The moment when everything is possible 

I discovered a silly thing about starting up again, as they call it.

Not that you ever, truly, start again – different stages have a beginning and an end but; where ever you are, or what ever you are now, it’s the sum of where ever you where and whatever you were before. If we actually started up again every time we changed a stage in life, we would always be nothing.

But, in any case, I discovered the other day that being in this “new place” position puts your brain (and possibly your heart, I’m not very sure because I’m new on this) in this weird double-plain place where anything you think (or dream, I’m sure of this part) becomes a reality for just a tiny moment.
It’s a way of giving you the boost you need to accomplish whatever idea – or dream – you decide to make true.

Like, that day, I was falling asleep in a hotel room, and just before closing my eyes I took a minute to really look around and then when I finally closed my eyes, an image of Lorelai Gilmore came to me. Instantaneously I thought – because I want to start my professional career anew – well, I could very well be an Inn owner! Why not? Find a place, already have seen a few, do the redo, do the promo, people will love it and everyone will be there. It would be quaint, but chic. Vintage but minimalistic. It will have flair and sass.
For the next five minutes I was an awesome Inn owner. Every employee loved me, I had all the regulatory agencies enchanted.

Or the other day when I was organising my makeup and I was a makeup artist. I would make house calls and start doing brides and quinceañeras. I would do everything from natural looks to wild and colorful styles. Of course I could, I have a makeup course certificate from a workshop I took back when I was in college. It took me six hours to complete it. And I was for the next ten minutes (I had a certificate to back me up this time) an amazing makeup artist.

I’ve been a business owner, a great employee, a professional service consultant, a recruiter, a secretary, a student – I have been pretty much everything you could think of the past three weeks. Every day I imagine something different and every day I feel a bit more confident that, what ever it is that I’m going to end up being or doing, I’ll get there and it’ll be ok.

It’s like my imagination is my safety net.

Be brave

I hear it whispering.

I am

I answer.

I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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