DIY Essencial oil spritzer

A few weeks back I found myself buying organic essential oils in a natural store – I chose camomile, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus – and I came home to figure out what I was going to do with them.

I knew I could use them for many things, but I was interested in making some kind of dilution for Little J to wear after her shower.  I found this guide for a DIY spritzer, water based that is perfect for her.  I combined chamomile and lavender and we both love it, I specially love the soothing effects in our “before bedtime” routine.

It goes on super light, does not leave a trace and the scent is light and fresh.  A great alternative for ditching regular body mists that come with so many chemicals and go on a more simple, natural route.

Do you have a natural alternative for an everyday use product?  What’s your favorite essential oil use/recipe?


One thought on “DIY Essencial oil spritzer

  1. prior.. says:

    oh this is a great share.

    here in the States we have cheap little diffusers everywhere – and they are great for traveling and at home – under ten dollars and the filter gets saturated with eo – love them.

    for healing – I make a blend of oils in some carrier oil – like EVOO – and then put it under the tongue and across the feet. I add a few drops of oregano (the number healing oil) and a bit of clove (also highly medicinal) and then peppermint (or another mint) – and sometimes rosemary – but this little mix is a wonderful healing tool. If too strong, I take coconut oil afterwards.

    I also make bathroom sprays – fill a bottle with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel – and add different oils – citrus and mints are good because they energize and lift moods – and smell great.

    lastly – that lavender is the best relaxing oil – so I can see why you use it for Baby J.

    there are also some nice bug deterrent blends…. oh such a gift these oils are….


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