Musical blood

When I was a child my father asked me what instrument I wanted to learn to play.  I said the bass. He said that was rubbish.

Because of that moment where he crushed my will, I don’t play an instrument.  Even though I did, back in school, learn how to play the clarinet and read music with enough talent that the teacher praised my ability.  My father, again commented that it was useless because clarinets can not be played in popular music.  At the time, he didn’t knew how to read music, so he found that useless too.

Interestingly, years later, when he was able to learn to read music himself, he thought it was the greatest accomplishment anyone could achieve.

I blocked that all until in college I had to take an elective and there was “Music for Elementary Teachers”.  I was studying Biology Sciences but that was the elective I chose.  Again, I re-learned to read music faster than anyone in the group, and could play the flute with great ease.  I didn’t commented a thing about the class at home, because I knew exactly what my father would say.

It is no surprise that the topic of “music classes” for Little J has already come up, because… well, she’s my daughter.  I can already tell the way she picks up lyrics of songs in English on her own, and the way she makes up her own ‘choreography’ points towards her musical curiosity and ability.

Also, this.

I was beginning to worry that not letting her into my music world was shielding her from seeing how happy music makes me – I only listened to her movie soundtracks and kid’s songs with her – so I started mixing up her music with mine in car rides and well.

I think the results are delightful.  And I know one thing for sure;  mamma is going to make sure she plays the instrument she chooses and it’s going to make us both joyful.



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