Dancing Mondays: Pedrito (a.k.a Bruno Mars) in the Grammy’s ’17 Edition

I slept very little last night because, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, I was exited to see someone perform at the Grammy’s.

Adele was awesome and I love that she seemed to enjoy her Hello performance (it was also pretty cool to see an artist re-start a live performance in her tribute, I think it was justified too).  And yes, Beyonce was all kinds of HOWWHATTHEHECKISHAPPENING.  I liked Ed Sheeran doing his live-mix thing.

But my heart was with this guy.

If there has ever been a time when his vocals have not been on point, I would love to see that.  Our of curiosity, because that man never sounds bad.  I thought he was a little louder than usual, but good Lord, his voice.

I loved his chill on this stage.  Most performers make it very tight and formal, and even when they get crazy, they keep it very … how do I say… like “I’m at the Grammy’s and I want to kill this but OMG this is the Grammy’s”.   Pedrito kinda did his thing and had fun.

I mean, it was the Grammy’s and his choice of ‘highlight’ was breaking it down for the ladies.  That was my favorite part of the evening.  What else do you do with a live TV performance?  Break it down, for the ladies.

We were all Jenny (a.k.a JLo) when she enthusiastically nodded her YES followed by an almost bossy right now.   You break it down for me papi, right now.

I went to “sleep” after this because I had to wake up early today, so I admit I didn’t watch this next clip live, but of course I did watched it… at two in the am because somehow I’m gonna get that sleep back.  I’ll try to sneak in a nap into my schedule.  I’ll work it out.

And I mean.  You have to pause after that.  Drink it in and savour the aftertaste.

He went to town with this.  This was the end show the Grammy people didn’t knew they had.  The way he sounded so much like Prince, his moves.  For me one of the things about Prince is, if you are doing Prince, the guitar has to sing too.  Not just be an instrument in the song, but actually be at par with the singer and Bruno did that justice.  His guitar was OFF THE HOOK.

That solo had me squealing like a teenager.

Of course, when I watched this the second time (which was back to back because of course) my brain did it’s usual and then I had so many questions.   Who’s idea was that they dressed like Prince?  Because I would LOVE to see a clip of Pedrito going “you know what we need to do right?  We need to dress like Prince.”  I imagine him all smug after that.

And then the drums had an actual drum part from Prince’s drummer and I’m assuming that’s THE guitar, so where was the security for those things?  Because I mean, that’s historic stuff, someone better be sure it’s safe.

When is the recording of this going to be available?

I talked more about this in my Instagram Story, if you want to hear me.

Have a great Monday peeps!  Rock it in a purple kind of happy.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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