Dancing Mondays: When Darkness Turns to Light Edition

I planned on sharing a video that premiered last week.

It was going to be cool, funny and on the sensual side. 

But the weekend was… violent. 

No one planned that, it just happened.  One moment we were thinking about our daily things and the next we were sad.  Not just any sad, but collectively sad.  Sad for the world sad.  Indignated, disappointed on this only place we have to live in sad.

I don’t know how it is for you, but I get particularly angry because I have this rooted faith that we can be much better.
Like the parent that is disappointed when the kids brings home low grades, not because they want perfect grades but because they are so sure they could do much better if they wished. 

And we could.

We can do SO MUCH BETTER than a guy who rapes and then tries to be the victim.  We can do much better than a place were a crazy fan can murder an artist in a venue.  We can do better than the worst mass shooting in the history of any place.

We are flawed but we have done great, good things.

I hope you have that in mind when you vote this year because we need better.  But then, I also want you to remember that it’s not only about whoever you want in your government, it is also mostly about you.

You can do better. 

Whatever are doing now for the best of the world, or whatever you are not doing; there’s always something you can improve.  

So, do better.  Do good things.  Give more.  Share your talents.  Do everything with love.

We only have one chance.  And we, the good ones, we are more.

This is an interpretation called When Darkness Becomes Light.

Go be a light today.


6 thoughts on “Dancing Mondays: When Darkness Turns to Light Edition

  1. Maggie Carlise says:

    I read this yesterday, very quickly, while scrolling Twitter – but it stayed with me. I just re-read more carefully – and it’s even more powerful.

    Thank you so much for putting into words exactly how I feel!! So very, very well-said.

    Liked by 1 person

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