When you wish upon a star… maybe nothing happens

For this I Remember edition I’m reblogging an entry where Purple Rain makes an appearance. It’s not about the song per se, but you can read an example of the part it played in my life; it’s one of my favorite songs to blast and scream. Prince was one of my favorite artist since I was a little girl. He might have been one of my first celebrity crushes actually, because I totally fell in love when I saw him in Purple Rain, the movie, and I was about five. He was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. From that moment on if a guy needed to talk a lot to be sexy, he lost all sex appeal to me.
And then that song.

It’s so genius, I mean, Prince was a genius and it showed in his music. This song particularly touches a finer in me. I think it also has to do with the fact that on my first cruise -when I was 23- I saw a guy sing this song to his wife, while crying – literally bawling – in front of a huge crowd, all of who started singing with him and then we all ended up crying too. The story was that they had a very difficult first year – I don’t remember if she had been sick or he had done something awful – what I remember is that he played that song to her and she accepted him back and they were commemorating that moment in front of a couple of hundred people. The story was passed from one group to the other while the guy began singing, and by the time he finished I remember I had to change napkins because I had cried so hard, one hand waving in the air, feeling each music beat like a bump in the heart.

Let’s remember this.

de monte y mar

I spent my first three years of college in a very rural town, in the center of this island.It was full of mountains all around, when I got there the only fast food place was a Burger King about thirty minutes from my dorm, on foot.

There was not much to do there.We used to go around the plaza, the center of the town in one of the cars wearing PJ’s listening to Bob Marley, we walked around a lot, specially at night.One of our favorite things to do was to load the car with beers and limoncillo (50% crystal light lemon flavor, 50% vodka) and go to a viewpoint.We threw old bedding on the pavement beside the cars, that we parked almost at the top, and lay there drinking and looking at the stars.Sometimes we wanted to be close together and one comforter would…

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