I Remember:  The Night I learned boleros are universal

My father’s side of the family is mostly Protestant Christian.  One of my uncles is a pastor and he converted almost all his brothers and sisters, and they were thirteen to start with so, it was a significant amount of people. 

Most of my cousins grew up in that religion, which in their case strictly prohibits dancing.  It was frustrating to me as a youngster to go to one of their weddings and sit down all night long.  I was used to mundanely dancing the night away and having an alcoholic beverage in my glass for the toast. 

One night I found some of those cousins in the wedding of a distant relative and one of my friends.  They were catholic and there was not only music, but a real freaking band playing.  My shoes went off pretty early that evening.  What I remember though is the moment I saw one of my cousins and her husband hugging by the end of our table, while standing up;  only to figure out a few seconds later that they were swaying to the rhythm of a classic bolero.  And just as my mouth was beginning to regain composure two other cousins – a brother and sister, to make it even more weird because why not – started dancing too! 

I just about had a heart attack.  

As soon as the song was over I started firing questions how, when and why.  And they just looked at me all cool and basically said what? We have feelings too. 

And that is the night I learned when it comes to love and boleros, everyone feels the same way. 

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