I Remember: The Car Ride

I was sitting under the tree with the yellow flowers, in the cement bench, watching the cars go by.

It was a rare alone moment during my college schedule, usually my best friends and I did everything together.  I appreciated the breaks were I could hear my own thoughts.

I saw the dark green 1997 turbo Eclipse in the distance and knew he was going to stop by.  I started smiling way before he could actually see me.

“Where are the girls?” he asked.  “The girls” was everyone else.  I told him, they were elsewhere.  Probably coming soon.  He could wait.  I couldn’t see his eyes, as per usual, they were hidden behind slick sports sunglasses, but I could feel their effortless sparkle.

“Get in.”

“I don’t know if I should, there’s…”

He interrupted me.  “We’ll be back soon.  Get in.”

“I love this chair”.  I don’t remember saying it out loud, but I probably did because he smirked.  “I love this car”.  I did say that out loud.

And then he rolled down the windows and cranked up the volume of  the radio.  I could feel the vibration of the music in my chest like a rhythmic electric shock that permeated to my every limb.  Anyone within a two mile radius could hear the music too, it was that loud. 

In a few minutes the wind was blowing my hair.  We were going highway fast in a small, curvy road and the speed merged with the beat of the music.

I felt pleasure.  The kind that satisfies the body and the soul.  Deep, honest pleasure of feeling and living.  The most in the moment kind of happiness.

He took me around the town centre were everyone could see me, riding this car.  My favorite car.

On the way back I rested my chin in the window, looking out the blur.

“Thanks for the ride.  You made my day.” I told him while getting out.

I wish I knew back then that the moment would last me forever.  I would want him to know.

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2 thoughts on “I Remember: The Car Ride

    • narami says:

      Aaaaahahaaa, well casually, next Friday I think I’ll share something else I remember living to do in that car. This is all snippets though because that’s how it happened and in this case there’s no story per se. 🙂 Love you liked though!

      Liked by 1 person

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