Just apparel

Back in the shore life I basically only wore flip flops, so when I moved to the Hardcore Country Life, I did so with a pair of flip flops of every color.

For a couple of uncomfortable years I managed to walk around in my favorite shoe style, albeit suffering from multiple ant bites and getting my feet wet with mud or puddle at least once a day.

Last winter I gave up and bought a pair of rain boots or plastic boots or whatever you call them where you are.   They were mostly a gift for Baby J, who kept asking me to join her when  she went out to jump in muddy puddles a la Peppa Pig. 

I no longer get my feet wet in the rain, less ant bites, in general pretty convenient.  But I still miss my flip flops.  The dry grass.  The sunny days. 

The Hardcore Country Life took me out of my flip flops but it didn’t took the shore out of me.

4 thoughts on “Just apparel

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