We didn’t won? We totally won

Just leaving this video here to clarify some points about the WBC2017’s last game, where Adam Jones said he felt the need to put us in our place for all our celebratory preparations.
Dude, Puerto Ricans celebrate EVERYTHING. And we go big.


Can’t embbed the video, but it points ( in  English, so feel free to click the link and watcht it) out some reasons why we celebrated, and would’ve celebrated even if we hadn’t gotten to the finals:

During the WBC, there were no murders commited in  the island. We’ve had seventeen murders one night. Every night while our team was playing, no murders.

Everyone was polite and friendlier those days. 

Men and kids dyed their hair blonde as a symbol of our unity.  It was like the whole island was one team.

Kids were out playing.  Poor kids saw their peers playing in the big leagues and believed that they can there  too. Adults remembered everything can be accomplished with work and effort. 

A player joked with our governor that they should have a plane, and because joking is everything here, the governor actually got the plane. 

We love decorations and parades. 

Our players are our HEROES. Because of them Puerto Rico was in the sports news.  We love them for working their asses off and representing us well.

They prayed in the field after every single game.

So we didn’t win, some say… We totally won, we say. We won in unity and love.

Have a very happy weekend!


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