I Remember: The woman with the covered face

What I remember about this moment is feeling like I loved her.

I remember wanting to hug her tight and her careful way of trying to give into my hug.  I remember I was sitting in her lap, which I know almost never happened at all.  I remember looking into her eyes and knowing exactly how she  felt because she carried it all there.

I also remember the way her face was covered from the nose down with a skin toned type of mask.  And I remember that her voice was very sweet, but very sad.  I don’t remember anything she said.  I know I asked my mother what happened to her and mom said “she had an accident where she got burned.”

I was six or seven and couldn’t imagine the extent of that explanation.

Fast forward to my first week in my first lab job.  We had meetings with groups from all the areas we were going to have contact with.  At one point we were in the room with guys that had been working there for twenty years.  Guys that were part of the emergency brigade.

And they had a go-to story for newcomers about the time when they had to rescue people from a fire in a nearby company.  The emergency brigade had a fire truck and a group of trained personnel rushed at the sight of fire and the emergency calls.

They remembered one woman jumping from a second floor to avoid burning to death.  It was the scariest thing they’d ever seen.

It was only a couple of weeks ago, when I had this flashback from my childhood that I realised I remember her too.


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