Tuesdays of Texture | Week 36 of 2017

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#Campfire after hurricane Irma.

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Last week, after hurricane Irma passed some miles from the coast of San Juan (it was prognosticated to pass about twenty miles from our coast, but it went up a bit and at the moment I don’t have the actual number – just know that we felt it weaker than expected and knew it was going upwards and at that point? We are mighty glad it was going away) we are left with no power service for four days.

I personally think that’s very reasonable, given the fact that the state of the power system of the island is terrible (refer to last year’s three day total outage) but, to preserve our fridge things (and to feed his TV addiction) my father found a generator. That made things feel more normal during those four days – although it did not worked for the A/C and I slept four to five hours each of those nights – we had most of our powered commodities available.

Even then, I confirmed my theory that the best thing to do during those situations is go outside. Nothing beats the old fashioned fun of gardening, running, and helping each other out.

While cleaning the road of branches, Little J had the awesome idea of making a campfire. It was her first but we all enjoyed it as if it was our first too. The sky looked beautiful and the breeze felt so good outside.

It was a beautiful moment of calm after the storm.

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