Peek inside de monte y mar on Instagram

As you might already know, Instagram lunched a “story” feature a few weeks ago where you share images and videos that remain in queue to be seen for twenty four hours and then disappear.  This is supposed to encourage people to share whatever with no pressure because after twenty four hours, puff!  It’s gone.

Surprisingly, it works.

Cloudy but, oh! #rainbow #clouds #sky

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If you want to have a peek inside more of my every day things, listen to some music with an ocasional me singing in the background, or see what the sky looks like on this side of the world today, I do some of that over there.

PS: you have to access instagram and click on someone’s  profile pic to watch their day’s story.  In the instagram app the profiles with stories will be at the top of the screen, most recent updated story will be first at the left. 

And if I don’t follow you on Instagram yet, let me know! I’ll fix that 🙂


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