I have no constant source of power or internet service. There are thousands (millions?) of people like me.

Meanwhile, a contract for 300,000 million dollars was signed towards a two person company – which last year earned 1 million dollars – who just happens, casually, I’m sure, to be friends with the president and are also linked to SEVERAL corruption cases.
That’s just ONE of the irregularities in all this trying-to-rebuild-our-power-system mess. If I was to write them all now I’d need 4 hours typing into my cell phone.

I have never in my life seen a slower or worst response to a hurricane emergency in this island.

Oh, and packages are being stolen in the USPS – generators exchanged, boxes arriving empty, which you know, makes it really hard for individuals to get things from family and friends.

As I said before, if you feel you could help, contact private groups that have formed to respond to this emergency. I recommend church’s and such.
I saw a report on supplies received through unidosporpr being held up and not reaching people.
The people cooperating with Lin Manuel have reached their targets super fast.
I don’t know about somosunavoz, but I’m super thankful because so many artists united to help us.

So. That’s why we are still asking for help, for people not to forget us.

Have a blessed week.

8 thoughts on “Little island status update

  1. LearaWrites says:

    I have been heartsick over this whole thing. Utterly disgusted with American politics and the way Puerto Rico has been abused. My church is having a benefit and we are gathering money and supplies to help as best we can. I am deeply sorry for whatever it’s worth 😦


    • narami says:

      Leara, your words are worth A LOT in these times! Every comment of someone saying they remembered me is a nice wink on the way.
      Please thank everyone in your church group for the help, I can not put into words what it means to us and how thankful we are for every bit of help we get, it’s very needed.
      God bless you.

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    • narami says:

      Your comment just gave me the biggest smile. I drove around just smiling afterwards, and just imagine how weird that is in a country where people are straining to survive!
      I emailed you a couple of times, let me know later if that’s where you can be reached.
      Sending a big hug your way.

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