Dancing Mondays: La Borinqueña Edition 

The song that made a Nation cry and sing together in a much needed moment of empowerment:

That is La Borinqueña, our anthem.
Because this is the land of Borinquen, where Monica was born and where I was born.
And it is a flowery garden of magic beauty.
A beautiful clear sky always leads her way and the waves gently rock her feet.
When Cristobal Columbus arrived he exclaimed “oh, this is the land I’ve been looking for!” (And then exterminated all our natives) “this is Borinquen, the daughter of the sea and the sun!”

(That’s  a rough translation of our anthem’s lyrics.)

And so are we.

My God it sounded amazing in Rio! But this is how Monica’s family sounded singing it that day:

Isn’t that happy? 

And yes, I’m going to let it go after this. 

Go have a Monday where you think of yourself as part as a much bigger community, go be a positive part of the community of this world! 

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