What I should’ve written, but didn’t 

 Every night before going to bed I tell myself, I’m going to stay up late and update stuff, schedule like a boss, type things, check things.  Then my head touches the pillow and I literally disconnect.  
With the exception of one night this week when the overwhelming heat woke me up (air conditioner was still in spring temp settings, I was in denial but yes, the OMG IT’S SO HOT SOSOSOHOT days are here.) and I remembered a dream – a long, twisted nightmare about ex-manfriend that left me emotionally exhausted – sleeping hours are a “CLOSED” for me. 

Some of the things I should’ve written about but didn’t:

We changed Little J school this semester after dropping her out of the first school she attended, where she ended up hospitalized, getting one infection after the other, getting sick every single time she went to school.  We decided to go with the bigger, out of town school, (the much more expensive school, insert my I can not believe it whining here) that has pristine classrooms and exclusive play areas. And guess what? It turns out organization, cleanliness and first impressions ARE really important.  

She had a couple of episodes (which are expected at her age with exposure), but she attended school all semester, participated in school events and we all enjoyed school activities.  

Side note: a few days after dropping her out I noticed all her school things got covered in a green/brown mold/mildew and I wanted to shove them through the first school’s principal nose, who told me to take my daughter to the beach every day to get her lungs clean when I met with her to talk about the health problems we were having.

I did my first job interview in almost four years.  It went amazing and then right before ending spectacularly, it swerved and got horribly wrong. How wrong? The last interviewer (I passed three previews interviews) said he could potentially give me a job, if I got him the client for the project.  So, he offered me a job that I was to basically provide for myself.  I have never felt more humiliated in my professional career.  I sank so low in that chair I don’t know how I ever got up from it. And I’m still questioning myself if giving a client is worth it, which is the worst part, because it’s like a bad breakup where you can’t really move on even though the other part treated you like crap.

We had new neighbors since December and they were young and vibrant and the guy had one friend who always woke him up like “yo, Ben!” And then he SANG A SONG like a serenade.  It was almost always some reggae song from this band or Bob Marley or a salsa tune and I miss him.  If I saw him I wouldn’t recognize him because I never really even looked at him, but that dude was a happy part of the day.  Or even night.  

Now we have new neighbors again and they haven’t spent one day without fighting since they moved.  Ugh. 

Anything new in your part of the world?  What have you been up to?  Update me in the comments 🙂

I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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