Dancing Mondays: RIP Prince Edition

I already shared an entry on my I Remember Friday about Prince, out rather about the casual way in which he was a part of things that I Remember, but it feels wrong to share any other music when all I’ve been humming all day is been Purple Rain.

And I should add – that has happened before. In fact I think I went a whole month listening to Purple Rain at least three times every day. Have you heard the arrangements of that song? The amazing crescendo feeling of awesomeness?

When I started working back in 2004 I started buying music and the first two artist of whom I bought all their hits were Michael Jackson and Prince.
My logic was that I should go with the biggest influencers of music first and I started with them.

I could go on and on about what a magnificent musician he was but it’s been done. I’m just going to add that when my daughter asks me why this Prince is such a big thing, I’m going to show her this show and say “no one else could’ve done this. ”

And I mean, seriously, the dude made real  rain part of his show.

Go have a great day. A happy purple one.

One thought on “Dancing Mondays: RIP Prince Edition

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