The doors of El Convento

I can’t believe I’m linking a DSLR shot for Norm’s Thursday Doors.  What is this magic?  I don’t know, but I like real photos appearing in my stream!

Open doors at El Convento Hotel

Thursday Doors is one of my favorite weekly events to watch, but I almost never have a contribution because I rarely go out, so I get very exited when I can participate.

Of course I had to shoot them from inside out because why would I do it the other way around like normal people?  In my defence, the balcony in that part is very narrow and I though I would get a more majestic shot this way, with the floor and the ceiling detail.   What do I know anyway.

So, the floor, cleaner than the floor of any of the houses I stay in.  How do I know?  Baby J spent the two days I was there without shoes (because I forgot to pack them because LIFE) and all she had were socks.  My mom (who babysat her, with a molar nerve exposed – I didn’t mentioned this before because then I would have to dive into the waters of how much of a jerk manfriend is) noticed that the socks wouldn’t get dirty outside, no matter where she walked.

The last day I was there I let her run barefoot on that same stretch shown in the picture.  (And I’ve talked about my thing with shoes before.)  I picked her up and found clean feet people.

While I waited for check out I saw one of the service boys pick up a vacuum from right behind the door and go to town in between tasks.  He was removing three tiny pieces of paper from the rug, but did a much bigger circle around the area.  So apparently they clean like, ALL THE TIME.  SO CLEAN.

And that’s my Thursday Door contribution.  Have a happy day today!


10 thoughts on “The doors of El Convento

  1. joey says:

    I love that you shot this from inside. I enjoy the view of the hall and the possibilities waiting just outside the door. I’m sure they’re lovely from the outside, too, but I enjoy this perspective. Great doors! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. says:

    Could they come to my home? That clean all the time thing doesn’t really fit my personality. I do like the view of the doors from the inside. I think most people are taking pictures of doors they will never enter. I like the idea of enjoying the place, yet knowing the light of day is on the other side.

    Liked by 1 person

    • narami says:

      I know! That’s what my mom said “he should visit me”
      I hadn’t thought about that “never entering” part but now that you mention it, it’s true! Thanks for coming by, loved to open my eyes to that point of view 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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