How this elections affects my island

This post by Chris Gorham came up a few weeks ago;

“Our fellow citizens there are in trouble.”

Yes, we are.  Taken from the article linked in that instagram post by Gorham:

But the seemingly arcane dispute over the island’s public finances masks a struggle for wealth and power in which the peculiarities of Puerto Rico’s political status and Wall Street greed play a leading role. 

From this video made by Gabe Gonzalez (please watch it):

“Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth, which is basically a cute euphemism the government uses for ‘modern-day colony,’” he begins in the clip where he points out Puerto Rico’s sole representation in Congress boils down to non-voting Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi. He later reveals that Puerto Ricans did not have an option in selecting federal members assigned to carry out the PROMESA bill, which addresses their ongoing financial crisis.

You might understand more about this and us if you watch this;

So, how this election affects Puerto Rico?

The people of Puerto Rico elected the leader of the Progressive party as our governor.  That party’s principal goal is to make the island a state.  As you can see, for 64 years we’ve been denied both statehood and independence.

This governor is going to try for statehood one more time (or so he says), and he has to deal with the leader of the Republican Party now elected president.

The elected president has mentioned his positions about Puerto Rico and stated that he will “not bail us out”, but will offer a resolution to our ambiguous status situation. Whatever that means. He didn’t bother to come here and meet with our political leaders.  He now has 7 appointed district attorneys controlling our government; the government of this island of mixed-latino people… 

So, yes.

All the feelings that a lot of minorities are feeling, we are feeling them too.  Except we are somewhat shielded from direct hate events. 

I’m sharing this with you all because your knowledge is our power.  If our fellow Americans don’t ignore this is happening, it helps us.  If you feel you want to do more, you can always contact your representatives, your senators and poke them about this.  Read.  Talk about it.

If you have questions, I’ll do my best to answer.

God bless us all and may the next years be ofbetternesss for everyone in our world.


13 thoughts on “How this elections affects my island

    • narami says:

      That’s all I wanted to do 🙂 if people talk about it they’ll think of us.
      I really wanted to get into the Jones Act in the post, but restrained because it’s a little more complicated, but it’s one thing that really stucks our trade market. If you want to read further. Although I KNOW you have 0 time to spare because cute kiddo’s 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • narami says:

      Oh, yes. It does, and in our specific case it goes and does a whole 360 and ends up in: we were reminded this year that the “free associate state” status that we thought we had with USA in fact, does not exist.
      It’s very interesting too really. Kind of tragic for us, but really interesting.


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