Two things I’m really exited about

Just sharing these two things:

So.  The Gilmore Girls reunion/sequel IS happening on Netflix.  I probably won’t watch it, I don’t have Netflix to begin with, but I also just don’t watch TV anymore.  (I just watch educational programming and kid’s stuff.)  But I’m SO EXITED anyway.

I’m sharing one of my favorite scenes of all time;  Rory visits the college therapist, she wants to be very cool and keep herself together but she’s a mess.  Makes me laugh every time.

Also, on a more important note, happening in our real world and very much to celebrate:  Sea World announced they are quiting their captive breeding program!  This will be the last generation of captive orcas!  SO HAPPY!

Continue as per usual peeps.  Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Two things I’m really exited about

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