Dancing Mondays: Overcome Edition

Let’s begin the week a little differently.  Just to shake things up a bit and refresh our ears I give you:

Oh yes.  Did you feel that?  I did.  I felt that kick!  It’s like a bumbum in the heart, an additional bumbum, a good bum bum.   Like the spice in a burrito, the extra something that makes it really good instead of just ok.

Her name is Laura Mvula.  Here she is singing it live in the Graham Norton Show (um, no, it’s not the same thing):

That’s how I discovered it, I was watching this video (Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Zeta Jones, Toby Jones) and saw her fangirling over Will Smith (minute 32:00) and it was such an honest moment  that I searched for her performance and BUM.  Or bumbum actually.

I think it’s brilliant.  Bloody brilliant.

Have a different Monday today.  I’m going to try and make it fun and positive. Top goal is to not obsess over the to-do list so much and enjoy more the in between to-do’s.




4 thoughts on “Dancing Mondays: Overcome Edition

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