I Remember: Her wet hair

What I remember the most is the back of her uniform being wet from the middle of her back down and her hair dripping on it.

Every free moment we had she ran to the bathroom to wet her hair in the sink.  It started with just running her wet hands through her hair but in a few days she was dipping her head into the open faucet.  It meant that her uniform was wet pretty much all day long.

She would rather walk around as if her head had just left a shower than have her natural curls be dry and free.  She topped the look with red lipstick.  One that she needed to remove before every class because we weren’t allowed red lipstick at our school.

Wet hair, red lipstick and a tough attitude.  That was her thing.

She was tough enough that guys teased her about liking girls – even though she was making the biggest efforts to appear attractive and easy to all of them, often throwing herself at them – and she spat a slew of dirty remarks back at them with such speed and ease that it was clear their words couldn’t make a dent on her.

She took that spitting part pretty seriously too.  In fact, the most famous girl fight in my entire ten years in school (and probably for a couple of years afterwards too) featured her spitting the face of her opponent (another very tough girl who could never see that one coming) and ending up the fight with both girls writhing in the floor pulling their hair.

I have something from each one of my classmates edged on my memories, having been with most of them for ten years.  What I remember the most about this girl was that the way her hair was dripping on her reflected how much she wanted to be accepted.

Enough that she walked around looking like someone hosed her head.


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