Bracing for Hurricane Irma

Hi friends!

Tuesdays of Texture is supposed to go up today. I have the draft ready and everything.

But I’m not going to put it up. We are bracing ourselves to wait for Hurricane Irma to pass, you might’ve seen this thing changed from Category 3 to Category 5 in one day.

Preparations turned into serious preparations and now we are pretty much terrified.

The electric power of the island is in bad state so, they have said some sectors might not have the service for 4 months.

I ask you to please send a prayer, your good vibes and good thoughts that this island and our families may be protected.

Have a great week.

8 thoughts on “Bracing for Hurricane Irma

      • 76sanfermo says:

        Comúnmente ,eso no pasa por aquí , pero hace quince días en el pueblo donde estoy de vacaciones , viento y lluvia fueron tan fuertes , que cayeron unos cuantos arboles y algunos techos desaparecieron ….
        Aqui duro’muy poco , pero puedo darme cuenta del miedo que debe tener Uds. ….
        Animo , amiga!


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