In need of maintainance 

Do you know where can a dream catcher get a flush? How does it get empty again?

A couple of years ago ex-manfriend’s uncle gave us a small dream catcher. We were living in his brother’s house and the very first night I hung it beside the bed I had a clear sleep. No nightmares or tense dreams, for the first time since we had moved.

I only took it down months later because Baby J grew enough to be able to get a hold of the feathers and started plucking the thing. That night I had a bloody dream. And not in the English way, I mean there was blood in the dream. I don’t remember if it was the one where I slit my own skin, but it was equally horrible.

So when I moved to my parent’s about a month ago the first thing I hung up was the dream catcher. I slept wonderfully since the first night. Everyone kept asking me, worried, if I had been sleeping because it’s normal to not sleep during that kind of thing, and I was so happy because I was!

But then a few nights ago I had a dream that I was inside a school. Some of my school friends were there, not young as we were in school but as old as we are now. We were trapped inside the school where all the doors were sealed closed and I was the only one trying to find a way out while everyone was all chill and I freaked out.

This might have something to do with the fact that Baby J started pre-pre school this week. My baby now goes to school! And I’m wishing and hoping she likes it so badly.

If you know what to do to give it maintainance let me know.

11 thoughts on “In need of maintainance 

  1. Daydreams says:

    I’m not sure if there are any cleansing rituals for dream catchers. Someone of Native American descent would know much better than myself.
    Nightmares (although unpleasant) aren’t always a bad thing, though. Sometimes, I think some of them can be warnings.

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        • narami says:

          I actually have a few posts about dreams – I described the one where I dreamt I slit off a piece of skin from my thigh and then had to hold it in place – but I’m posting from mobile and couldn’t find it to link to it. It was an interesting period of adaption happening my subconscious was going off like a boss.

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  2. Prior-2001 says:

    Hi N! I am not sure about the dreamcatcher- but smiled to see baby J plucking feathers – oh and when my first so. Went to pre-pre school (he was just 2 and 1/2 – it was very part time – but such a good move – I think it helps with attachment and development -stretches and gives experiences that sculpt and enrich our good loving ‘
    Anyhow – with the dreams – I believe that sometimes bad ones need to forgotten and a quick prayer of protection – I just pray in Jesus name for sweet dreams and for quiet sleep –
    But even Putting the religious stuff aside- some dreams are better to never be repeated – replace the working memory with things that give life and will refresh – especially during challenge seasons.
    Be encouraged and “when you lie down you will have sweet sleep” and may it be refreshing and healing!


    • narami says:

      You just helped me make a connection I ignored before; my bedtime routine has gone out the window since I moved here! Baby J’s is intact because I know how important it is for a good sleep but mine? GONE. I used to have a short praying and reading time before sleeping where I calmed down, now? I pray improv and collapse. I have to work on that for sure, and I think it would help. And yes, I’m freaking out about Baby J in school because she’s not loving it and I so want her to love it :-|. I need to work on that too, but that one is harder.

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      • Prior-2001 says:

        Oh I hear ya N!
        Trust me – and for me – i do not realize I am neglecting my sleep until I get cranky – and then I add up the hours and maybe see a few days of shorting my sleep – and I try and get caught up!

        And don’t forget that sometimes when we are low on sleep it is even harder because we are wired – or in overdrive – even survival mode!
        Oh and parenting a little one while doing life is exhausting – I know we never like to complain – but my absolute most tired days were the early patenting years – when my first was going on two – I recall getting to our hometown (plane ride) and the focus of my trip was catching up on sleep – yeah – visiting and all that – but I told my mom if she could let me sleep in a few times that would be my gift!
        And so much is better when our mind gets enough sleep!
        Oh and not to make this too long – ha! But I am mentoring someone this summer and she is taking child care certification stuff – her recent test on “sleep” had some good reminders – it was for childcare workers- but as you know – so much is universal –
        Like having “winding down” habits -And a special place for sleep – like keep your bed area free from where you do bills –
        But then there is the physical stuff too -‘amino acids can help relax – I think orthinine is one at helps sleep when cleansing – but our stress reactions are real and when we have all this change – new residence – school for the baby – life transition – it floods our mind with legit alertness !
        And it sounds like the former routine you had was awesome – and calming!
        For me – yoga this last year has been balancing –
        Oh one last thing –
        I read the comment about “burning sage” and not to be rude to their well meaning feedback – but the naturopaths I know suggest using essential oils to clean the air of impurities – and never burn stuff – no candles and no herbs – because that smoke and residue pulls from respiratory helath and well
        – if you do not have essential oils on hand – getting some dried herbs and place in a dish – like lavender – mint – basil- it brings life and energy to the air!

        We here the dog whisperer uses Lavendar oil to calm some aggressive pets – and even tho I have used essential oils for years – never thought of the pooch – and so on our last trip – we had the dog sitter sprinkle some “peace and harmony” essential oil ((from now foods and cost 8 dollars for huge bottle)) and it was amazing how successful things were with the new sitter and without his dog brother – I know the calming oil blend helped!

        Ok – get magnesium chloride too – I will have to share more a it this later – but super calming and balances the body –
        Check “ancient minerals” for under ten bucks they have huger vat or an oil blend!

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