Dancing Mondays: Despacito ft. Bieber Edition

This came out and I tweeted this:

Then I never got to posting it because that next Monday something had happened that it didn’t felt like the way to go.  (I don’t remember now, but it was international news.  They’ve been downers lately.)

But today:

The importance of Justin Bieber choosing this song to do his Spanish bit is pretty big for us.  We had been waiting for him to give props to the genre he used in his latest music production because it felt like he was just going to use the beats and not acknowledge it.

For him to do that in a song with Daddy Yankee, one of our most famous, old school, successful regaetoneros and then with Luis Fonsi who is also one of our most famous artist and an amazing songwriter is like, he cared.   Also, it can’t be denied that he has an ear for hits, and he chose this thing well.

I give him all the credit in the world because he went with a sustancial part in Spanish and not with a lazy “baby” or “mamacita” (which, I have to comment, is a bit ironic that my own lovely Pedrito a.k.a Bruno Mars does that in his super hit That’s What I Like, fully aware that we’ve been craving for him to do a little Spanish bit, he chose the I’m-going-to-leave-you-wanting-more  mamacita, him with the hispanic background, but it’s okay.  In his own time he can do something.  We’ll just wait. And whine about it.) and even more, he totally slayed them.  His pronunciation is wonderful.  I love that because some kid that has never cared for Spanish could be singing this in the summer somewhere in Kentucky.

I though I was going to go over some of the lyrical meaning of the song, but I called my friend Fonsi and he said well, I’ll do it for you then.  And he is such fun, you’ll love what he did:

So there.  Begin this week dancing, it’ll be easier to keep it going that way.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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